AMC Update Tuesday 5/13/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 5/13/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Greenlee walks into Jake’s hospital room and tells him that he does a lot to get a girl’s attention.

At ConFusion, Ryan tells Annie that he has a surprise for her.

Krystal surprises Tad at his office. Krystal compares Tad and Jake. Krystal kisses Tad as a reminder of how lucky she is to have him. He asks her why she came down there and she says that it is about Kate.

At the mansion, Babe asks about Adam. JR says that Adam didn’t tell anyone where he was going. Babe thanks JR for the Mother’s Day flowers. Babe realizes that JR misses Dixie. Dixie watches JR.

At Tad’s office, Krystal asks if there is any news about Kate. Tad tells Krystal about all the information he and Jesse found. Krystal asks if he needs a hand. Tad says that he can handle it and that he wants to do it by himself because he is very close. Tad says that Dixie is showing him in the right direction. Krystal asks him what he is going to do when he finds Kate.

At the mansion, JR says that it didn’t feel right to put flowers on Dixie’s grave. Babe offers to do it, but JR says that he will get around to it. Dixie sits down and looks at the flowers. Babe and JR talk about her seeing Richie with the hooker. Babe asks if there is anything she can do and he says that she is already helping. JR says that life is too short. Dixie watches Little Adam. JR and Babe talk about Richie’s “plan”.

At the Comeback, Richie has a drink and Treena walks in. Richie gives her an envelope containing some money.

At the hospital, Greenlee and Jake talk about what Aidan did to save him. Jake says that he is happy for her and that he is just trying to return to Africa. Greenlee asks what is really going on.

Ryan escorts Annie into the stables and tells her to take the blindfold off. She asks him why he set up the picnic and he says that it’s for a late anniversary. Ryan admits that he saw the date in the photo album. Ryan suggests that they try to enjoy the day and pours them some champagne. Annie says that she can’t do it because she doesn’t want to pretend. Annie admits that she saw him the previous night with Greenlee, Aidan, Kendall and Zach.

In Jake’s room, Greenlee and Jake talk about what is wrong with him. Greenlee says that Angie saved her life and that he needs to do whatever Angie says.

At the mansion, Babe tells Little Adam to be good and tells JR to call if he needs anything. JR thanks her and she leaves. Dixie watches JR with Little Adam. JR finds the elephant and starts playing with Little Adam. Dixie watches them and smiles. JR collapses on the couch with Little Adam. JR tells Little Adam about his stuffed giraffe from his childhood. JR says that Dixie was a smart woman. Dixie reaches out and touches the back of JR’s head, sending chills down his back. JR wonders what happened to his old stuffed giraffe.

At the Comeback, Richie tells Treena that the money in the envelope is enough. Treena says that JR would give her more to find out what Richie did to him. Richie grabs her arm and tells her to disappear. Treena says that he will never see her again and walks away. Babe looks at Richie from inside the door.

At the mansion, JR answers the phone while Little Adam plays. Dixie reveals herself to Little Adam and he hands her something. She talks to Little Adam and tells him how much she loves him. Little Adam watches Dixie and JR walks over. JR asks Little Adam what he was looking at.

At Tad’s office, Krystal explains that Kate probably has a family and a life that she has known all her life. Tad says that he will have to work something out. Krystal says that she wants Tad to keep looking, but he can’t disrupt her world.

At the stables, Ryan explains that they were celebrating at ConFusion. Annie explains that she didn’t come over to them because Greenlee was busy burying her face in his shoulder. Ryan explains that Greenlee was relieved about Aidan.

In Jake’s hospital room, Greenlee and Jake talk about his family and about Jake being honored to be doing the things that he does. Jake explains that everyone is going to be returning the following year. Greenlee suggests that they should talk about what is going on. Greenlee asks about his wife and Jake says that she won’t be coming to Pine Valley because they aren’t together anymore. Greenlee says that Aidan was right and that Jake is different. Greenlee asks Jake what happened to him. Greenlee says that she can listen sometimes and that he isn’t the only one who has changed. Jake explains that there was a young woman who used to help out in the village that he was helping in and that the woman had 3 kids at 18 years old and that the children’s father died from AIDS. Greenlee asks what happened to her and Jake explains that some urban fighters came into town and the woman was shot while trying to protect the patients and trying to protect Jake.

At the stables, Ryan tries to explain what was going on at ConFusion. Ryan asks Annie to try to figure out what he wants. Annie turns to leave.

At his office, Tad tells Krystal that when he finds his daughter, he will work it out. Krystal assures Tad that she is on his side and reminds him that it isn’t just about his feelings. Tad admits that he hasn’t stopped to think about anything except finding Kate. Tad says that he wants more than Kate to be happy and that he wants Kate to be a part of his life. Tad admits that he wants Kate to be with them. He says that he will not walk away when he finds Kate because he isn’t going to lose her all over again.

At the Comeback, Richie invites Babe to sit down and Babe says that he was busy. Babe realizes that Richie’s “hooker friend” already left. Babe asks Richie why Treena left him with a big smile on her face and a big wad of cash in her hand. Richie says that it is time for him to, but Babe stops him. Babe asks Richie if he thought she was going to jump into his bed and Richie says that she jumped in and out of JR’s bed enough. Babe slaps Richie and he tells her not to do it again. Babe explains that there is no chance for them.

In Jake’s hospital room, he and Greenlee talk about why it is important for him to get out of there. Jake asks Greenlee to help him get out of the hospital, but Greenlee says that he needs to do what Angie says. Jake says that he needs to get back to his job and that she is the only person who would understand. Greenlee says that she won’t be responsible if he drops dead on his way to wherever he was going. Jake asks her to get him something to eat and drink and Greenlee agrees.

In his office, Krystal says that Tad needs to come up with a plan before he finds a location. Tad says that he will have to find a way to sort through it. Tad says that he has come too far to give up. Tad gets a phone call and asks if the person is sure and tells them to send it through. Tad tells Krystal that it was about Kate.

At the mansion, JR reads a book to Little Adam and sings a song to Little Adam. Dixie joins in on the song and stares at JR. JR looks over and then at Little Adam. JR moves and picks up a sleeping Little Adam. Dixie keeps singing the song as JR walks out of the room. Dixie starts crying and asks why she wasn’t told that she could still feel love and how her heart could still be breaking. Dixie asks why it wasn’t enough for her to die and lose her children once.

Ryan tries to stop Annie from leaving the stables and remembers them taking each other’s clothes off.

At the Comeback, Babe realizes that she has finally seen the “real” Richie. Babe says that JR was willing to save Richie’s life and asks Richie to admit to setting JR up. Richie tells Babe to prove that he set JR up and leaves.

At the mansion, JR walks into the living room and sees the giraffe on the chair. Dixie watches him and JR calls for her. JR holds the giraffe close and sits down.

In his office, Tad explains that a friend of his in New Mexico is going to send him some articles through email from around the time that Kate was adopted. Tad says that it will get him closer to Kate.

In his hospital room, Jake pulls the wires off of him and gets out of bed. Jake falls on the floor. Greenlee runs in and yells for help.

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