AMC Update Friday 5/16/08

All My Children Update Friday 5/16/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Robert knocks on the Hubbard’s door. When Cassie answers the door, he worms his way into the Hubbard’s apartment, and is now talking to Cassie. He is attempting small talk and pretending to show her some drawings. She offers him a special Paris drink, then leaves to get the drink from her bedroom.

Ryan comes to Fusion to pick up some files for Annie. Kendall realizes that something is worrying Ryan and she ask him, “What’s up”? He tells her about regaining his memory of Annie.

Tad visits Jake. Angie is in with Jake, and before she leaves, Jake apologizes to her for putting up with him. Jake tries to convince Tad that he wants to be alone, and Tad tells him that he does not want to be sad, bitter and alone.

Adam is in Oak Haven alone. He yells at the top of his lungs to be released immediately. A nurse enters the room, and witnesses Adam calling for Dixie. The nurse reminds him that the reason he landed in Oak Haven was because he was talking to someone who was not there.

Jack visits Erica after visiting hours to ask her what happened between Aidan and Kendall.

Greenlee is at Fusion with Aidan. She gives him a new watch. She wants to talk to him about their future. Aidan puts on a new pair of sunglasses, because he thinks their future will be bright.

Jesse visits Angie at the hospital, wanting to talk about Cassandra.

JR talks to Colby about Adam. Colby is upset that her dad is at the funny farm. JR had his dad committed. Stuart arrives, and JR tells him about Adam and Dixie.

Ryan remembers the first time he and Annie made love. The memory came back to him all of a sudden at the Wildwind stables. Kendall thinks it was great to have the memory return, but the look on Ryan’s face does not support that. She tells Ryan that he is one of her best friends, so spill.

Erica pretends to not know what Jack is talking about. Jack tells her that he picked up Kendall’s phone by mistake. He heard what Erica said and wants to know what she meant. Erica makes up a story. Jack does not buy it. Jack dissects the message Erica left on Kendall’s phone. Erica convinces him that Aidan’s feelings for Greenlee are real, and Jack should let them be together, because the truth could hurt them. She tries to change the subject by asking about Carmen’s case. Jack tells her that if her message on Kendall’s phone has anything to do with his daughter, she had better tell him. He is worried about Greenlee’s welfare.

Greenlee tells Aidan that she is uncertain if she wants kids. Aidan wants kids, and does not care if they have their own, adopt, or have a surrogate. Greenlee resists any suggestions; she is certain that she does not want kids.

Jack has put two and two together and figured out that Kendall and Aidan slept together. He challenges Erica to tell him that he is wrong. Erica cannot.

Greenlee tells Aidan that she has new feeling about having kids, and she hopes her feeling doesn’t cause Aidan to change his mind about marrying her.

Ryan tells Kendall that yesterday was their anniversary, and he planned a picnic surprise for Annie. Annie saw him hugging Greenlee so the picnic made up for that hug. Kendall thought it was great that they celebrated their anniversary, but the look in Ryan’s eyes tells her that he did not feel the same way.

Robert gives Cassie a shot in the arm. He pushes her on the sofa, and she falls backward, then rolls onto the floor.

Jake asks about Tad. Tad tells him that he is missing Dixie more than usual, and he thinks about Kate often. He believes that his daughter is out there somewhere, and he wants to know her. Jake says, “Kate is real”. Jake hopes that Kate looks more like Dixie than Tad. They continue to joke around.

Stuart tells JR about Adam’s behavior, and how Adam believes he is seeing Dixie. He tells him how Adam asked him to speak to Dixie on his behalf. Stuart says that he asked Dixie to leave Adam alone, and Adam felt a cold chill. Stuart sees the giraffe and says that they searched everywhere for it years ago, and somebody must have taken it. He believes that Adam might be right about Dixie.

Dixie talks to Adam and wants to know how it feels to be trapped in a place where he had her committed. She and Adam go back and forth with blame, and Dixie gets angry when they discuss the way J.R. was raised. She lifts her hand and sends a force to push Adam into a chair to sit. She slams a pillow on his face. The orderlies and a nurse arrive and think that Adam is trying to commit suicide. The nurse makes a note of the incident.

Stuart believes that Adam will win and end up ok. Colby asks Stuart to take the elephant to Cassie.

Robert is questioning Cassie, which indicates that he has given her truth serum. She does not know where Mr. Trunks (the elephant) is. Robert threatens her.

Jesse is at the hospital with Angie telling her that there is something going on with that toy she gave to charity. He believes something is off. She warns him to back off. Cassie says that things are missing, and she feels that someone has been searching through her things. Jesse thinks that strange things are happening. Angie suggests that he not look for trouble. Papal is dead, and no one is chasing him. She believes that they are all safe, and they will remain safe.

Tad asks Jake how his life is. Jake dismisses Tad by feigning being tired.

Greenlee is trying to be fair with Aidan, and wonders if she is since she is ruling things out. Aidan does not understand Greenlee’s obsession to have a baby with Ryan but to not have any with him.

Someone knocks on Annie’s door looking for Ryan. Annie tries to find out what the man wants, but he insists that his business is with Ryan only. Annie insists that she is Ryan’s wife, and he can give him the information. Ryan was never operated on when he thought he had a vasectomy, and he can still have children. Annie is happy about the news.

Erica tries to convince Jack that there were circumstances behind Aidan and Kendall’s grief sex. Jack is concerned for Greenlee, because she is planning a wedding with a cheater. Erica encourages Jack to let Greenlee be happy and keep the secret. Jack doesn’t want to lie. Erica lets him know that everyone is keeping the secret to protect Greenlee’s happiness.

Aidan is upset that Greenlee wanted to have a baby with Ryan, but does not want one with him. He tells her that she shut the door in his face, but will do anything for Ryan.

Ryan tells Kendall that he does not remember the reason he married his wife.

Colby sees Tad at the hospital and tells him about her dad being committed by JR.

Adam finally acquiesces and wants to tell Tad about Kate’s adoption. To see if he truly means it, Dixie asks him swear on his sister Lottie's grave. When he can't, she leaves him in Oak Haven.

Robert is through questioning Cassie, and then he puts her into a deep sleep, and tells her she will not remember anything about his questioning. He suggests that she keep looking for Mr. Trunks. Someone knocks on the door.

Tad is visiting Adam at Oak Haven.

Dixie visits Jake while he sleeps and tells him that Tad needs him, and he must not leave or he will never see his brother again.

Stuart is at the Hubbard's door with the elephant and Little A, but Robert won't answer.

Jack thinks that it will be worse for Greenlee if she finds out about the one-night-stand after she marries Aidan. Erica convinces him to be quiet about what he knows.

Aidan is upset and leaves Greenlee to take a walk. Greenlee does not want to lose Aidan over her decision to not have kids.

Annie arrives at Fusion to tell Ryan that he can have kids, but she overhears him and Kendall talking about him not loving Annie.

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