AMC Update Friday 4/25/08

All My Children Update Friday 4/25/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Zach and Kendall are outside looking at the cabin burn. They walk around the grounds, than find the hole to the bomb shelter. Zach tells Kendall that when he fell through the hole he thought that he had fallen into hell. He regrets having that argument with her at the hospital, and leaving. She says that she was at fault, because she was acting illogical. Kendall says that it is all over now, then they hug.

Jesse’s coffin is opened, and a stuff elephant is inside. Jesse brought the elephant for Frankie the day he was shot. It was the last thing he brought for Frankie. The police gave Jesse’s effects, which included the elephant, to Angie. Angie gave the elephant to Frankie, and he took it to the funeral. They do not know who put it in the coffin.

Erica is in prison where teen singers who had been guests on “New Beginnings” are having a “Free Erica Kane” demonstration. The B5's sing "Erika Cain," a song they wrote for her.

Jesse, Angie, Tad, and Frankie talk about Papel and try to figure out what was he looking for in the coffin. Jesse intends to destroy the tombstone. Tad stays at the gravesite to visit Dixie’s grave.

Zach rummage through the ashes, and burns his hand. Kendall frantically calls his name. She asks him what is he doing, but he does not speak. She ask him why would he hurt himself, but he is in a daze. She is so concerned that she begins to kiss his hand. They kiss each other then go home.

A guard comes to get Erica to take her to see the warden. Carmen tells her not to go, because in every TV show she watched where the warden privately meet the inmate, it never turns out well. She urges Erica to call Jack. Erica ignores her warnings.

Adam falls asleep on his sofa, but when he wakes up, all the buttons on his shirt are missing. JR comes into the room, and Adam explained what happened. JR teases him about it. They begin to argue about Adam’s treatment of Krystal and withholding of evidence about Kate. Adam tells JR that his relationship with Krystal is none of his business. JR tells Adam that Dixie must be pissed off at how Adam used Kate to interfere with Tad and Krystal’s marriage.

Angie, Jesse, and Frankie return home, but Tad visit Dixie’s grave. He whispers to the grave that he misses her. He tells Dixie that he made a promise to find Kate, and he will find her. He asks for Dixie’s help to find their little girl. He looks to the sky, and a cool breeze blows.

Uncle Robert arrives at Tad’s home. He is curious about what was found in the coffin. After he is told that they found nothing, he leaves abruptly. Before leaving, he pretends to pick something up from the floor, but plant a listening device underneath a chair. Frankie does not understand Tad’s dislike of Robert. He is thankful that Robert saved Colby’s, and his life. Jesse tells Frankie about Robert’s brother Ray, and how mean he was to Tad as a child.

Tad see the concerned look on Angie’s face then ask is she alright? Angie confesses that the elephant put into the coffin was not the elephant that Jesse brought. Cassandra had an elephant that was lost. Angie replaced it with the one Jesse brought, than brought another one for Frankie. When Cassandra went to college the elephant was given away to a charity.

Erica is introduced to the warden who says, “I finally meet Erica Kane”. She tells Erica that she has a fan base, but the guards are outside dismantling the crowd. She hears that Erica is offering her services to the inmates, and that she calls Samuel Woods, and Jackson Montgomery regularly. Erica explained that celebrities give her access to media, and Jackson is her ex-husband. The warden says calling in the cavalry implies that she is not doing her job.

Jesse wants to try and find the elephant. Angie stops Jesse, and tells him that the elephant is gone so they must accept that.

Krystal asks Jesse to help Tad find his daughter. Jesse is a miracle so maybe finding Kate will be a miracle as well. Tad thinks that Dixie would love some help from an old friend.

The warden strongly suggests that Erica give up helping the women, because she has no idea what she is doing. She tells Erica that she is creating resentment by using the press for publicity. She knows that Erica has had threats. And since her job is to protect Erica, she will be put her into protective custody until the threats are diffused. Erica is put into solitary confinement.

Kendall tends to Zach burnt hand. She rubs the hand with antiseptic. She begins to touch and caress him, he does the same to her. They make love. As Kendall is sleeping, Zach reviews a file on Aidan Devane.

Cassandra calls Angie to tell her she is coming to Pine Valley. She wants to meet Jesse, a living legend. She is shown packing a stuff elephant!

Robert listens to the Hubbards' conversation. He feels cheated and calls Angie stupid for getting rid of the elephant. He promises that the Hubbards will not cheat him.

Adam hears the stereo playing “You Are My Sunshine.” It turned on by itself. He pours himself a drink, but the glass is knocked out of his hand by a force. The glass hits the fireplace then breaks. Adam thinks he is going crazy!

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