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All My Children Update Wednesday 4/30/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

In the visitors' room, Carmen and Jack talk about Erica being in solitary. Carmen says that Erica was only trying to help the other inmates. Jack says that Erica is a strong woman, but she has her limits.

Erica sleeps in solitary and dreams about being in a cold dark place. She hears her mother’s voice and then Joe’s voice telling her that her mother is dead. She gets frightened by the lighting and thunder and says that she is really alone. She starts rolling around repeating the word alone.

Ryan meets with his therapist and tells her about moving back in with Annie and Emma. Ryan says that someone broke into their home and that everyone is fine. Ryan says that moving back in with Annie and Emma was a good idea and that Annie needs him.

At Fusion, Annie says that she is being counted on to close the deal. Annie looks at her computer and watches a video of them pole dancing. Annie says that Ryan will never look at her that way again, but she comes up with a plan and inserts the pole dancing routine into the presentation so that she will need Ryan to catch her when she gets fired. She smiles and says goodbye fusion.

Tad works on the computer in his office trying to find a lead on Kate. Aidan walks in and tells Tad that he is on a job. Aidan says that he is on a special mission and that he is going to southern Sudan. Tad suggests that Zach is sending Aidan on a suicide mission.

In Zach’s office, Greenlee asks Zach why he is trying to get Aidan killed by sending him into a war zone. Kendall tries to assure Greenlee that Zach isn’t trying to get Aidan killed. Greenlee asks Zach and Kendall what they aren’t telling her.

In Tad’s office, Tad tells Aidan that the person has to be important. Aidan says that he is going to be getting an email explaining the situation and whom he is supposed to be rescuing. Tad tells Aidan not to get cocky and not to push his luck. Aidan admits that Greenlee isn’t happy about it, but she will come around.

In Zach’s office, Zach assures Greenlee that they aren’t hiding anything from her. Greenlee asks why Aidan has to go. Zach and Kendall explain that a man’s life is at risk and that Aidan was trained for this sort of mission when he was in the military. Greenlee says that she and Aidan are planning a life together. Kendall assures Greenlee that no one wants Aidan to get hurt and that she tried to talk Zach out of this, but it didn’t work. Kendall says that nothing will happen to Aidan and that she doesn’t want Aidan sent. Greenlee says that if their friendship means anything to Kendall, she needs to get Zach to realize that he is going to ruin Greenlee’s life.

Ryan walks into Fusion and calls for Annie. He looks at a picture of their wedding on her desk. Annie walks out and pretends to be scared by him. She says that since the break-in she has been really jittery. Ryan comforts Annie.

Jack says that he needs to talk to the warden or he will hold a press conference. Carmen tells the guard that she needs to get Jack a meeting immediately. Carmen says that Jack will get Erica out of solitary in no time and Jack says that he hopes Erica can last that long.

Erica keeps dreaming about being in the cold dark room with the thunder and lightning. She walks over to a cake and reads “Happy Birthday Erica, Love Father” and runs backwards away from it.

Babe reads a Japanese dictionary in the Fusion lounge. Babe and Amanda talk about why Annie took over the presentation.

At Fusion, Annie insists that she is fine, but Ryan says that maybe the person who broke in was looking for him. Annie says that he moved back in to spend more time with Emma, not to look after her and tells him that she has come a long way since they first met. Ryan tells Annie that he talks about her with his therapist and Annie asks him what he has said. Ryan promises to be there for her and Emma from now on because he really wants to.

In the Fusion lounge, Amanda and Babe talk about the atmosphere at Fusion. Amanda says that there is a lot of drama going on in the office because Kendall ran out of there when Josh showed up, Greenlee left for lunch and never returned, Annie is having an intense talk with Ryan about his memory loss and they are camped out in the Fusion lounge.

In his office, Kendall tells Zach that Aidan will be in real danger. Zach says that they need to get the other man home safely. Greenlee and Kendall ask Zach to reconsider. Zach says that he put this other man in danger and he has to get the guy out. Greenlee asks Zach why Aidan has to rescue this guy and Zach says that Aidan is the right man for the job. Greenlee suggests that Zach is making it personal and asks what she is missing.

Aidan looks at pictures of Greenlee on his cell phone. Aidan and Tad talk about the mission and Aidan says that it is the right thing to do. Tad says that Aidan has to stay sharp because he is risking everything. Aidan says that Tad can look after Greenlee while he is gone. Tad suggests that Aidan is still punishing himself for sleeping with Kendall.

