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All My Children Update Tuesday 4/29/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At home, Jesse meets Cassandra. Frankie and Angie admit that Cassandra heard about Jesse when she was growing up. Cassandra says that Jesse seems like a cool guy.

Erica says that she wants to see the warden and that she hasn’t done anything to land her in solitary. She says that it is inhuman and sits down.

At the Yacht Club, Jack gives Greenlee some flowers and a blank check to pay for the wedding. He explains that he wants her to have the wedding of her dreams. He asks Greenlee if there is a reason that her relationship with Aidan wouldn’t work out. Greenlee says that everything is going to work out and that everyone is with the right person.

In his office, Zach tells Aidan that he is going on a trip to southern Sudan. Aidan thinks that Zach is joking. Zach tells Aidan to read the file and explains the situation. Zach says that they aren’t sure of the guys name yet and asks Aidan if he is up for the rescue mission.

Josh shows up at Fusion and Kendall says that she forgot what he looked like. Josh says that he has been working so much that it has become his life and he hugs Kendall. Kendall invites Josh to lunch with her, Amanda and Babe, but he explains that he just wanted to get an update on Erica and then he has to get back to work to deal with a crisis.

Aidan and Zach go over the file. Aidan says that the team can handle it and Zach says that he wants Aidan to head the operation. Aidan asks why Zach wants him to do it.

At the Yacht Club, Greenlee tells Jack what is going on at work. She admits that she can’t think of anything other than the house that she wants for her and Aidan. She says that she is getting Aidan a house as a wedding present. Greenlee says that she wants to make Aidan as happy as he has made her.

Zach explains that he wants Aidan on the job because he has handled situations like this before. Aidan says that he didn’t take the job to handle situations like this and Zach explains that he needs someone who he can trust to go rescue this guy.

At Fusion, Josh tells Kendall about the Cambias employee that has been taken hostage. Josh changes the subject to Erica. Kendall explains that Erica is working the place like she owns the prison and that the only thing that Erica is worried about is her. Josh asks why Erica is worried about Kendall.

Erica says that someone has to stand up for the inmate’s rights and that she can’t do anything in solitary except go crazy. Erica reminds herself that she has been through worse and that she will get through it.

At home, Jesse and Cassandra talk about what he went through. Jesse admits that he has heard stories about Cassandra too. Angie shows Cassandra to her room while Jesse and Frankie follow with her bags.

At the mansion, Adam asks how the stereo could turn itself on and the technician explains that it isn’t possible. Adam tells the man to get out and Colby thanks him. Colby asks Adam if he is sure he heard the song coming from the stereo. JR walks in as Adam says that he heard “You Are My Sunshine” coming from that room. Adam claims that someone is playing tricks on him by playing the song that Dixie used to sing. JR tells Adam to get his head checked out, but Colby says that it is serious. Adam says that there is something wrong with the bar because his drink moved around on it and flew across the room. Colby says that Adam is scaring her. JR suggests that Adam is playing crazy to get something from him and Colby. JR says to leave Dixie out of it. Colby breaks up the argument and suggests that Adam make a phone call. Colby tells JR to knock it off and JR says that he was trying to help Adam, but Adam is playing a number about Dixie. JR tells Colby that Dixie was poisoned and died in that room. JR explains that he spent most of the year he had with Dixie being mad at her for letting him think that she died and that she really did die.

In Zach’s office, he and Aidan discuss the mission. Aidan agrees to help with the mission and says that he needs the name of the victim before he leaves. Zach asks about Greenlee and Aidan says that she will understand.

At the Yacht Club, Jack admits that he has been doing a lot of work. Greenlee says that he needs to find a date for her wedding. Jack and Greenlee discuss Erica and Carmen. Jack says that he is representing Carmen now. Greenlee says that she was hoping that while Erica was in prison, he would open himself to other possibilities. Jack explains that Erica is doing a lot of good things in prison and that she is trying to improve conditions for the inmates and that he is going to help in any way that he can.

Erica talks to herself and tries to figure out what time it is so that she can keep herself busy while she is in solitary. She pretends that she is getting ready to do a show and speaks like she is on camera. Erica explains the 3 rules for surviving being in solitary, don’t eat the food, don’t try to keep track of time and don’t let anxiety win. She starts making jokes and says that talking to yourself is good because it helps to keep your spirits up.

At Fusion, Kendall says that Erica over-worries and that it is a girl thing. Kendall says that she is fine and that the boys miss Josh. Josh says that Zach is sending his own team for the rescue mission and that Zach wants Aidan on the job.

At home, Jesse and Frankie collapse with the bags. Angie tells Cassandra that she can decorate the room herself. Jesse leaves and Angie admits that Jesse was as worried as Cassandra was. Cassandra speaks to Frankie in French and Frankie asks her to translate. Cassandra admits that she was afraid when Frankie went to Iraq.

