AMC Update Monday 4/28/08

All My Children Update Monday 4/28/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Angie asks Frankie to put some more pillows on Cassandra’s bed. Jesse and Frankie start mocking Angie. Frankie suggests throwing the pillows out the window and Jesse says that it was nice knowing him. Angie says that she has waited her whole life to have all the people that she loves in one room. Frankie suggests that Angie could explode from too much happiness and she says that they will find out.

Tad talks to someone about tracking down Hazel Morehouse, a nurse who used to work for Greg Madden. Tad asks Tammy to search for any variation on the initials and they hang up. Tad promises that he isn’t going to give up on Kate yet.

Ryan tells Annie that Emma didn’t hear anything about the break in the previous night. Annie tells Ryan that it doesn’t feel like the bad stuff will ever end and tells him that the cops tried to take Emma and him away from her.

Greenlee tells Aidan to get back in bed because she is trying to play housewife and he has ruined it.

Kendall is surprised to see that Zach is still there and he assures her that he is never leaving her. Zach says that it was easy to burn down the house, but it wasn’t easy to explain to the fire department and that zeros are very useful in donations. Kendall suggests that Zach try to retract his offer to Aidan, but Zach assures her that Aidan’s office will be on a different floor than his.

Greenlee tells Aidan that they will have a romantic breakfast and then a sexy dinner and dessert. Aidan suggests that they should get married real soon so that he can spoil her rotten. Greenlee promises never to fall into a bomb shelter again and he promises to never stop looking. Aidan tells her that he has to get going unless she wants him to walk her to her car. Greenlee says that she just wants to kiss him goodbye and wave him off.

Annie tells Ryan that Emma is having a breakfast tea party with her dolls. Ryan says that she should get something to eat. Annie says that she was worried that the reason they fell in love was because he was always looking out for her and that someone broke in and didn’t take anything. Annie tells Ryan that she is fine and that she has asthma. Ryan says that he is going to do everything in his power to make sure that Annie and Emma are safe. Emma comes in and says that it is time for school.

Angie tells Jesse that he doesn’t have to change when he suggests it. Angie worries that Cassandra might not like all the things that she used to anymore. Jesse assures her that Cassandra is coming back for Angie and Frankie and Angie tells him that Cassandra is coming back for him too. Jesse realizes that Angie wants to go get Cassandra by herself and Jesse says that he will finish up getting the place ready. Angie tells Jesse not to mess up the house and tells Frankie to clean his room.

Zach tells Tad and Aidan that he burned down Tad’s cabin because it had to be done.

Greenlee stops the elevator and tells Kendall that they need some privacy. Kendall tells Greenlee that she is fine and that her and Zach are doing okay.

Aidan asks Zach why the cabin had to be burned down and Zach explains that the place held some bad memories for Kendall. Aidan says that it works for him and Tad thanks Zach for the check. Zach asks if there are hard feelings about the cabin or about him stealing Aidan and Tad realizes that Aidan is working for Zach at Cambias now.

Angie picks up Cassandra.

Jesse breaks a plate and Frankie hands him the broom. Jesse admits that he is nervous about meeting Cassandra and calls her a little girl. Frankie says that it is a bad idea to call Cassandra a little girl. Frankie says that little girls can smell fear.

Angie tells Cassandra that she wants to go home and show her off. Cassandra suggests that they wait for a little while because she doesn’t want to sit in the car after sitting on the plane, but Angie suggests that Cassandra is nervous because she doesn’t know what she is walking into.

Zach tells Tad that he thought Aidan mentioned the job offer. Aidan explains that he told Tad, but he didn’t mention that he accepted it. Zach asks Aidan if he wants to reconsider, but Aidan says no. Tad says that there is a drawer full of open cases and a contract between him and Aidan. Zach says that he will let Tad and Aidan work it out and Aidan says that he will see Zach at Cambias. Aidan says that the job has excellent benefits and Tad reminds him that he slept with Kendall.

Greenlee says that okay isn’t good enough. Kendall says that everything she tried to deal with on her own about when Greenlee and Zach were missing came out and that Zach was amazing. Kendall says that she and Zach burned down the cabin on the bomb shelter property because of the memories.

