AMC Update Thursday 5/15/08

All My Children Update Thursday 5/15/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Kendall and Greenlee arrive at Fusion, and Kendall mentions accidentally switching phones with Jack. They ask Babe about the status of the Japan layout; they look over some clothes then decide they are too "trashy", then they tell Amanda to send the clothes back. Babe wants to talk to Amanda.

Aidan arrives at Tad's office, and Tad is glad he is back, and hugs him. Tad thanks Aidan for getting Jake out. Aidan asks what he's working on, glancing down at some paperwork, and Tad grins and says it's Kate, my daughter.

Cassie and Jesse sit down to have a chat. Jesse acknowledges that the relationship with Angie, Cassie and him is a little awkward. She tells him it's not that she doesn't like him; Jesse says, “But I'm not your father”.

Robert thinks, “Cassandra (Cassie) had the elephant this entire time”. He's going to take care of her; he then opens a small case, taking out a syringe.

JR is reading the paper, and Little A is playing with his toys. The elephant is among the toys. Babe come in, and recognizes the elephant as belonging to Cassie. Babe will return it to her.

Adam walks in, and JR berates him then asks where has he been? Adam needs his help at Chandler. Adam says he may not need JR's help much longer, because the storm seems to have passed. Dixie appears and says, “Humph”! Adam jumps up looking at her, then JR, ask his Dad what's wrong with him?

Jesse assures Cassie that he is not going to try and be her father; he understands that the one she has, is terrific. Cassie agrees. Jesse wants them to stop being so polite with each other, and try to become friends. She agrees, but tells him things are very different for her here. In Paris it was just she, and her Dad, here people are constantly wanting to know her whereabouts. Jesse tells her that it's the way families behave. She has more on her mind, and Jesse tells her that she can talk to him.

Kendall tells Greenlee she spent a belated Mother's Day with Erica. She believes that Erica needs to practice patient while in jail. Greenlee says speaking of patience; Jake keeps trying to get me to "break" him out of the hospital. Greenlee says do you remember Jake with Mia? Kendall remembers that he was with Mia until the pregnancy scare finished the relationship. Kendall can tell something is on Greenlee’s mind, and asks what's up. Greenlee tells her that Aidan wants kids, but she doesn’t.

Tad tells Aidan about the information he has found on Kate; he also tells him about Kate possibly being in New Mexico. Aidan will drop whatever he is working on to help Tad. Tad appreciates it, and will use him if he needs him. Tad thinks Dixie is behind the entire “Kate current event”.

Adam tells JR nothing is wrong. JR asks what about the giraffe, and Adam has never seen it before. JR doesn't believe Adam, and then accuses him of producing things that make him remember his mother. Adam pleads not guilty, and admits that Dixie is haunting him.

Cassie thinks she doesn’t fit in with Angie, Jesse and Frankie in Pine Valley, because they have history and friends, but she doesn't. Jesse says it will take time. She feels like she is looking through a window at their lives, but she doesn't have the key to get in. Jesse says so you feel like an outsider looking in? We have more in common than you know.

Robert is watching them with binoculars, then say, “I'm an outsider looking in on both of you”. He puts the syringe in his pocket.

Greenlee is in awe over her own words. Kendall assures her that it's fine; it's normal if she doesn't want kids right away. Greenlee says she doesn't think she ever want kids. Kendall tells Greenlee that a few years ago she didn't want kids, but now she couldn't live without Spike, and Ian. Greenlee doesn’t think she is the type to have kids.

Babe wants Amanda’s advice on something? Amanda points to the clothes on the rack and says, "Yep those clothes are too tacky even for you"! Babe jokingly calls her a bitch. Babe tells her about Richie using Trina to set up JR, but she doesn’t believe everything JR says.

JR gets pissed that Adam keep talking about his mom, Dixie. Dixie eggs Adam on. Adam talks to Dixie while JR watches. JR takes Little A to the kitchen while Adam shouts at Dixie to stop. Dixie laughs at Adam, then blows him a kiss, and disappears. While Adam is shouting, JR walks into the room then say, “Okay, this stops NOW”!

