AMC Update Monday 5/5/08

All My Children Update Monday 5/5/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At Fusion, Greenlee confronts Annie about the pole dancing footage being placed in the presentation. Annie offers to explain, but Greenlee keeps yelling at her. Kendall and Babe come out and tell them to get back in the office because they are trying to fix the computer and Amanda is trying to distract the men. Kendall asks Greenlee to keep her voice down. Greenlee says that she wants them to know how incompetent Annie is. Kendall pulls Greenlee to the side and tells her that they will bounce back from this. Annie takes full responsibility for screwing up the presentation and offers to leave if they want.

In his office, Zach tells Ryan what is going on with Jake. Ryan says that they can’t let Tad lose his brother.

At the Comeback, Tad and Jesse talk about Krystal. Krystal tells Angie that they were just having a married squabble. Angie says that everything that is going on right now is a miracle.

At home, Cassandra tells Colby that she is calling Angie, while Rob listens.

At the Comeback, Angie tells Cassandra that it is fine for her to stay at Colby’s and that she will see her the following day.

At home, Cassandra and Colby leave. Rob walks out into the living room and says that Angie has what he wants.

At the Comeback, Angie and Krystal talk about Cassandra’s reasons for wanting to have a sleepover. Krystal tells Angie that Adam is having more episodes. Tad and Jesse talk about Krystal and Jenny.

At the mansion, Adam talks to “Dixie”. She says that it would be nice if he got locked up in the same padded cell that he had her put in. She says that she looks good for being dead. Adam claims that she is a hallucination caused from his medication. Dixie starts a fire in the fireplace and makes all the lamps go out.

At Fusion, Kendall follows Greenlee to the elevator. Greenlee says that she is going to be on the next flight to Africa to bring Aidan home, but Kendall says that Aidan would want her to stay there. Greenlee says that she has a bad feeling that Aidan won’t be coming back. Kendall says that she needs Greenlee and they go back in the office. Annie updates something on the computer in Japanese and adds their dance routine to it.

In his office, Zach tells Ryan about the project in Africa. He says that the lead doctor has been kidnapped.

Jake tells the patient that he can get the bullet if the patient lays still. The patient threatens Jake, but Jake keeps working to remove the bullet.

Rob hides as Cassandra returns home to get her MP3 player so that Colby can hear something on it.

At the Comeback, Angie and Jesse talk about Cassandra. Tad and Krystal walk back in and talk about Adam. Krystal says that Adam has real psychological problems. Tad says that she is wasting her time on Adam.

Adam walks around the mansion looking for Dixie. Adam thinks that it is part of Father Clarence’s “hocus pocus.”

At Fusion, Annie watches the pole dancing footage. She imagines Kendall and Greenlee yelling at her and Ryan coming to her rescue. She imagines Ryan saying that he loves her and carrying her out of the room. Annie quickly closes the footage. Babe shows the men into the room. Greenlee and Kendall give the men baseballs that are signed by the Phillies. The men sit down.

In his office, Zach tells Ryan about the AIDS project in Africa. Ryan asks about the doctor and Zach explains that it’s Jake Martin and that Aidan is going to help rescue him.

Jake keeps operating and the guards leave.

In his office, Zach and Ryan talk about whom all knows about Jake’s kidnapping.

At the Comeback, Angie, Jesse, Krystal and Tad talk about wedding plans. Tad and Jesse go to shoot some pool and talk about Adam. Tad says that Adam still has a hold on Krystal.

At the mansion, Adam tries to figure out what could case the hallucinations and thinks that they are happening because of his pills. He throws the pills away and grabs his briefcase. He finds Kate’s adoption certificate in his briefcase, but he remembers eating it. He looks over and sees Dixie sitting in front of the fireplace.

At Fusion, Kendall and Greenlee tell the men about the company and the product. They start the presentation and Babe tells them about the product. Annie clicks the pole dancing footage and Kendall says that there is a little problem. Kendall and Babe try to cover the screen while Annie tries to take the footage off the screen. Babe shuts the footage off. Greenlee asks how it happened.

In his office, Zach tells Ryan that he needs help with this. Ryan thanks Zach for telling him about the project and asks how he can help.

Jake stands up and walks over to the open door. Jake looks at the patient and then out the door.

At Fusion, Annie offers to pack up her desk immediately. The men come out and Kendall apologizes for the computer error. The men announce that Fusion is coming to Japan.

In his office, Zach and Ryan talk about the area that Jake is being held hostage in. Ryan says that maybe he does have something that can be useful and leaves.

Jake comes back to his patient and keeps trying to get the bullet. He removes the bullet and says that the patient will live. The guards come back in.

At the mansion, Dixie and Adam talk about why she would haunt him. He says that she wants revenge for him putting her in a straight jacket. She picks up the adoption paper and asks how he could keep it from Tad. Dixie says that Adam can give Tad his child. She says that she came to make Adam do the right thing and Adam says that the discussion is over and walks out of the room. Dixie is in front of him when he gets out of the room.

At Fusion, the ladies thank the Japanese men for accepting Fusion. Kendall says that Annie is to stay at Fusion and that they are going to celebrate. Babe asks Annie if she is okay and Annie asks why she shouldn’t be.

Ryan comes back to Zach’s office with detailed maps of the area. Zach says that nothing is going to happen that night and that they will pick it back up the following day.

At the Comeback, Angie and Krystal talk about Adam. Angie offers to talk to Adam.

At the mansion, Adam and Dixie talk about why she can’t give the paper to Tad. Adam goes up the stairs, but Dixie is right in front of him again. Dixie says that Adam has to give the paper to Tad. Adam suggests that Dixie misses him. Dixie tells Adam that he is selfish and cruel. Adam says that she can haunt him until the day he dies, but he will never give that paper to Tad.

At the Comeback, Jesse tells Tad that he will help find Kate. Tad says that he has been looking for Kate for 2 years and that he hasn’t come up with anything. Tad says that he needs a miracle to find Kate.

At the mansion, Colby and Cassandra walk in and hear Adam talking to thin air. Adam claims that he was rehearsing a speech for work. Colby and Cassandra go upstairs. Dixie starts humming “You Are My Sunshine” and Adam says that she was a good mother to JR. Dixie says that JR should have been a Martin, not a Chandler.

At the Comeback, Tad and Jesse talk about Kate. Jesse says that it is a good thing that Jesse is helping on the case. Tad gets a call. Krystal asks Tad what is wrong.

At ConFusion, Annie tells the bartender that she will have whatever will make her forget that nothing went right. Ryan walks in and the bartender brings Annie a drink. Annie says that her day sucked and Ryan asks if there is anything he can do. Annie kisses him. Annie apologizes and says that they are just good friends.

At Fusion, Kendall suggests that she and Greenlee go down to ConFusion to celebrate. Kendall promises that Aidan will come back to Greenlee. Greenlee says that no one can make that promise and Kendall comforts her. Zach walks in.

The guards take the patient away and Jake sits down.

At Angie and Jesse’s, Rob goes through a book looking at pictures. He sees a picture of an elephant.

At the Comeback, Tad announces that Tammy has tracked down Hazel. Tad says that he might have just gotten his miracle.

At the mansion, Dixie says that this time he has to do things her way or he will be very sorry. Dixie hands the paper to Adam and walks into the fireplace and starts a fire.

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