AMC Update Thursday 5/8/08

All My Children Update Thursday 5/8/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Erica calls Opal on the phone, and asks about Kendall and her boys. Erica wants to know has Opal seen Kendall and how she is doing. Opal tells her that Kendall is OK. Erica then asks about Jack. Opal says that Jack is like a boat without a rudder, and Erica needs to get out of jail. Erica has six more months, and will try to serve her time with dignity. According to Opal, Mona would be proud of Erica. Opal will work on a way to get Erica out of jail, and back home. After she hangs up, Opal promises to send the cavalry.

Babe meets JR at the Comeback, and then serves his favorite burger. She lets him know immediately that he was right all along about Richie.

Richie runs into Annie, but she tries to avoid him. She tells him that Ryan thinks it was he who broke in. Richie suspect that Annie was behind everything, and then threatens her by saying, “If you want me to stay quiet you’re going to pay”.

Aidan is planning Jake, and his escape.

Zach, Kendall, Ryan, and Greenlee are at Zach’s office watching Aidan on live feed. Greenlee thinks it was silly for Aidan to be intentionally captured. Zach, and Ryan are looking at a screen when Kendall asks about it. They tell her that they have the latest software tracking technology program. The monitor shows a real- time-image of the place where Aidan is being held. Zach tells them that they cannot get a helicopter to Aidan, because the heliport was blown up. Greenlee interferes by telling them to find another way, because if Aidan does not come back to her, she will never forgive Zach or Ryan.

Aidan escapes from his handcuffs. He realizes the guard’s rounds are every three hours and they are not due for awhile so Jake, and he plan to be on the helicopter before the guards return. Jake notices Aidan’s watch, and comment on how nice it is. Aidan says, “It is from my fiancé; If I lose it, Greenlee will be pissed”. Jake is surprised that the guards let Aidan keep the watch. Aidan says that Greenlee believe that it will bring him good luck. Jake asks if he is engaged to Greenlee Smythe. He can’t believe that Aidan is marrying Greenlee Smythe. Jake and Aidan make a bomb out of things found in Jake’s kit.

Ryan calls Zach over, because he thinks he has found a second way to get Aidan out. He calls a friend, and secures a truck for their pickup. Greenlee asks how will Aidan know where to go if the helicopter isn’t where it should be. Zach is confident that Aidan’s team will get the information to him. Greenlee attempts to leave saying she will get there herself so that her face will be the first face that Aidan see. Kendall stops her, and asks if she is OK with being in Zach’s office. Greenlee promises that she is OK, and if they think positive thoughts Aidan will survive.

Babe shows JR a picture of Trina, and then tells him that she saw her. More importantly, she tells him that she spoke to Richie, and she now thinks that JR was set up.

When Richie asks Annie for money, she tells him to go to hell. He grabs her saying, “Wrong answer. I need that money so give it to me right now”.

Palmer sees Opal then says, “Just what I need, a visit from the Queen of Sheba”. Opal tells him to zip it, and get out your wallet out, because we are going to bust Erica out of jail.

Erica, and Carmen are in the laundry room playing cards. Carmen wants to know whom was Erica talking to? Erica mentions that it was her friend, Opal. Erica suggests that Carmen, and Opal become spiritual friends. They continue to fold laundry, and then Carmen comments on Samuel Woods helping Erica. She tells Erica that rumors has it that Samuel Woods carried her out of solitary like he was Richard Gere. She wants to know from Erica who is better “Action Jackson” or Samuel. Carmen is talking about sex to help Erica feel better.

After Ryan books the truck, Greenlee gives him a big hug. Kendall looks on with what appears to be jealousy. Zach watches her watching Ryan, and Greenlee hug. He tells her that he is not avoiding Ryan anymore. She understands Zach’s past behavior, because Ryan was so obsessed with her. She, and Zach agree that Ryan is better, and has turned a corner. Kendall asks if he trust Ryan being around her, and Zach’s response is yes. She asks if he trusts her now? He responds, “With my life”, then they hug. Ryan and Greenlee watch them then Greenlee says, “Does it still bother you to see them together”? Ryan says he is over it, because it is clear that Zach and Kendall have something that is special. He thinks that Greenlee, and Aidan have something special as well.

