AMC Update Wednesday 5/14/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 5/14/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At the stables, Ryan keeps remembering him and Annie taking each other’s clothes off. Annie asks if he is okay and he says that he remembers the place and her.

At the hospital, Aidan and Frankie talk about the rescue mission. Aidan says that he brought Jake some medicine, which turns out to be beer. Greenlee calls for help and nurses come to help Jake back into bed.

In the visitor’s room, Jack checks in to see Carmen. Zach and Kendall arrive to see Erica. The guard says that they need to check their cell phones in and that it is a new policy. Jack, Kendall and Zach talk about the rescue mission that Aidan was on and Greenlee’s reaction. They enter the visitor’s room. Carmen and Erica walk in and Carmen flirts with Jack. Carmen claims that Erica is just jealous. Jack and Carmen walk to the end to talk. Erica says that she heard about the rescue mission and asks Kendall and Zach if everything is okay with them. Zach says that everything is fine and everything worked out exactly like it should have.

At the stables, Annie thinks that Ryan is lying about remembering her, but Ryan says that it’s real. Annie says that she doesn’t believe him about remembering things.

At home, Cassandra looks for the elephant, while Rob watches her. Jesse and Angie walk in and talk about how much money they are spending. Jesse says that their wedding is worth the money they are spending. Cassandra walks out, but turns to go back to her room and Angie stops her. Angie shows Cassandra some wedding stuff. Jesse offers to help Cassandra look for whatever she lost, but she says that it is personal.

At the hospital, Jesse and Frankie talk about doctors as patients. The conversation turns to the “nest” of Hubbard’s that Jake claims to have fallen into. Aidan gives Jake a beer and Frankie allows it. Jake says that he wanted to see if Greenlee still cared.

At the stables, Ryan tells Annie that the memories are coming back to him and she tells him to shut up. He tells her to wait and remembers something else. Annie realizes that he remembers something that actually happened with them. Ryan remembers the first time that Annie told him that she was in love with him.

In the visitor’s room, Erica says that she was worried about Kendall and Zach. Kendall shows Erica some Mother’s Day cards that the boys made for her. Jack tells Carmen about new developments with her case. Carmen says that Erica still wants Jack.

At the hospital, Jake takes his charts and says that there is nothing wrong with him. Frankie explains that the numbers are all wrong. Jake says that he is fine, but Frankie says that Jake is still dehydrated. Frankie tells Jake to give it another 24 hours. Greenlee tells Jake that if he doesn’t listen to the doctors, he will have to listen to her. Greenlee tells Jake that she expects him to be at the wedding in June, but Jake says that he won’t be anywhere near Pine Valley in June. Frankie says that he has some more tests to run on Jake. Greenlee thanks Jake for not dying and he thanks her for caring. Greenlee and Aidan leave. Frankie asks what happened to Jake in Africa.

At home, Angie and Cassandra look at wedding plans. Jesse brings them drinks and looks at Cassandra.

At the hospital, Frankie says that he understands not wanting to talk about something. Frankie says that he has to get going and they end up talking about people wanting to know all the details about things. Jake and Frankie say that they always thought of each other as a brother. Frankie and Jake enjoy a beer. Frankie tells Jake about his mom lecturing him when he was a child and about how it seemed to relate to life. Jake and Frankie talk about the people they deal with. Jake tells Frankie that his job is to find the people who are still alive and put them back together. Jake says that the only way to stay sane is to stay unattached and do your job without thinking about anyone or anything. Greenlee and Aidan talk about Jake. Greenlee and Aidan share a kiss.

In the visitor’s room, the guard brings something to Erica. Carmen and Jack talk about his relationship with Erica. Erica looks at the Mother’s Day cards from the boys. Zach says that he knows what happened and they have moved on from it. Kendall says that they are worried about Erica and that they miss her.

At home, Angie asks Cassandra about the maid of honor dress. Cassandra says that she remembers where she might have put the thing she lost and leaves the room. Angie tells Jesse that there isn’t enough time to plan the wedding. Rob keeps watching Cassandra and makes a call saying that the diamond is close.

At the stables, Annie realizes that Ryan is really remembering things about them. Annie admits that she didn’t really want to tell him that she loved him the first time because they weren’t really in sync then. Ryan says that he wishes he could remember more and they share a kiss. They keep kissing and sit down. They start undressing each other and make love. Annie asks Ryan if he remembers loving her and then apologizes for asking so soon.

At the hospital, Greenlee and Aidan talk about when the wedding should be. Greenlee says that she wants to wait until after Angie and Jesse’s wedding. They share a kiss.

In Jake’s room, Jake says that he needs some sleep and that he has been keeping tabs on Frankie. Frankie says that even though he wanted nothing to do with his family when he got back from Iraq, but they saved his life. Jake asks Frankie to give him something to help him sleep and Frankie agrees.

At home, Angie and Jesse talk about a possible dress for Cassandra. Angie goes to make a call and Cassandra says that she didn’t find what she was looking for, but she is going to take a walk. Jesse says that he needs Cassandra’s opinion. Angie leaves to check on a patient. Jesse tells Cassandra that they need to have a talk.

In the visitor’s room, Erica promises to tell Jack if something happens. Erica says goodbye to Kendall, Zach and Jack and they leave. Carmen comments on Erica and Jack. Erica says that she has to make a phone call.

At the hospital, Aidan brings up the subject of kids, but she changes the subject. He asks her if she wants to start a family even though she can’t carry a child and she says that she doesn’t know.

At the stables, Ryan and Annie lay in each other’s arms. Ryan remembers Annie asking him if he remembers loving her.

At home, Cassandra asks Jesse what his problem is. Jesse says that she has a problem and it has to do with him, but he won’t ignore it because nothing will stop Angie’s dream wedding. He says that he wants to know exactly what about her is bugging him. Rob watches and listens and says that Cassandra will be talking to him after her talk with Jesse.

At the hospital, Jake has a dream about gunfire and a woman saying goodbye and wakes up. Greenlee tells Aidan that they can talk about kids later.

Outside the visitor’s room, Kendall and Zach grab their cell phones and leave. Jack grabs his phone and briefcase. Erica makes a phone call and Jack’s phone rings. Erica tells “Kendall” that she is happy that Kendall and Zach got past her night with Aidan and that it is in the past forever if Greenlee doesn’t find out and hangs up. Jack looks at the phone and pulls it away from his ear.

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