AMC Update Friday 5/2/08

All My Children Update Friday 5/2/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Aidan talk to Zach about accepting the mission. They agree to tell no one that the Cambius' employee captured is Jake Martin, Tad’s brother. If Kendall asks, she will be on a need to know basis. Kendall interrupts their meeting, and is shocked to know that Aidan is still going when Zach agreed not to send him. Zach let her know that it was Aidan's decision, and he agreed with it. Kendall wants to know about the mission, and is worried about Greenlee’s potential lost if Aidan gets hurt. Kendall thinks that Zach’s decision to send Aidan is about the one-night-stand. When she ask about the details of the mission, Zach give up little information, and ask her to trust him, and know that there is a good reason why he cannot tell her details.

Greenlee does not know that Aidan has agreed to take the mission, because of Jake Martin; she prepares for an evening at home with champagne, and a new short sexy nightgown. Aidan arrives then tells her the mission is still on, because things have gotten worse. He promises to come back to Greenlee, and ask her to trust him. Greenlee calls Kendall while Aidan packs his bags. Kendall will come over if Greenlee wants her to. Greenlee decides that it is time for her to grow up, and then she tells Kendall that she will be OK and to not come over to see her.

Tad, JR, and Krystal talk in the foyer; they have a view of Adam and can see him talking to himself. Tad thinks that Adam is pretending to be crazed. Krystal believes that Adam is acting strangely. Adam thinks that Father Clarence is behind the strange events happening to him. Tad, Krystal and JR watches Adam talks to himself. When he starts to eat the adoption papers, they rush in to stop him.

Robert breaks into Jesse’s apartment to search for the toy elephant.

One of the captors comes in to see Jake, and he tells the captor that he is a doctor and not who they think he is, because he help people. Jake is ignored. Later, the captors bring in their captain to be treated. The captain has been shot, and they demand that Jake help him. Jake needs his kit, a flashlight, rags, and water. The wound is very bad.

Aidan has packed, and put on his camouflage outfit. He and Greenlee kiss. Greenlee looks worried as she look at her nightgown brought for the evening. They kiss again, and then Aidan tells her that he will be back soon. Greenlee tells him that he better be OK.

As Jake is working on the captain, his men hold their guns on him. Jake instructs them to back off, because he cannot work well with rifles aimed at him. Jake asks the captain if he speaks English, the man reply, “Better than you, doctor”. He tells the captain to ask his men to stand down. The captain tells Jake that if he dies, Jake will be killed. Jake tells him that his treatment will hurt.

Tad laugh as Adam eats the adoption paper, then he start to eat the paper too. He asks for soy sauce to pour over the paper then tells them that the paper taste like chicken. Krystal accuses Tad of being a smart ass.

Robert talks to himself and says, “Twenty years and nothing. I have been chasing the wrong Hubbard. Why Angie, did you take that diamond”. He talks about Angie’s physical features and says that Jesse is so lucky to have her. The door begins to open, and Robert hides as Cassandra (Cassie) and Colby enter the room.

Colby likes the Hubbard’s apartment, and Cassie says it is not a mansion. Colby complains that she sees nothing but the grounds from her room. Colby invites Cassie to the mansion.

Krystal is concerned about Adam, but he throws out everyone. JR lingers, but Adam wants him gone as well.

Greenlee want to accompany Aidan to the airport, but he insist on saying goodbye at the apartment, because it is less messy. Aidan wants to leave his new watch brought by Greenlee; she insists he take it for good luck. She wants him to come back, because he keeps her grounded, and she like who she is when she is with him.

Kendall arrives as Greenlee, and Aidan are having their last goodbye kiss in the hallway. Aidan ask her to look after Greenlee. Kendall tells Greenlee that Aidan will be back before she knows it. Greenlee feels like this is the last time she will see Aidan.

After looking over the Strategic Partnership Agreement between Cambias Industries and the AIDS Project in Africa signed by himself and Ryan, Zach sits at his desk and leaves a message for Ryan to meet him to discuss the situation.

When Jake finds it difficult to remove the bullet, because it is so deep and the captain is losing too much blood, his patient urges him to get it out if he wants to continue living.  With renewed vigor and a flashlight, Jake struggles to get at the bullet and apologizes for causing more pain while the captain screams and moans.

Cassie asks if she should get dressed up to meet Adam Chandler. Colby lets her know that her father is a regular guy, except that he's acting really weird right now.  Cass sympathizes with Colby, since her dad looks just like her future stepdad, which is just weird. The girls hit it off while discussing their mutual families' weird behaviors. While Robert continues to hide behind the curtains, Cassie stuffs her elephant into her overnight bag as they get ready to leave.

Once alone, Adam wonders what other tricks Father Clarence has in store for him when he hears someone singing “You Are My Sunshine” in the hall. He walks toward the mirror then sees Dixie looking back at him. Calling her name, he drops his glass, which breaks on the wooden floor shattering everywhere.

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