Babe asks Annie what happened to her forehead and Annie says that someone broke into her home the previous night and assures Babe that Emma is fine. Annie admits that she hopes it wasn’t Richie. Annie asks Babe to keep it between them and Babe agrees. Greenlee and Kendall get off the elevator.

Richie tells the doctor that the meds for the Hepatitis A are working and yells at the doctor for giving it to him and JR with the used needle. Opal walks in and Richie tells the doctor that he will be in touch. Opal tells Richie that what she sees in the tarot cards isn’t a definite occurrence and tells him not to push himself too much or walk in front of any busses. Ryan shows up and tells Opal that he remembers her and that he has only forgotten the previous 4 years. Ryan asks about Richie and Opal shows him where Richie is. Richie says that it is great that he could pass Ryan on the street and that Ryan wouldn’t know who he was.

Kendall asks Babe if she has the updates on the Mother’s Day numbers, but Babe says that the numbers aren’t in yet. Annie says that she has put some things together for the Charm presentation for the Asian market. Kendall and Greenlee assure Annie that they trust her and that she is in charge of that pitch.

Ryan tells Richie that someone broke into his home and warns Richie to stay away from his family. Richie says that Ryan doesn’t know whom he is up against and that he isn’t smart enough to be afraid.

Frankie tells Jesse about Cassandra.

Angie tells Cassandra that it is okay to be scared and admits that she is scared. Cassandra says that maybe she is just thirsty. Angie tells Cassandra that she can stay as long as she wants and suggests that they drive past PVU and starts to tell Cassandra about the programs at PVU, but Cassandra says that it is too much, too fast.

Annie thanks Babe for not saying anything about the intruder and says that she is tired of being the drama queen. Annie admits that she wants Ryan to know the “real her” and fall in love with her again. Babe tells Annie that it is history repeating itself and tells her that Ryan can fall in love with her again.

Kendall and Greenlee talk about the path to love and happiness being burning memories. Amanda shows the ladies a tape and they say that no one will see it because it’s not the business model that they want to project.

Tad tells Aidan that it is nuts to work for Zach considering everything that has happened. Aidan says that Kendall will never tell Zach what happened and that she has moved on. Tad asks Aidan what he is going to do when Greenlee finds out what happened. Aidan says that it will be fine, but Tad says that it is never fine when you sleep with a married woman.

Zach and Josh discuss a ransom note. Josh says that they don’t know which one of their guys was grabbed yet, but it was supposedly one of the key players. Zach says that they have to go get this person and bring him back and Josh asks how they are going to do it. Zach tells Josh to see what Sa’man a contact in southern Sudan knows and then lose the number. Josh agrees.

Ryan tells Richie that this is about Annie and Emma. Richie explains what the “old Ryan” would have done. Ryan says that if someone breaks in to his home again, he will remember Richie.

Annie answers the phone. Greenlee says that she has to leave early because she is having lunch with Jack. Greenlee tells Kendall that burning down the cabin was the right thing to do and Kendall agrees.

Tad tells Aidan that he will wait a couple of weeks before subletting Aidan’s half of the desk so that he has some time to reconsider working for Zach. Aidan tells Tad that when he gets a lead on Kate, he will be there working the job. Tad promises “Dixie” that he and Aidan are going to bring Kate home.

Jesse and Frankie argue. Cassandra calls Frankie “Filbert” and Frankie calls her “Dorkas”. Jesse mocks them. Cassandra talks to Frankie and then realizes whom Jesse is.

Richie tells Annie that Ryan came by and assumed that Richie was the intruder. Richie asks Annie if she suggested it.

Ryan says that the break in was proof that it was a good idea to move back in with Annie and Emma.

Annie insists that she never said it was Richie. Richie asks Annie what she is scheming this time.

Kendall, Babe, Amanda and Greenlee talk about the pre-Mother’s Day sales.

Josh tells Zach that they still don’t have a name, but Josh says that he will keep Zach updated. Aidan asks where his office is and Zach explains that Aidan is going on a trip first.

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