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All My Children Update Monday 5/19/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Tad visits Adam at Oak Haven. Tad admits that he is happy that Adam is locked up. Adam says that Tad is there and says, “Come out.” Tad wonders to whom Adam is speaking.

Dixie tells Jake that she messed up and asks Jake not to leave because he could never see Tad again.

At Fusion, Annie overhears Kendall asking Ryan if he ever loved Annie. Annie remembers someone telling her that Ryan’s vasectomy never happened. Ryan admits that his visions of Annie aren’t as real as they were with Kendall and Greenlee. Annie walks in and kisses Ryan. Annie says that things are finally back on track. Greenlee gets on the elevator and stops it. Greenlee remembers talking to Aidan about children. Aidan wonders why Greenlee won’t have children with him, but she was willing to do anything to have one with Ryan. Greenlee wonders if it’s over.

Stuart and Little Adam wait outside of Angie and Jesse’s house. Stuart says that maybe no one is home. Rob wakes Cassandra up and Stuart keeps knocking. Rob tells Cassandra to slowly go answer the door. He drops something and picks up something else. Cassandra opens the door and apologizes to Stuart. Stuart asks if anyone else is home because he thought he heard voices.

Rob goes somewhere and starts throwing things around wondering where the elephant is. Rob sits down.

Stuart asks Cassandra if she is okay. Cassandra says that she took a nap. Little Adam gives Cassandra the elephant back. Cassandra thanks them and asks Stuart not to tell anyone about the elephant. Rob says that the elephant is the diamond. Cassandra leaves to put the elephant away. Angie and Jesse get home. Rob tries to watch for Cassandra, but can’t see her. Cassandra comes back and tells Angie that she is a little tired. Rob puts down his binoculars and says that he is finally going to get what he wants.

At the hospital, Dixie talks to Jake about helping Tad. Dixie says that she tried nudging Adam in the right direction, but it has been hard. Dixie tells Jake that she can’t fix it all.

Adam starts talking to someone and Tad tries to figure out what is going on. Adam says that he is talking to Dixie and that she is afraid to face Tad. Tad thinks that Adam really is crazy, but Adam says that he is sane and that Dixie had him locked up. Adam keeps talking to Dixie and Tad tells Adam to stop because Dixie is gone and suggests that Adam is hallucinating. Adam says that Dixie has been with him for weeks. Tad realizes that Krystal was right about Adam being crazy. Dixie appears and sees Tad.

At Fusion, Kendall says that Ryan saved the best memory for last and that is why he remembered her last. Annie looks down at the business card and thinks about the possibility of them having a baby. Annie says that she thought she would get dinner and tells him to finish up with Kendall. Ryan tells her that he will see her at home later. Annie leaves.

Greenlee gets back up and pushes the button to get the elevator moving again. The doors open. Annie and Greenlee almost walk into each other. Annie gets on the elevator and says, “Damn you, Ryan.” Greenlee walks into Fusion and says that she needs Kendall.

Annie gets home and sits down. She starts crying and Emma comes downstairs. Annie tells Emma that she is okay and that she was having a bad dream about them not being a family anymore. Annie assures Emma that it was only a dream.

At Fusion, Ryan asks Greenlee if she needs his help. Greenlee says that she needs Kendall. Greenlee says that she needs to talk to Kendall about the Japanese launch. Ryan thanks Kendall for her help and asks Greenlee about Aidan before leaving. Greenlee says that she might have chased Aidan away.

Stuart invites Angie and Jesse to his gallery. Stuart says that he has done paintings about their love story. Angie gets some water and Jesse asks if she is okay. Angie asks Stuart if Adam is still having panic attacks. Stuart says that he has never seen Adam like this and that he has gotten worse.

Adam tries to get Dixie to show herself to Tad. Adam tries to throw a blanket over Dixie so that Tad can see that there is someone there. Dixie tells Adam that he knows how to get rid of her, but he says that it isn’t going to happen. Tad tells Adam to calm down. Dixie tells Adam that Tad thinks he is crazy and starts picking at him so that Adam really does look crazy.

Colby and JR talk about Adam. Colby says that Adam won’t be locked up forever and JR says that he doesn’t know what is going to happen, but they will figure it out.

