AMC Update Friday 5/9/08

All My Children Update Friday 5/9/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Opal arrives to see Erica, but Erica doesn't seem too happy at first, because she hoped it was Jack. Opal tells Erica she is about to get the answer to her prayers.

Tad, and Krystal are at the Comeback feeding Jenny when Jesse, Angie, and Cassie arrive. Angie introduces Cassie to Tad, and Krystal; Krystal brings out champagne, but they don't let Cassandra have any, since she's underage. They toast weddings, homecomings, and to the people they love. Jesse adds, “To the people we have lost."

Adam is asleep on top of the bed when he wakes up and discovers Dixie lying next to him. She complains about his snoring, and he asks why she's in his bed. He asks why she is there, and then he sees the adoption paper.

Zach, Greenlee, Kendall, and Ryan have stayed up all night waiting to hear from Aidan. They ask each other have they heard anything, but they have not heard anything since the explosion. Kendall brings in coffee for everyone. Zach explains to Kendall why he could not tell her that the captive man was Jake Martin, and she understands. She cannot believe Jake was being held captive. Kendall approaches Greenlee, and Greenlee say, “That’s OK, that’s OK Aidan was in a room; it blew up, but we can’t tell if he lived or died."

Zach thinks the worse and want to tell Tad’s family, but Ryan thinks they should wait until they know more. They get the transmission back. Kendall asks if there is any news on Aidan, and Jake Martin. Tad walks into the room looking for word on Fish 'n Chips (Aidan) when he hears them mentioning Jake’s name. He request information on his brother. Zach tells him that Jake work for Cambias now, but he has been taken hostage. Tad berates Zach for not telling the Martin family. Zach did not tell them, because it would have been premature.

Tad asks about his son, and Zach tells that Jaime is fine, because he is with another unit. Greenlee watches the screen, and Tad ask if there is any sign of them. Greenlee ask Ryan to zoom in, because she sees something. When Ryan zooms in she notices Aidan’s watch is on the floor. They speculate as to how it could have gotten there, but mostly they conclude that Aidan and Jake are dead.

Zach is upset and leaves the room. Kendall follows him, and tells him that it is not his fault. Zach says, “What if I wanted to punish him for sleeping with my wife." Tad says, “What if you did? You knew didn’t you that Aidan slept with your wife." Tad ask Kendall, “When a powerful man like Zach Slater find out that someone slept with his wife, what do you think will happen? I am sorry, but Aidan told me; it took a lot out of him, because you two promised not to tell anyone, but he told me, and now somehow Zach knew." Kendall sympathizes with Tad, but asks him to shut up.

Zach tells her to let him talk. Tad also tells Kendall that her betrayal is dead, because it died with Aidan. Tad said I should have known when Aidan says he was going to work for Cambias that his first job would be a suicide mission. He glares at them both, and then says now excuse me, I have to go tell my parents my brother is dead.

Greenlee asks Kendall if this is how people looked at her when Zach, and she were in the hole? Kendall’s asks how are people looking at her? Greenlee says, “With pity." Kendall tells her she does not pity her.

When Dr. Martin and Frankie arrive at the Comeback, Angie introduces Joe to Cassie as "one of the greatest people you will ever know." Tad walks outside just in time to run into Julia and Kathy. Kathy runs up, and then jumps into Tad’s arms as she always does. He asks why are they there? Julia says Kathy wanted a burger, and the Comeback makes the best. Angie joins them, and then tells Julia the wedding is set to happen before she leaves. Tad wants to know where she is going? Julia is going to Australia, because she got a great job offer. Tad hugs Kathy, and then tells her she has to come back, and visit often.

Uncle Robert arrives at the Comeback and joins the party. Frankie introduces Robert to Cassie as the man who saved him. Robert asks to see Cassie’s artwork, because he dabbles a little, she says yes, because he saved her brother.