At the mansion, JR tells Colby that he went to Dixie’s gravesite and talked to her. Colby says that she isn’t sure that Adam lied about hearing the song and assures JR that Adam really believes that these things are happening. Colby says that something is seriously wrong and that it isn’t panic attacks. Adam walks back in and tells JR that Barry would like to discuss the deal for Chandler. JR leaves to take the call. Colby tells Adam that JR is still grieving for Dixie. Adam says that Dixie wasn’t really the angel that everyone thought she was and that Dixie is the reason that JR doesn’t trust him.

Erica tells herself to close her eyes and imagine herself somewhere relaxing. Erica pictures herself sitting in a chair next to Kendall being brought drinks. Erica says that a month in Europe with her daughters is perfect and smiles. She hears Kendall telling her to open her eyes. She puts her hands over her eyes and pictures herself with Jack. Erica opens her eyes again and says that it isn’t working. She sits up and says that she doesn’t know what else to do, but that she can do it. She looks over and says hello.

In his office, Zach tells someone that Aidan has agreed to work on the mission. Kendall walks in and confronts Zach about Aidan being on the rescue mission. Zach says that they have moved on and that he is sending Aidan into a war zone to save a man’s life. They both say that they don’t want anything to happen to Aidan.

At the Yacht Club, Aidan crashes Greenlee’s lunch with Jack. Greenlee shows Aidan the blank check and Aidan asks Jack if he is crazy. Jack gets a call and tells Greenlee that he has to leave, but makes a toast to Greenlee and Aidan first. Jack leaves and Greenlee invites Aidan to stay for lunch. Aidan says that Zach is sending him overseas for a rescue mission. Greenlee says that he isn’t going.

In his office, Zach and Kendall discuss why he is sending Aidan on the rescue mission. Kendall says that Greenlee will never allow Aidan to go.

At the Yacht Club, Greenlee tells Aidan to call Zach and tell him to get someone else, but Aidan says that he can’t back out of the mission. Aidan assures Greenlee that he will come back. She asks him not to go, but he tells her that he can’t allow this guy to die. Aidan promises her that he will come back to her.

At the mansion, JR tells Adam about his talk with Barry. JR leaves and Colby tells Adam that she has to go to the hospital. Adam tells her that he is fine and she leaves. Colby asks JR to get over his anger because Adam needs them.

At home, Frankie promises Cassandra that he will stop scaring them. Angie tells Cassandra that she will feel better after she eats and leaves to check on the chili. Cassandra and Frankie discuss Angie and Jesse’s relationship. Frankie asks about Jacob and Cassandra tells him that Jacob’s great. Cassandra says that she has to see the world so that she has something to write and draw about. Cassandra says that her poems are still top secret and that he can read them when they are published. Cassandra hugs Frankie. Angie and Jesse talk about the possibility that Cassandra likes him. Angie admits that she never thought that they would all be together under one roof.

Erica says that she isn’t supposed to have any visitors and asks a ladybug how it got in. She names the ladybug “Gwen” and admits that she doesn’t know how long she will be in there and that she feels hopeless. Erica says that it is nice to have someone to talk to. The ladybug starts flying and Erica asks it not to leave.

At the Yacht Club, Aidan tells Greenlee that he has to leave before the end of the day and that he will be back before she knows it. He tells her to think about their wedding and assures her that he will come back to her. They kiss and hold each other.

At the mansion, Colby tells JR that she and Adam need him and that she can’t do it alone. She asks him to stay and JR says that he will think about it.

At home, Jesse shows Angie his driver’s license, social security card, passport and letter from the IRS telling him that he has back taxes. He says that he finally got his death certificate to be null and void. Angie tells Jesse that the marriage certificate is missing. Jesse and Angie talk about the right time to have a wedding. Jesse tells her that she can have anything she wants and they start kissing. Cassandra says that lunch isn’t ready yet and that they should go back to her room. Angie announces that her and Jesse are going to be having a wedding and that it will be a celebration of all of them.

At the mansion, Adam starts walking around and looks out the window. He hears music and something hits his face. A picture of Dixie slides off a stand onto the floor.

Erica looks for “Gwen” the ladybug and asks her to come back because she can’t do it alone.

Jack sits in his office and Carmen calls him telling him to come to the prison. Carmen explains that Erica went to see the warden and got put in solitary.

Erica says that the ladybug left her and begs it not to leave her all alone. Erica lays down and starts crying and saying that she can’t do it alone.

In his office, Zach tells someone to hold up the press until after the rescue. Kendall asks Zach not to send Aidan because she has a bad feeling about it and Greenlee walks in and asks Zach why he is trying to get Aidan killed.

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