Stuart, Jesse and Angie talk about Adam. Angie asks if she can do anything, but Stuart says that he wants to know what the doctors at Oak Haven think first. Stuart gets ready to leave with Little Adam. Angie and Jesse ask Cassandra what is wrong. Cassandra says that she is feeling like her head is in a bubble and that everything is a little fuzzy. Angie starts to check Cassandra out and Cassandra says that she is fine. Angie goes to make some soup. Jesse asks Cassandra if she thinks the room is spinning. Cassandra says that it feels like when she was in Paris and had too much wine and assures Jesse that she doesn’t remember anything out of the ordinary. Cassandra says that she doesn’t remember anything.

At the hospital, Jake says that he is ready to get out of the hospital. Joe says that Jake will be discharged soon. Jake asks about Tad and says that he had a weird feeling. Joe suggests that Jake should stay in Pine Valley for a while longer.

Annie takes Emma up to bed. Ryan walks in the house and looks at a picture. Annie comes down the stairs and Ryan asks about Emma. Annie tells Ryan that Emma really wants a brother or sister. Annie leaves to get some wine so that they can celebrate him remembering her.

At Fusion, Greenlee yells at Kendall for her advice about telling Aidan the truth about not wanting children. Kendall says that Aidan will get over it, but Greenlee suggests that having children is the deal breaker. Kendall assures Greenlee that she did the right thing.

Colby asks Tad about Adam. Tad tells Colby and JR that things don’t look good for Adam. Tad says that they will get the best medical attention possible for Adam. Colby realizes that Adam is really sick. Inside Adam’s “cell”, Adam realizes that this is the first time Dixie saw Tad and that it was too painful. Tad walks back in and asks if they are alone. Tad says that maybe it is the best thing for Adam to be locked up. Dixie says that after everything that Adam has done, Tad actually pities him. Adam says that he will teach Tad to pity him and pushes him down. Adam asks why Dixie talks to him and not Tad. Dixie says that Adam knows what Adam can do and Tad can’t. Adam says that Dixie really looks good these days. Tad leaves. Tad suggests that he, Colby and JR go to get some coffee. Adam says that he will destroy Tad when he gets released. Dixie tells Adam that he will be the loser in all of it.

At home, Jesse asks Cassandra what she did the last couple of hours. Cassandra claims that she just needs a little while to wake up all the way. Jesse asks if there was anyone in the house with her and she admits that it seemed like there might have been, but she doesn’t remember. Jesse says that the same thing happened to him a long time ago.

At Fusion, Kendall and Greenlee eat some doughnuts and Greenlee talks about her relationship/herself/children problems. Greenlee and Kendall disagree about what Aidan might decide. Greenlee says that maybe she shouldn’t be with men and Kendall jokes about it being an offer. Kendall tells Greenlee to have some faith in her relationship with Aidan and that lies will ruin the relationship.

At home, Angie pulls Jesse away. She reminds him of the conversation they had at the hospital. Jesse says that there is something going on. Angie suggests that he is pulling things out of the air that aren’t there. Angie tells him that if he wants to see their wedding, he needs to drop it.

Rob says that Jesse’s day has come.

At home, Annie and Ryan have a glass of wine. Ryan asks what movie she wants to watch, but she suggests that maybe they could make some new memories. Ryan picks out a movie and Annie turns the lights down. They sit down to watch the movie.

At Fusion, Kendall and Greenlee argue about who has screwed up worse in the “love department”. They talk about their past relationships. Kendall gets a message on her phone and tells Greenlee that they are leaving the office. Kendall says that they are going to have some fun and drags Greenlee out of the office.

At home, Annie and Ryan watch the movie. Ryan gets up to check on Emma. Annie suggests pausing the movie, but Ryan tells her to keep watching and that he will catch up. Ryan goes upstairs and Annie rips up the papers about his vasectomy that never happened. Annie says that Ryan doesn’t need to know about it and that he needs to give her another amazing gift.

In Adam’s cell, Adam tells Dixie that he doesn’t care if he looks crazy. Dixie tells Adam that he is running out of time. Dixie tells Adam that he doesn’t know what pain is coming if he doesn’t do it.

Jake gets ready to leave the hospital. Tad walks in and tells Jake that he is looking better. Tad says that he needs a drink and Jake says that he has been discharged from the hospital. They share a hug.

At home, Cassandra goes to her room.

Rob closes his briefcase and puts it away when someone knocks on the door. Rob answers the door and finds someone from the FBI at his door. Alan says that he needs to ask Rob some questions about Papel.

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