Aidan tells Tad that he is serious about doing whatever he can do to help find Kate. Tad is trying not to get ahead of himself on trailing Kate; he asks about Greenlee. Aidan told Greenlee he can't be around guns or bullets again. Tad thinks its bad if she's issuing ultimatums already. Greenlee and Aidan are doing great which is why they moved the wedding date up. Tad mentions getting his monkey suit out of the mothballs, and making sure he’s still devastating. Aidan just laughs at him.

Kendall, and Greenlee talk about past times such as when Kendall offered to be Greenlee’s surrogate, the kidnapping of Spike, and various other subjects. Kendall tried to convince Greenlee that she will be ready for kids one day, but Greenlee disagreed.

Babe talks about doubting JR, and then changing her mind about his guilt. Amanda asks her to make sure Richie set JR up.

JR is unhappy about Adam berating Dixie, and accusing her of misdeeds. Colby walk in, and wants to know the reason for the commotion. Adam insists that Dixie is in the room haunting him. He calls out to Dixie, but Colby cautions him, because his behavior is getting scary. JR quietly approaches Adam, and coaxes him to bed. JR gave Colby a name and telephone number, and asked her to call the person whose name appear on the paper. Adam insists that Dixie ghost is hunting him. JR asks, “So you can see her, but I can't”? JR asks his dad to show Dixie. Dixie warns Adam to be careful, because he's playing with fire, and could get burned.

Jesse tells Cassie about the years of watching his family, but not being able to talk or touch them. He tells her she probably knows more about his family than he does. He asks if Frankie, was always accident-prone? Cassie laughs and says yes, remembering a “rollerblading” incident.

Robert is outside the door, listening to them, and preparing a syringe.

Kendall tells Greenlee not to beat herself up, because every woman has “Mommy doubts”. Greenlee says she doesn't see her future with children in it. Kendall suggests she may feel this way, because she doesn't want to share Aidan.

Aidan offers suggestions on things Tad should check for. Tad is on the computer when he suddenly stops, because he sees something important.

Adam calls Dixie a name, and JR gets angry saying I told you not to speak of my mother that way. Adam starts ranting while Colby returns, and stares at him. JR takes Colby out of the room, then locks Adam in the study. Dixie says, “Ah, alone at last”.

Jesse asks Cassie what was she looking for earlier? She says nothing important, but it seems someone has been going thru her stuff. She thought it might be Jesse since he was a cop, and she is a teenager. He assures her it wasn't him. Robert is outside listening. Cassie goes on to thank Jesse, because she sees her mom happily humming, and know it's because of him.

Babe says the reason she wants to prove Richie set up JR is because she feels guilty, and she fears JR will go after Richie. Amanda says so, what are you going to do? Babe picks up a sexy dress, and says well sometimes you need a little cheese to use as bait.

Greenlee asks Kendall if she thinks Aidan will understand if she doesn't want kids. Kendall says sure, but she has to tell Aidan that she doesn’t want kids.

Tad finds a news article about Ms. Wilson's car accident. Both Aidan, and Tad think Ms Wilson was on to something, and they had her killed.

Dr Sinclair, and two orderlies arrive from Oak Haven to take Adam away. Before JR lets them into the study, Dixie tells Adam if he had just given Tad the adoption paper none of this would have been necessary. JR let them in, and Adam demands to know who they are. JR says they're from Oak Haven, and Adam says the nuthouse?

Babe comes out in her trashy sexy dress, and a dark brown shoulder length wig. Amanda tells her it's not trick or treat time, and ask what is she going to do. Babe says she is going to wait until the right time, and then turn into that bitch’s, (Trina) best friend.

Kendall tells Greenlee that it's important not to keep big secrets from her loved ones. Kendall assures her it will be fine, because Aidan loves her.

Tad says I just lost my last clue to finding Kate.

Dixie is lying on the sofa, and laughing at Adam when he picks up the pillow she was propped on then tries to "strangle" it saying, “ I'll kill you, I'll kill you”. The orderlies grab him, and hustles him and the pillow out of the door.

Jesse tells Cassie that he's glad they had their talk, and if she feels anything else is out of place, to let him know. She says she will, and then he leaves. Someone knocks on the door, and Cassie thinks it's Jesse who perhaps forgot his keys. It's Robert asking if her mom is home. She says no, then tell him to come back later. He says he’s there to talk to her.

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