Ryan is on the phone saying, ”Thanks, you are saving my friend’s life”. Kendall asks him if he got the truck? Ryan says yeah, but he is worried about getting in to the location in a war zone. Kendall tells him not to show that he is worrying to Greenlee, because Greenlee believe that the power of positive thinking will bring Aidan back home. Ryan is feeling guilty about Aidan and Greenlee, because it was his idea, to send a team into Africa. Kendall tells him not to feel guilty. Kendall feels, it in her bones, that today is a day for miracles. She asks him to look around if he does not believe it, because Zach, and he planned the entire rescue operation together to bring Aidan home.

Zach get loud on the phone, because of the news he is being told. He is told that the helicopter scheduled to pick up Aidan, and Jake is shot down over Egypt.

Carmen teases Erica about having two hot men after her, and demand details. Erica tells her there is nothing going on with Sam, but Jack is the love of her life, and that a lady never kiss, and tell. Carmen misses big strong men, but she does not miss Armando.

Palmer refuses to help Opal; he loves Erica, but thinks she needs to work this out alone. Palmer is reading something by Warren Buffet when a light bulb goes off in Opal’s head. She asks Palmer for Warren Buffet’s number. She grabs Palmer’s cell phone; and finds the number on her own.

JR is not surprised, because he knew that Richie set him up. Babe apologizes to JR. JR worries about Richie or Trina coming after babe, but she is not afraid of Trina since she slugged her. JR is shocked, and cannot believe Babe hit Trina. Babe is proud that she knocked Trina out.

Richie demands money from Annie or he will tell Ryan that she faked the break-in.

Greenlee, and Zach look at maps and she says, “It’s nice that Ryan and you can put aside your differences to help Aidan”. Zach tells her that he had to do something because she threatens to not forgive him if he let her down.

Aidan, and Jake are making a bomb and note that they could blow themselves up. Jake wants to know how much his family knows. Aidan told him that Zach, Ryan, and he didn’t want to tell his family until they got him out. Jake asks, “So my brother, Tad doesn’t know”? Aidan says no. Jake asks that he tell Tad hello. Aidan suggest that he tell him himself once he gets home. Jake says, “I am not going back”. A guard is at the door. Aidan and Jake sit against the wall with the bomb behind their back. Aidan is flicking a lighter next to the bomb’s fuse. The captors come in and bring a transmitter. They let Aidan and Jake know that they will ask for five million dollars for their release. They also ask if they think it will be paid. Aidan is flicking the lighter at the bomb fuse behind his back.

JR laughing saying I can’t believe you clocked Trina! Babe says yep, I’ve got a mean right hook. JR kissed her hand, and asked if it hurt. Babe apologized again.

Annie is not letting Richie bully her. She threatens him if he mentions anything to Ryan about her lying about the break-in.

Greenlee is fearful that she will loose another lover. She lost Leo and Ryan. Kendall reminds her that Leo died because his mother was crazy, Ryan is fine, and Aidan will be coming home soon.

Opal calls Warren Buffet (she calls him Mr. Boo-faye). He asks who she is, and she reminds him that she is Opal from Pine Valley. She wants to know if he remembers her, and has he heard about Erica. He read about it. She wants him to accompany her to the prison to help get Erica out. He agrees. He has an idea they can use, and he will discuss it with her.

Erica tells Carmen that she miss her family. She misses the sex, but more importantly she misses the intimacy of Jack and her family. Erica explains that being away from the people she loves is harder than she thought.

Greenlee and Kendall leave to get coffee, because it will be a long night.

Zack gets a live transmission from the captor demanding a five million dollar ransom for Jake, and Aidan. Zach needs to know if his men are alright. The man says No, and asks how long before the money is deposited. Zach says, two hours. The man says too long; they will be dead by then. Zach says in one hour. Zach get a second transmission showing Jake, and Aidan sitting in their cell with their hands tied behind their backs. Zach tells Aidan that the money will be transferred in thirty minutes, and ask if he understand. The captor asks Zach, “Do we have a deal, Mr. Slater”. Zach answers, “Yes”. Shots ring out and the captors run outside. The transmission is lost, and Greenlee cries out, “Aidan no”.

Carmen thinks that Erica made a mistake, and should not be in jail, because she does more good on the outside. Erica agrees with Carmen, but the women in jail need her help. Carmen thinks Erica is helping them too. Erica says there are people on the outside who think I am a little self-centered. Carmen doesn’t do pity parties, and she let Erica know that.

Annie gives in and hands Richie a check after telling him he better not show his face again.

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