AMC Update Wednesday 4/23/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 4/23/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At home, Kendall tells Zach that they need some alone time and that they are going to take a trip, just the two of them. Zach says no and Kendall suggests that they go to London, but Zach says that they aren’t going anywhere.

At the Comeback, Ryan tells Greenlee to consider carrying magazines that weigh less than she does. Ryan comments on a dress in the magazine and Greenlee says that it is the same dress she wore at their wedding.

At the Chandler Mansion, Adam says that he doesn’t get panic attacks. JR asks Adam what is wrong and Adam says that there is something serious wrong.

At home, Angie and Jesse talk about him going to the gravesite. She says that she is worried about Frankie, but Jesse says that Frankie will be fine. Frankie walks in and asks them to call him Franklin and Angie agrees. Frankie tells them that he delivered twin girls before the OB-GYN got off the elevator. Jesse tells Frankie that his grave is being dug up that day.

At the Comeback, Ryan apologizes and tells Greenlee that she looks beautiful in everything. Greenlee admits that she was only joking and Ryan confronts her about playing with a guy who has amnesia. Greenlee starts apologizing and Ryan says that he got her back good. Ryan asks about the wedding plans. Ryan says that he is moving back in to the penthouse with Emma and Annie, but in separate bedrooms. Ryan admits that he is happy and Greenlee suggests that they celebrate by her kicking Ryan’s butt.

At home, Kendall tells Zach that everything can wait, but they need alone time. Zach says that they need alone time at home with their family and friends. Kendall tells Zach about her dream. Zach says that there is another reason that they aren’t going anywhere.

At home, Jesse and Frankie talk about what could be in the coffin and about the police digging it up. Frankie asks about the funeral home and Jesse explains that the funeral home burned down a few months after his “death.” Angie tells Frankie that she and Jesse are going to the gravesite when it is dug up and Frankie announces that he is going to be there when the coffin gets dug up because he was there when it was put in the ground.

At the mansion, Adam explains that no one is to know about their conversation and JR admits that he is starting to get worried. JR asks Adam if he is dying.

At home, Tad says that he can’t find one of Jenny’s toys and Krystal explains that it is in the washer. Krystal realizes that Tad is upset about her going to see Adam in the hospital, but Tad says that he is just sick of things disappearing around there. Tad tells Krystal that he has to watch someone dig up a grave.

At home, Jesse looks out the window. Angie, Jesse and Frankie leave the house.

At home, Zach tells Kendall that they would just be running away. Kendall says that she needs time to clear her mind. Zach says that they have to face it and Kendall says that she is too tired to keep fighting. Zach says that Greenlee is already suspicious. Zach says that everything is going to be fine and Kendall says that she can’t keep the lie up. Rachel brings the boys in.

At the Comeback, Greenlee and Ryan play a videogame. Ryan tries to cheat, but Greenlee wins. Greenlee says that Ryan’s memories of her are coming back because she always says what she wants and that she is more fun. Greenlee says that she is happy that Ryan remembers her.

At home, Tad and Krystal talk about Jesse’s grave getting dug up. Tad admits that everything always has to do with Kate.

At the mansion, Adam says that he isn’t dying and tells JR that he needs his help because Chandler is in trouble.

At the Comeback, Ryan says that Annie is pretty much okay with him remembering things about Kendall and Greenlee. Ryan asks Greenlee to tell him more about his past. She tells him about pretending to be a “hotel critic” so that they could get a great room at a hotel without having to pay for it. Greenlee asks about his arrangement with Annie and Ryan tells her that Emma had an allergic reaction to a bug bite the previous night. Greenlee tells him that he is the best dad in the world. Ryan apologizes for the things he did on the video that Zach showed him and tells her that maybe her and Aidan will have kids. Greenlee says that maybe she can be just as happy without kids.

At home, Rachel leaves the boys with Kendall and Zach while she draws the bath water. Kendall tells Zach that their conversation isn’t over and Zach tells her to enjoy the kids.

At the mansion, Adam admits that he isn’t on the top of his game anymore and that he lost a major deal on his own. Adam asks JR for help with the company and that he is the only person Adam trusts.

At the cemetery, a police officer tells Jesse that the area is closed off, but Tony, the forensics technician tells the officer that the man standing in front of them is the same one that they are digging up. Jesse introduces Tony to his family. Frankie tells Jesse about the day of his funeral. Frankie remembers talking to his mom about crying after Jesse’s funeral and tells Jesse that he knew nothing would be the same without him. Frankie and Angie talk about what they did after the funeral and Angie tells him about what gave her strength through the years. Angie tells Jesse that when she came back to Pine Valley, she had come to terms with love not coming her way again. Angie and Jesse look at Dixie’s grave.

At home, Tad tells Krystal that he has failed Dixie by not finding Kate yet. Krystal assures Tad that he has done everything that he can, but Tad says that if he had, Kate would be there with him now.

At the mansion, JR admits that he didn’t expect it. Colby walks in and says that she has been doing research on panic attacks. JR tries to stop Colby as she describes them, but she keeps talking. JR says that she is making Adam uptight. JR tells Colby to wreck a yacht or steal a car or something and Colby tells JR to have himself kidnapped again and do it right this time. Colby and JR argue about who is doing what to Adam. Adam starts laughing and says that he is enjoying the show and he was wondering when things were going to start getting back together.

At the Comeback, Greenlee says that at one time all she could think about was having Ryan’s baby because she thought it could save him. Greenlee admits that it was mostly about him and not about having a child because she was obsessed with herself. Ryan tells her that people change and that they both have. Greenlee admits that she likes the way her life is right now, with Aidan and being Spike’s aunt.

At home, Kendall tells Ian that it is naptime. Rachel takes Ian to put him down and Zach says that Spike is squeaky clean. Kendall says that they need to finish their conversation. Zach says that they aren’t going anywhere, but Kendall says that things will never be right if they don’t get to spend some time alone. Zach closes his eyes and Kendall yells at him and he says that they are having a disagreement and neither of them can change their minds.

At the mansion, Colby admits that she got carried away and apologizes. JR explains that he and Adam were just having a normal business conversation because JR wanted Adam’s opinion about a potential investment. Colby tells them to play nice and leaves. Adam admits that he now realizes that JR is battling the drinking “disease” and that he is battling his own disease, panicking for no reason. JR tells Adam that taking a break from running the world isn’t weakness, but Adam says that he thinks he might need more than a break.

At home, Krystal tells Tad that digging up the coffin could leave more questions. Tad says that he doesn’t like the idea of going, but he doesn’t want Jesse to go through it on his own.

At the cemetery, Jesse and Angie talk about Dixie.

At the Comeback, Greenlee and Ryan play the video game again. Ryan says that he is late for an appointment. Ryan and Greenlee get ready to leave and she tells him to go ahead because she can handle it. Ryan tells her that there will be a rematch soon and she tells him that he can have his rematch anytime. Ryan leaves.

At home, Kendall tells Zach that they need to be isolated to dig deep into the problem and that he is trying to surround them with daily distractions. She says that they need the drastic intervention like when he snatched her off of Greg Madden’s island. Kendall throws a glass of ice water at Zach.

At the mansion, JR tells Adam that he will be fine. Adam says that he needs JR. JR says that whatever Adam needs, he is there to help.

At the cemetery, Tony tells Jesse that it could take a while to get the casket up. Frankie offers to take Angie home, but she says that they are there as a family. Angie takes their hands and prays.

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