AMC Update Thursday 5/1/08

All My Children Update Thursday 5/1/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Angie enters Cassandra’s room on the pretense of seeing if she needs anything, but she really wanted to talk to her about Jesse. Cassandra detects her real motives.

Jesse is getting his life in order, and need a checkup to get his insurance. Frankie examines him.

Tad is in his office, when Krystal arrives. Tad is frantically searching for Dixie's picture that is mysteriously missing.

The missing picture of Dixie has mysteriously shown up at Adam’s house. JR walks in, and notices that his dad is talking to himself again. Adam accuses JR for the appearance of the photo. JR is surprised that Adam has the photo and he assures him that he would never give him a photo of Dixie, because of the way he treated her.

Kendall has been trying to reach Erica, and when she can’t she calls the prison to find out that Erica is in solitary confinement.

Sam picks Erica up in his arms and carries her out of solitary. She is in the infirmary when Jack arrives. Erica wants to know how did Jack know of her situation.

Jack, and Sam tell Erica that they are now working together. Erica is checked out by the doctor, and declared fine. She thanks Sam and Jack for getting her released from solitary. In a private conversation Jack ask if Erica is really OK, and she responds, “No”.

Kendall is hysterical to learn that her mother is in solitary, but Greenlee tries to calm her down. Greenlee calls Jack and learn that Erica has been let out of solitary, checked out by a doctor, and is fine. Greenlee tells Kendall that Jack is a hero to Erica, and Zach and Aidan are heroes to Kendall and Greenlee respectively. She wants to talk to Kendall about Aidan and she.

Tad is upset over misplacing the photo. Krystal does not understand the reason for him being so upset. He starts to explain his feelings about the photo and Dixie.

Cassandra let Angie know that she is happy, because Frankie is home from the war, Angie is happier than she has been in awhile and she is living in beautiful Paris. She is happy for her mom. Angie tells Cassandra that Jessie seem to adore her.

Frankie, and Jesse joke and tease with each other, but while examining Jesse, Frankie notices the scars on his back. He is outraged at what was done to his father. They talk about Jesse’s past ordeal and his ability to move past it.

Dre met Colby at the Comeback. He tells her that he came from a meeting with his dad and can’t believe he came out in once piece. Colby can’t believe it either. Dre was on a campaign with Samuel when he received an emergency call.

Samuel is upset with the warden over her treatment of Erica. He shows his disappointment with her by asking if she understand what warrants solitary confinement. The warden understands that she is in trouble, and stumbles through her explanations.

Erica tells Jack about the nightmares she had while in confinement.

Jesse wants to take Frankie’s mind off his wounds. Jesse still does not know what Papel wanted from him. Jesse changes the subject to his wedding plans, and asks Frankie to be his best man. Frankie is proud that Jesse asked him.

Robert is trying to get information on Angie’s donation of the toy elephant by pretending to be her husband.

Angie asks Cassandra to be her maid of honor, but Cassie tells her she feels weird about Angie marrying Jesse. She wants to know if Angie ever loved her father, and if she loved him as much as Jesse. Angie says yes, I loved Jacob very much.

Kendall thanks Greenlee for her concern, but she intends to get to the prison. Greenlee assures her that Erica will be fine, and insist on talking about Aidan. Greenlee wants to thank Kendall for getting Aidan released from the job to the Sudan.

Adam tells JR about all of the things that happened to him like the buttons being removed from his shirt, the stereo playing the music, and the flying glass. JR asks if he missed anything, and Adam says, “Yes I was slapped”. JR accuses him of losing it.

Cassandra wants the history of Jessie, and Angie from the beginning. Cassandra asks about their current relationship. Angie tells her that things are the same. They talk about Cassandra experience with love, which has not been much. She is still searching for her soul mate.

Julia, and Kathy run into Frankie, and Jessie. They all say hello, and Jesse tells Julia that Tad has a serious crush on little Kathy.

Tad tells Krystal that when they were digging up Jessie's coffin he could feel something was about to change. Krystal tells him to believe in miracles, because Angie and Jesse are proof that they exist. Frankie finds Jesse health to be OK. They leave together. Frankie is taking Cassie to the Comeback. Jessie marvels at how they have become a family.

The warden explains that Erica was disrupting the prison population, and her fan club was outside singing and playing loud music. Sam knows her reason for punishing Erica was because of her kinship with the prisoners for offering her support of them. He explains that Erica is doing the warden’s job. He orders her to place Erica in the general population immediately.

Adam tells JR he doesn't need a caretaker or his pity, he is not insane. Adam is going to talk to security to see if they saw anything. JR calls Krystal to talk about his father.

Kendall looks upset when Greenlee mentions that she wants to talk about Aidan and Kendall, and Greenlee notices her discomfort. Kendall ignores Greenlee’s comment about Kendall’s reaction.

Erica is angry that the warden can just put anyone in solitary anytime she wants.

Robert received a list from the charity but did not see any mention of a stuff elephant. He is told that the list is comprehensive, and includes everything that was given to them. Robert is angry, and wonders where could the elephant be. Cassandra is on her bed playing with the toy elephant.

Adam feels a cold wind and want to know if JR felt it. JR says no. Krystal and Tad arrive. JR tells Krystal that Adam will not be happy to see Tad. Tad refused to let Krystal come alone. JR thinks Adam has lost it.

Colby tells Dre that she wants to meet someone to date. She talks to him about her crush on Frankie. Frankie and Cassie arrive at the Comeback and he asks her what does she think about the place. She says the place is nice as she stares at Dre.

Rob watches his recorded conversation of Angie saying she sent the toy elephant to the charity with other things. Rob says to the tape, you lied to me Angie.

Adam feels a cold chill, and then notices Kathy’s adoption papers. He is upset because he burned the papers so that Tad would not see them. Adam asks out loud how did the document get back on the table. Tad walks in and asks, “What document”.

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