Adam tries to leave the room, but Dixie waves her hand causing the door to slam shut. She tells Adam he is going nowhere. Adam gets a call, telling him he forgot a meeting. Dixie teases him about that, and he tells her to leave. She says, “I’ll leave as soon as you do the right thing with that adoption paper." He says, “I’m leaving, there’s a plane waiting on me." Dixie tells him he can’t hide from his destiny. Adam replies, “Of course, I can." He opens his closet door, and it’s aflame like the gates of hell. She lays a new suit on his bed, because she burned all of his clothes.

Krystal tells Angie that it must be wonderful to have Cassie back from Paris. Angie says you know sometimes I wish I could spend five minutes with her birth parents, and then sometimes I don't. Krystal is surprised, because she didn't know Cassie was adopted. Angie says yes, I found her in an alley. Krystal says it's wonderful that Angie could adopt her. Angie comments that she doesn't think Cassie remembers being abandoned, but sometimes she see a scared lost girl in those eyes. Angie comments on how unhappy Cassie was when she and Jacob divorced. Krystal asks if she got the same look when Angie told her she and Jesse were getting married? Angie says no, she loves Jesse. Angie gets paged then leaves for the hospital.

Greenlee has many theories on why Aidan’s watch is on the floor; maybe Aidan just took the watch off, or maybe his captors stole it. The others aren't sharing her hope. Greenlee tells Ryan that she will not lose someone she loves again, because she has already been through it first with Leo, and then with him.

Stuart tells Dixie’s ghost that Adam is having panic attacks, and she isn't helping when she is around. Stuart asks Adam, did he say enough. Adam says yes, it looks like the ghost has left. He walks through the room when suddenly a cold breeze blows through him. When Stuart doesn't feel it, Adam utters, "Dammit! She's still here."

Warren Buffett speaks with Bill Gates on his cell phone. Opal asks, “So you're going to help Erica”? He opens his briefcase, and says, of course. His idea of helping is to give Erica a couple packs of cards and instructions on how to play bridge. He's going to see about getting her three smart cellmates, and once she starts playing, the days will just melt away. He leaves Opal embarrassed and Erica fuming.

Ryan is with Greenlee as she is trying to hold on to hope.

Adam says Dixie will never leave, but decides to go on about his business. He grabs his jacket then he, and Stuart walk out. Adam pauses and yells back into the room “See you, Dixie. Don't wait up”!

Joe thanks Jesse for his help to find Kate. Jesse tells them they got a lead. Julia is happy about the lead, and wants to know what they find out. Jesse responds that they might know where the adoption took place, but nothing concrete yet. Both Julia and Kathy think it would be incredible for Tad to finally find his daughter.

Dixie looks up to the sky then says, "You'll know she's Kate soon, Tad. I promise."

Tad walks up to the Comeback, looks into the window, turns around, then sits on a bench, wondering what's happened to his brother.

Although Opal tries to make light of the situation, wondering if the guard wants to join them in a game of bridge, Erica looks madder than a hornet's nest and points out that visiting hours are over.

After the pilot welcomes Adam aboard his plane, he begins to relax until Dixie appears in a flight attendant uniform, advising him to fasten his seatbelt, because "it's going to be a bumpy night."

As Robert asks Cassandra what she likes to draw best, Little A pulls out her stuffed elephant out of her backpack.

Tad walks into The Comeback and faces his father with a grave face. Everyone asks what's wrong.

At the hospital, Angie gets a patient with severe dehydration, possible malnutrition, exhaustion, abrasions on his arms, and a small contusion on his elbow. When she realizes it's Jake, she goes to call his family, but he stops her.

Greenlee tells Kendall that the first time she said “I love you” to Aidan, she thought he was asleep, but he heard her and he said; Greenlee stops, because she hears Aidan’s voice say, “I said I love you." Zach, Ryan, Kendall, and Greenlee stop what they are doing to look at Aidan walking into Zach’s office. Greenlee look up in shock at Aidan, then they smile at each other.

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