AMC Update Thursday 4/24/08

All My Children Update Thursday 4/24/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Ryan tells the therapist that he and Greenlee had a good time together yesterday. Greenlee is the only one that does not expect him to remember immediately. The therapist is curious about Greenlee and Ryan’s relationship. Ryan tells the therapist that with Greenlee there are no expectations to remember anything like there is with everyone else. The therapist says, “Like Annie”? Ryan says, “Yeah”.

Julia and Kathy come over to Annie’s for a play date with Emma. Julia notices Ryan clothes lying around. Annie tells her that Ryan is back, and they will all be one big happy family, not. She and Julia discuss her situation. Annie tells Julia she doesn't know what Ryan feels, or if he has any feelings at all for her.

Jack and Samuel Woods are at the prison to see Erica, and Carmen. Erica needs both of them in order to carry out her plan. Erica tells them her plan to help the women in the prison. Samuel Woods is presented with her plan in the form of a list; he read thru it, than ask Erica does she expect things on the list to be completed by the end of the week. Erica tells him that she want him to be aware of the injustices in the prison. Her first request for Jack is to be Carmen's attorney. She quotes Abraham Lincoln on public opinion.

Kendall nags and coaxes Zach to talk to her about her affair; she wants to hear his true feelings about it. Zach insists that Kendall does not want the truth; he doesn’t want to tell the truth, because it will hurt her. He insists on holding it together for their family, and their love. He believes he must accept what she did, and move on. Kendall insists that Zach cannot move on or hold it together without her. Zach insists that he has moved on, but she wants to hold on to it.

Zach in scenes powerfully delivered, asks her what does she want to know, how he feel knowing that Aidan's grubby hands were on her perfect skin. Zach tells her that it feels like a knife in his throat over and over again, and that it's in his mind every day. He can’t get the image out of his mind; if he had known that the image would stay in his mind, he would have chosen to stay in the hole in the ground. He asks what memories does she want him to hold onto, because there is no room for the memories of Aidan and her having grief sex.

The therapist asks Ryan what he remembers since their last session. The only person Ryan now feels comfortable with is Greenlee.

Kendall feels Zach’s pain and leaves; Zach follows her to the cabin in the woods. She has a gas can, and is attempting to light a fire. He asks if she needs a hand with it? She says she has no place to put her regret, so she has to destroy it. Now she has to let it go. There is a flashback of “grief sex”. They strike a match intending to set the shack, where she and Aidan made love, on fire.

Tad and Jesse are wondering what is buried in that coffin, and wants to know who is buried there since it is not Jesse. Jesse mentions that whatever is in the coffin may not be a person. Frankie tells Angie how he just wants to go home, and get back to their lives. Angie says if they don’t she will not know what to do. Lurking around the cemetery, Robert holds up a large diamond and promises someone on the phone that by the end of the day, he'll have the biggest diamond ever.

Erica asks for support on her plan. Samuel Woods gets a phone call, than excuse himself. Jack asks Erica if she is OK. She is fine. Erica, and Carmen tell Jack about the note Erica received. Erica insists that she wants to help the women in prison, and asks Jack how he feels about Carmen. Jack tries to tell her, but Erica keeps interrupting. Carmen tells her to shut up, because Jack has something to say. Jack had already decided to take Carmen’s case.

Angie cries when they pull the coffin out of the ground!

Jack asks Carmen about her background. She tells him about being an only child, and other details.

Samuel Woods asks Erica if she has told the warden about her plans, Erica answers, no. Samuel Woods calls the warden, a right wing hard-ass. Erica says she knows.

Annie has flashbacks of Ryan, and she. She slips on a lunch box than hit her head on a bookshelf. She starts up the stairs than fall. Her head start to bleed. Ryan is at the door asking to be let in, because he does not have his keys. She opens the door, and he asks what happened after seeing the blood on her head. Annie decides to lie, than she tells him that someone broke into their home while Emma and she were upstairs. She heard the intruders, but when she came downstairs, they had left. Ryan goes into protective mode.

Kendall tells Zach that the cabin is where she lost everything, and she is taking it back.

Uncle Robert has been lurking in the background at the cemetery holding a gun, even though police are present.

Erica asks for Jack and Samuel Woods to buy-in to her plan. They both agree to help out.

Zach asks Kendall if she is ready? She says she is. They light the shack on fire, than watch the blaze. Zach says OK. The shack burns down along with everything in it. Then they recommit to one another saying "Always, only us". They have a passionate kiss.

Angie is upset at seeing Jesse's coffin, because the last time she saw it, she was saying goodbye to him. Robert points the gun at Jesse as they open the coffin.


The Hubbards are back home, and Angie is sitting on the couch, when Tad asks if she is all right; Angie says she has a confession to make.

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