Jack meets with the warden in the visitor’s room. Jack asks the warden to let Erica out of solitary immediately and that there was no reason to put Erica in there to begin with. The warden says that she thought Jack would be happy with what they have done to help Erica and suggests that he doesn’t want them to save Erica’s life.

Erica continues to dream about being in the cold dark room and says that she can get out of there. She sees 10 rings lying on the floor that symbolize her 10 marriages. She hears people arguing and yelling. She says that she has been abandoned by people she loved and wonders where it went wrong. She starts rolling around in her sleep.

In Tad’s office, Aidan and Tad argue. Aidan says that he made a mistake when he slept with Kendall and that it is over. Aidan says that maybe he will get a bonus because of this mission and Tad suggests that Aidan will get a company funeral. Tad reminds Aidan that the man who sent him on this mission is the Kendall’s husband. Aidan says that Zach wants the man saved and that Aidan wants to do it. Tad and Aidan share a hug. Tad makes Aidan promise to watch his back while he is in Sudan. Tad and Aidan exchange insults and compliments and Aidan promises to come back safe.

In his office, Zach suggests that Greenlee thinks he wants to ruin her life. Greenlee asks him to call off the mission. Zach says that he can’t do that because someone is in danger. Greenlee says that something horrible could happen to Aidan. Zach says that Aidan will have all the support he needs. Greenlee says that Zach owes her for helping Ryan play dead when she was married to him. Kendall tells Zach that Greenlee is right and asks him to listen to Greenlee. Greenlee asks Zach to call off the mission for her. Zach assures Greenlee that he the mission wasn’t meant to hurt her and Greenlee asks him to tell Aidan that he found someone else for the job. Zach agrees and Greenlee gives him a hug.

At Fusion, Annie gets some new numbers for the new client. She and Ryan talk about the presentation. Ryan says that he was going to invite Annie to lunch and Annie insists that he should enjoy some alone time with Emma. Annie asks him if his therapy is helping and Ryan says that he doesn’t know what good it is doing. Ryan says that the therapist thinks that it might be too soon for him to move back in and Annie asks him what he thinks.

In the visitor’s room, Jack asks the warden if Erica was really in danger. The warden explains that Erica has been receiving threats. Jack says that most of the inmates like Erica because she is trying to help them all. Jack suggests that the warden put Erica in solitary so that Erica will know who the boss is. The warden says that Erica’s celebrity status gives her too high of a profile. Jack suggests that Erica’s profile is higher than the warden’s. Jack says that what the warden is doing to Erica is abusive. Jack says that he can’t let the warden get away with keeping Erica from helping the other inmates. Jack says that Erica needs to be out of solitary before nightfall and the warden explains that Jack will have to call the director of the federal bureau of prisons. Jack says that he will call the director personally and then he will come back for the warden.

Erica continues to dream. She sees her mother’s grave and talks to her. Erica kneels down at the grave and talks about the day that the 3 generations of Kane women were together. Erica says that she is never truly alone as long as she has her children. Erica remembers the things that have happened to her children, Bianca’s rape, and Kendall’s accident when she was pregnant with Spike, and finding out that Josh was her son. Erica says that she has failed her children.

In Tad’s office, Aidan gets an email telling him who the target is. Tad goes to get an updated detailed map of the area where the rescue mission is.

In his office, Zach looks at his phone and hands Greenlee a bottle of water. Greenlee says that she is feeling better now that she came to her senses. Kendall says that the boys just woke up and she wants to see them. Greenlee says that she wants to go see Aidan and give him the good news. Greenlee leaves and Kendall and Zach agree that taking Aidan off the mission was the right thing to do.

In the Fusion lounge, Amanda tells Babe that Annie and Ryan’s heated conversation is still going on.

At Fusion, Ryan and Annie talk about his therapy session and their living arrangements. Ryan asks Annie to go on a family vacation with him and the kids so that they could create some new memories. Annie says that it sounds amazing, but she has to work. He suggests that they go after the presentation so that they could get away for a little while. Annie agrees. Annie says that after the presentation, she thinks that she will need a long break.

In the visitor’s room, Jack tells someone on the phone that it is an emergency and that it involves Erica Kane.

Erica keeps dreaming and hears her mother’s voice. The door to her solitary cell opens and Samuel helps her out of the room.

At his office, Tad brings the map down to Aidan, but can’t find him. Tad goes back to his desk and realizes that Dixie’s picture is missing.

In his office, Zach tells someone that he will let him know who the new team leader is soon. Aidan walks into the office and Zach says that Aidan isn’t going on the trip. Aidan says that the man who is being held captive is Tad’s brother, Jake Martin.

Jake is sitting in a cell with his hands tied behind his back.

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