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All My Children Update Wednesday 5/7/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

In his office, Zach goes over the maps. Greenlee walks in and Zach asks her if she wants a glass of wine. Greenlee asks him if he looks back to the good days when they were buried in the bomb shelter.

In the park, Babe watches Richie with Treena. She turns around with Little A and gives him a toy to play with. She makes a call and tells someone that she needs him or her.

At the mansion, Adam tells Opal that his house is haunted. She thinks that he is joking, but he insists that there is a real ghost in the house and asks her to make it go away. Opal agrees to help him find out what the ghost wants.

At the hospital, Julia shows Joe a picture of Kathy. Angie walks in and tells Julia that she was shopping for the wedding dress of her dreams.

At the Sunshine Bar, Tad watches Jesse talking with Hazel. Hazel thanks Jesse for running the thugs out. Jesse asks for a little information and Hazel says that they don’t have much information. Tad says that they are close to finding Kate. Two men walk up behind Tad.

Colby and Frankie walk through the hospital talking about their game of bowling. JR walks up and asks Colby what she is doing there. Colby walks away and Frankie examines JR.

In his office, Zach and Greenlee talk about the things that happened in the bomb shelter. Zach reminds Greenlee that she didn’t have to save his life, but she did.

In the park, Richie and Treena talk about her performance with JR. Richie says that it would be a bad idea to tell JR the truth and that he always gets what he wants.

Outside the Sunshine Bar, two men ask Tad if there is a problem. Tad says that he stepped outside to make a phone call. Inside, Jesse tells Hazel that he is looking for a girl and that he knows who she is. Hazel says that Jesse better go, but Jesse says that his wife gave up their little girl for adoption and it still haunts him at night. Jesse asks her for some answers.

At the hospital, Julia tells Angie that she has been offered a job in Australia, so she and Kathy are leaving Pine Valley.

At the mansion, Adam asks Opal to do whatever she does to get rid of evil spirits and that the spirit is as evil as they come. Opal asks what the ghost has done and Adam explains everything. Adam offers to show Opal out and says that he is overreacting because there is no such thing as ghosts. Adam looks over and Dixie asks him what that makes her. Opal asks Adam what is wrong and Adam points out to where “Dixie” is standing, but Opal says that there is nothing there. Opal asks Adam who the ghost is and what the ghost wants. Dixie tells Adam to tell Opal what she wants to know. Adam claims that he doesn’t know who the ghost is or what the ghost wants.

At the park, Krystal and Babe talk about Treena. Babe realizes that Richie truly set JR up with Treena. Treena tells Richie that if he doesn’t pay her, she will tell JR the whole truth. Babe walks up and takes a picture with her camera phone before confronting Richie about Treena.

In his office, Zach and Greenlee talk about who hit him the night they went missing.

At the park, Richie claims that he doesn’t know the woman, but Babe doesn’t believe it. Treena walks away. Babe says that she should have listened to JR, but Richie says that he didn’t do anything to set JR up. Richie says that he couldn’t do anything to hurt JR because that would hurt Babe too.

At the hospital, Frankie tells JR that they will do more blood work in a few weeks. The conversation changes to Colby. Frankie says that Colby makes him laugh, but when she calls him on being a jerk it seems like she is another little sister. Colby overhears it and ends up feeling hurt.

At the mansion, Adam and Opal argue about the ghost. Dixie teases Adam about Opal. Adam yells at Dixie and Opal confronts him about it. Dixie picks up a rock and puts it down before Opal can look. Opal gets irritated and leaves. Adam turns around and Dixie is gone and appears behind him. Dixie explains that Opal couldn’t see her because she didn’t want her to.

Outside the Sunshine Bar, Tad makes a call. Inside, Jesse tries to get Hazel to help him. Hazel says that maybe there is something she can do. The two men escort Tad inside and Hazel asks him what he is doing there. She realizes that Tad and Jesse know each other and asks what is going on. Hazel says that there is nothing she can do and that it all died with Greg Madden. Hazel says that there is nothing she can do about Kate being out in the world by now. Tad tells Hazel that Kate is almost 6 years old and that he has been looking for her all that time. Tad says that he will do anything if Hazel will help him find Kate.

At the mansion, Adam tries to pour a drink, but the glass keeps moving. Dixie says that if he wants to get rid of her all he has to do is tell Tad where Kate is. Dixie says that she cannot directly intervene. Adam says that she needs to find someone else to lead Tad back to Kate. Dixie says that she is doing this to save Adam too.

At the hospital, Frankie apologizes to Colby and Colby says that she isn’t a child. Frankie says that all of his male patients think that she is hot. Colby tells JR and Frankie not to talk about her and leaves.

At the park, Babe asks Richie how he found the only hooker that strolls around the playground and Richie claims that Treena found him. Richie says that he would never lie to Babe. The conversation turns to his recovery and Babe says that she jumped to conclusions. Richie leaves. Babe walks over to check on Little A and then walks over to Treena. Babe punches Treena.

In his office, Zach and Greenlee talk about the bomb shelter and the current situation. Zach says that he wants to show Greenlee something. He says that he is going to be monitoring Aidan’s position on the map through the computer.

At the hospital, Julia and Angie talk about Julia leaving town. The conversation turns to Angie’s family.

At the Sunshine Bar, Jesse and Tad try to get Hazel to help them. Jesse mentions being a cop and tells her that he will hunt her down until she helps Tad find Kate.

At the mansion, Dixie says that if Adam reunites Tad with Kate and looks up, but Adam refuses. Dixie says that it could save his soul. He tells her to get some new tricks because he can handle anything she throws at him.

At the park, Babe and Krystal talk about how she has treated JR and she says that she has to find JR immediately and tell him what she found out.

At the hospital, JR and Colby talk about Adam. They leave the room. Frankie goes to see Angie and Julia runs out. Frankie tries to look in Angie’s bag, but she stops him. Julia tells Joe that she wants to talk to him about some possible replacements. Joe says that his mind is on Jamie because he hasn’t emailed in a couple of weeks. Julia comes up with some possible reasons.

At the mansion, Dixie tries to convince Adam that he could lose his soul if he keeps messing with people’s lives. Dixie tells Adam to look in the mirror and he will see his future. She opens the doors and leaves. Adam closes the doors and walks over to the mirror. He sees flames and hears Dixie’s voice telling him that time is running out.

At the Sunshine Bar, Hazel tells Tad that she doesn’t know much, but that she does know that Greg Madden took Kate to New Mexico. Tad and Jesse leave. Jesse assures Tad that they will find Kate.

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