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All My Children Update Monday 5/12/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Adam tells Dixie to get out of his plane. Dixie says that all he has to do is tell Tad about Kate. Dixie causes the plane to rock.

At the Comeback, Tad says that he has to talk to Joe outside and asks Krystal to keep her phone with her and that it is about Jake.

At the hospital, Jake assures Angie that he doesn’t want to see his family. Angie insists that it is standard procedure to notify the next of kin. Jake says that if Angie tries to notify his family he will leave before she hangs up the phone.

In Zach’s office, Greenlee runs into Aidan’s arms. Aidan says that he promised her he would come back. Kendall reminds them that there are others in the room. Kendall welcomes Aidan back. Zach explains that Ryan arranged the helicopter. Aidan says that he just dropped Jake off at the hospital. Kendall asks Aidan what happened. Greenlee says that she doesn’t want to hear it.

At Fusion, Annie walks in on Amanda in some lingerie. Annie says that she was going crazy sitting at home. Amanda picks up something and says that it will help the crazy. Annie says that Ryan hasn’t been around because he has been busy on an emergency project.

At the Comeback, Rob asks Cassandra about her writing and drawing. Cassandra excuses herself and Rob says that he would like to see some of her work. Little Adam plays and Krystal checks on him. Tad and Joe step outside. Jesse asks Krystal if everything is okay and Krystal says that all she knows is that it is about Jake.

At the hospital, Angie and Jake argue about his condition. Angie asks him what he did to himself and Jake says that he managed. Angie says that he isn’t moving until she gets the test results. Jake tells Angie not to notify his family. Angie walks out and leaves a message for Tad.

In the plane, Adam says that he will call the pilot and have the plane landed, but the phone doesn’t work and his seat belt won’t unbuckle. Dixie offers him something and says that he has hurt a lot of people and that some things can be fixed. Dixie suggests that he should see the misery that he has caused and shows him a video of when he had her locked up and of Tad rescuing her.

Outside the Comeback, Tad says that it is about Jake and that Cambias was funding Jake’s relief effort in Africa and that Aidan was sent in to rescue Jake. Tad explains that Aidan was captured too and Jesse interrupts saying that Jake is in town and that Angie called.

In Zach’s office, Aidan explains that he had to knock Jake out to get him into town. Aidan says that his job is behind a desk from now on because Greenlee needs him in one piece. Greenlee and Kendall sit down and Zach thanks Aidan for pulling off the mission. Greenlee says that she knew in her heart that he was coming home.

On the plane, Dixie and Adam argue about what happened when he had her locked up. Adam suggests that Dixie is the villain because she left JR when he was younger and that she gave Tad’s daughter away. Adam realizes that this is about her sins, not his. Dixie says that she was wrong to give Kate away and that is why they have to give her back to Tad. Adam asks her if she will be going to hell if she doesn’t make it right.

At the Comeback, Cassandra and Frankie throw darts and Krystal checks on Little Adam. Krystal and Jesse talk about Little Adam’s energy and about Cassandra. Jesse says that Cassandra has too many manners and that he wishes she would just relax a little. Krystal says that Cassandra will realize how lucky she is to have Jesse in her life. Cassandra and Frankie talk about the game and Cassandra sees Rob watching her. Cassandra and Frankie talk about Rob. Frankie assures Cassandra that she is part of the Hubbard family.

At the hospital, Angie tells Jake to get back in bed. Jake tells Angie that she is a pain in the ass. Angie says that she has missed him. Joe and Tad walk in and Jake says that he is fine. Angie gives Joe her examination report of Jake. Jake says that he put too much peroxide into the bomb and Tad says that Jake is losing his touch. Jake assures Tad that Jeff and Jaime are okay. Jake says that he will do his healing in Africa and that he can’t stay because he has things to take care of.

Greenlee and Aidan talk about him coming home while in Zach’s office. Aidan says that thinking about her was what brought him back. Greenlee says that he promised her that he would come back and he never lies to her. Kendall watches from outside and then thanks Zach for reaching out to Aidan. Ryan walks into the office and says that all he did was make a few phone calls.

At Fusion, Annie says that Ryan doesn’t even remember their anniversary. Amanda picks up a dress and hands it to Annie.

In Zach’s office, Aidan says that they should move the wedding forward. Greenlee suggests that they go to ConFusion to celebrate and Aidan carries her out the door. Ryan, Zach and Kendall follow.

On the plane, Adam says that Dixie is trying to save herself. Dixie admits that she made a mistake and that she is trying to make it right for Kate. Dixie says that she was wrong, but Adam says that Kate is better off without Tad. Adam says that he would rather burn in hell than to hand Kate over to Tad. Dixie makes the plane start to go down.

Tad calls Aidan and then Aidan hands the phone to Zach. Tad apologizes to Zach for the things that he said about Aidan’s mission. Zach asks Tad if they can consider what happened between Kendall and Aidan forgotten as well as the fact that he knew about it. Zach hangs up and tells Kendall that everything is going to be okay. Zach proposes a toast to Aidan.

At the hospital, Joe says that Jake needs rest and some quality medical care. Jake says that he would love to spend some quality time with the family, but he is needed in Africa. Joe asks if they should call Caroline, but Jake says no. Joe walks out and Angie says that Jake’s physical condition has been deteriorating, since before he was kidnapped.

At the Comeback, Jesse says that he is going to leave and asks Cassandra if she needs a ride. Cassandra says that she will ride home with Frankie and thanks Jesse for the offer. Cassandra walks over to the jukebox. Rob spills some of his drink on Cassandra’s bag and she walks over. He explains that he spilled some of his drink on her bag and thought that some of it had leaked through the material. Cassandra walks up to the bar and asks for some napkins. Krystal picks up Little Adam and Rob offers to help, but she says that she has it covered.

At ConFusion, Greenlee talks to someone and then walks over to Kendall. Greenlee rushes back over to Aidan. Ryan walks up and Kendall tells Ryan that he does have true love with Annie. Amanda and Annie walk into ConFusion and Amanda points out that Ryan is there. Amanda walks away and Annie watches Ryan.

Zach and Kendall leave and Zach tells Aidan to take a few days off. Aidan answers the phone. He turns and walks away to take the call. Greenlee and Ryan talk about her real love with Aidan. Annie touches up her makeup.

Greenlee says that she is really relieved that Aidan made it home and Ryan hugs her. Annie walks over and sees them hugging and walks in the opposite direction. Aidan comes back and Ryan says that Greenlee is too happy.

At the Comeback, Frankie and Cassandra get ready to leave. Cassandra thanks him for being such a cool brother and he tells her that she is a lucky girl. They leave and Rob walks out of the shadows and says that he will see Cassandra soon.

On the plane, Adam says that Dixie won’t let him die because Kate’s secret will die with him. Dixie says that Adam will have to give Tad his daughter back. Dixie says that Adam is impossible. Adam says that he knows that he is on his way to hell.

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