AMC Update Tuesday 5/6/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 5/6/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At his office, Zach talks to someone on the phone while looking at the maps. Ryan walks in and tells him about the phone call. Zach says that Aidan crossed the border already. Ryan tells Zach that their team is on standby in case of an emergency extraction.

At the Comeback, Tad tells Jesse about his 2 year long search for Kate. Angie walks over and Tad says that his friend Tammy got the lead. Krystal asks Tad to call when he finds out anything. Tad says that Hazel will have the answers. He says that since he went to Dixie’s grave, he has felt like she was leading him towards Kate.

At the mansion, Adam walks into the living room and tells Dixie that he has peanut butter and banana pancakes for her. Adam asks Dixie to show him that she is for real.

In his office, Zach and Ryan talk. Aidan calls and gives them an update. Aidan lays down a gun and asks about Greenlee.

Kendall and Greenlee walk into a bridal shop. Kendall says that they are going to stay there until Greenlee finds the wedding dress of her dreams.

Zach and Ryan talk to Aidan. Aidan says that the team is there and that he is signing off. Guards rush in and Aidan hands them his gun. One of the guards knock Aidan unconscious with his gun.

In his office, Zach pours drinks for him and Ryan. They talk about Ryan’s amnesia and therapy.

At the bridal shop, Greenlee says that she would like to see all the dresses that they have. Greenlee thanks Kendall for the surprise and for the diversion. They leave to look at the dresses.

Angie and Krystal talk about Angie’s upcoming wedding. Krystal and Angie walk into the bridal shop and are told that the shop is closed for a private showing. Greenlee and Kendall walk out and ask what Angie and Krystal are doing there. Angie asks what Greenlee is doing there and Greenlee announces that she is looking for a dress. Greenlee asks Angie and Krystal to join them. Greenlee says that Angie should pick out the dress of her dreams and Kendall gives them each a glass of champagne.

At the mansion, JR walks in and Adam yells at him. Adam says that he was too busy to eat and JR offers to get rid of the pancakes, but Adam stops him. JR says that everyone is worried about Adam and that maybe he needs a break. Adam leaves the room.

Jesse and Tad wait for a place to open. Tad looks up and sees the sign for the bar and it reminds him of the song that Dixie used to sing to JR. Tad says that it means that they are one step closer.

Opal and Ritchie have lunch at the Comeback. Opal tells Ritchie that if he doesn’t change his evil ways, he is doomed. Opal says that she was married to 2 really evil bastards and that it isn’t too late for him to change the direction of his life. Ritchie asks what the cards say about him and Babe.

Babe and Little Adam show up at the mansion to see JR. Little Adam goes into the kitchen to get a brownie. JR says that he has to stick around for a big deal at Chandler. JR says that he is afraid that Adam is really losing it this time and that he is scared.

At the bridal shop, the ladies look at dresses while drinking more and more champagne. The ladies take turns trying on dresses.

At the mansion, JR says that he does all the work and that Adam looks at it. JR and Babe talk about the possibility that Adam is faking it. Babe says that JR is a better man for Adam. JR says that he doesn’t want Adam to do anything to freak out Little Adam. Adam opens a music box and Dixie still doesn’t appear. He says that it was because of the medication and that none of it really happened. He closes the music box and hears humming and laughing.

Outside the bar, Jesse and Tad talk about Hazel and Greg Madden. Tad says that Greg is dead. Tad explains what happened with Dixie and Kate. Someone walks up to the bar and unlocks the door. Tad says that it was Hazel. Tad says that it is the last chance and Jesse says that he has an idea.

In his office, Zach and Ryan talk about the video. Zach claims that he was trying to help, but Ryan thinks that Zach was trying to drive him out of town. Ryan asks how Zach would feel if the situation was reversed. Zach tells Ryan about Maria. Zach says that he understands the situation and that he should have walked away.

At the bridal shop, Greenlee says that Angie isn’t leaving until she finds the perfect dress.

Aidan gets tied up and a guard reveals what he knows about Aidan. The guards throw Aidan into a room with Jake. Aidan says that he was supposed to be rescuing Jake and Jake says that at least he has company now. Aidan assures Jake that Tad is no where near the situation. Aidan moves over towards Jake to look for listening devices. Aidan says that no one is going to be killed and Jake says that he isn’t so sure. Aidan says that he is looking for a way out of the rope. Jake realizes that Aidan got thrown in there on purpose and that Aidan has a plan.

In his office, Zach and Ryan talk about Ryan’s situation. Ryan says that his feelings for the kids have kicked in already, but not with Annie. Zach tells Ryan about a new game that Spike came up with.

At the bridal shop, Angie asks Krystal and Kendall about their wedding dresses. Kendall suggests that Greenlee is always the center of attention. Krystal proposes a toast to the great love stories in the room with the 4 of them.

Jesse walks into the bar and orders a drink. She ignores him and starts putting chairs down. Another man walks in and draws a knife on Jesse. She orders them out and Jesse starts fighting the man. The two men walk out and Jesse tells her that they didn’t take anything.

At the bridal shop, Angie says that she wants the wedding to be soon, but everywhere is booked. Kendall suggests that they use the casino because they had a cancellation. Angie says that she will talk to Jesse about it. Angie sees a dress come out and says that she is going to try on a dress after all.

At the Comeback, Opal tells Ritchie that Babe isn’t a part of his destiny. Ritchie’s phone rings and says that he has to take the call in private. Ritchie gets up and Opal’s phone starts to ring.

At the mansion, Babe apologizes to JR. Little Adam comes back out and JR says that he has to take care of some business, but they will spend all day Saturday together. Babe and Little Adam leave.

Ritchie meets Treena, the hooker, in the park. She suggests that she tell JR the truth about what really happened.

Babe and Little Adam get to the park and see Ritchie and Treena together. Babe remembers seeing Treena at the hotel.

At the mansion, Opal arrives and Adam asks if she still does the psychic thing. Adam says that he needs her services and that he is willing to pay her for it. He explains that he wants to know if his house is haunted.

In the cell, Aidan explains that he has a homing device on him and that the chopper should be there soon to rescue Jake.

In his office, Zach says that Ryan was never a threat. Zach says that he is happy that they are working together again.

At the bridal shop, Greenlee asks the woman to put the dresses on hold. Angie comes out in her dress and everyone says that she looks amazing. Angie says that she has picked out her wedding dress.

At the bar, Jesse officially meets Hazel and she says that she owes him. Tad pays the men outside the bar and looks at a picture of Dixie. He says that they are one step closer and puts his wallet away.

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