AMC Update Tuesday 4/22/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 4/22/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

In the prison laundry room, Carmen and Erica discuss their new mission. Carmen says that she has a headache and that she needs a man.

Jack wakes up and grabs a picture of him and Erica. He sits back down on the bed and stares at it.

Ryan sleeps on the couch and Annie almost touches him, but pulls her hand back. Ryan wakes up.

Kendall wakes up and sees Aidan, Greenlee and Zach in bed with her. She wakes up from her dream and sees herself alone in her bed.

In the laundry room, Erica and Carmen talk about Jack. Erica claims that Jack is her attorney and he is doing his job. Carmen suggests that Erica thinks about him at night and that she still wants Jack really bad.

Annie asks Ryan what he wants for breakfast, but he tells her that he isn’t hungry. She pours him a glass of juice and he asks about Emma. They talk about Emma and Annie thanks Ryan for helping Emma the previous night. Annie suggests that Ryan take Emma to school and he agrees. He gets up to clean up and bumps into her. Annie tells Ryan not to try to force himself into falling in love with her again.

At home, Greenlee talks to someone about the Charm perfume and the ads for Mother’s Day. She says that she has to go and kisses Aidan. Greenlee suggests that they go tell Jack the good news, but Aidan says that it isn’t going to happen.

At home, Kendall says that she was supposed to visit Erica. Zach tells her to slow down and asks her what is wrong. Kendall says that they had the evening from hell the previous night. Kendall says that Greenlee probably knows that she was hiding something. Zach tells Kendall to go see Erica. Kendall says that nothing feels right and asks when they will feel right again.

In the laundry room, Erica admits that she misses Jack as a friend. Carmen thinks that there is more to the story and says that she wants details about Erica’s life. Erica explains her history with Jack. Carmen tells Erica that she is a fool for walking away from Jack.

At home, Annie and Ryan talk about Emma. Annie suggests that Ryan should move back home and says that she could clean out the guest room and they could tell Emma that daddy is coming home. Emma runs over to Ryan and says that daddy is coming home.

At home, Zach tells Kendall to believe in them. He leaves to check on the boys before going to work. Kendall sits down on the bed.

At Greenlee’s apartment, Aidan says that he is going to see Jack alone. Greenlee says that there is someone else they have to tell about their engagement and grabs the tiger that he got her. Greenlee says that Kendall was being weird the previous night. Aidan says that he has an important meeting to get to and leaves. Greenlee picks up the phone and calls Zach. She asks him to meet her so they can talk about the previous night.

Kendall visits Erica in jail. Erica explains that she is attempting to help her fellow inmates and Kendall admits that Zach knows about her affair with Aidan and she doesn’t know how to fix it.

At the Comeback, Greenlee meets with Zach. She brings some wedding magazines. Greenlee asks Zach to help her pick out a tux for Aidan. Greenlee asks what was going on with him and Kendall the previous night and Zach tries to play it off as Kendall was happy about Greenlee’s engagement. Greenlee asks him if his relationship with Kendall is in trouble.

In the visitor’s room, Kendall tells Erica that Zach knew before she told him. Kendall explains everything to Erica and Erica says that anyone could have done something like that in the situation that Kendall and Aidan were in. Kendall asks Erica how to fix it and says that Zach wants to move on too quickly.

At the Comeback, Zach claims that he and Kendall had an argument before dinner and that they worked it out, but Greenlee tells Zach that she wants to know what the big secret is.

Jack meets Aidan at Tad’s office. Aidan looks at some cue cards and gives a kind of speech. Aidan asks for Jack’s blessing in his wedding to Greenlee.

At the Comeback, Zach explains that every relationship hits a rough patch and that it started when they got out of the bunker. Zach says that he is working on it. Greenlee asks if there is anything she can do or that maybe Aidan can help. Zach says that he and Kendall have to work it out.

In the visitor’s room, Kendall tells Erica that Zach has put it out of his mind and Erica says that she has to let Zach deal with it his own way. Erica assures Kendall that she did what she thought was right. Kendall says that telling the truth has made things worse and that she doesn’t think that Zach can move on.

At home, Annie apologizes for Emma hearing her say that daddy was coming home. Ryan says that after he drops Emma off at school, he will move back in. Ryan says that they will start as good friends and that he will be there if she needs him.

In the visitor’s room, Erica tells Kendall that Zach loves her and that things won’t change between her and Zach. Erica tells Kendall to move on with Zach. Kendall says that Greenlee and Aidan are engaged and Erica says that she can lie to Greenlee about this. Kendall doesn’t understand how they can stop Greenlee from finding out what happened.

At the Comeback, Greenlee and Zach discuss what has happened to them since they were in the bunker. Greenlee thanks Zach for helping her to get Aidan back.

In the visitor’s room, the guard comes over and tells Erica that their time is almost up. Kendall says that Greenlee is going to get crushed and Erica changes the subject back to Zach hiring Aidan. Kendall tells Erica about her dream. Erica tells Kendall to forgive herself for what happened so that she can truly be happy. Erica leaves the visitor’s room and Kendall sits there crying.

At the Comeback, Greenlee and Zach look at wedding magazines. Greenlee says that the wedding is a miracle. Zach and Greenlee embrace and Zach tells her to enjoy her wedding. Kendall calls Zach and tells him to meet her at home because she needs him.

At home, Annie looks at the photo album from her wedding to Ryan and remembers what Ryan said. She says that she doesn’t want to be friends and that she wants her husband back. She says that she will get her husband back.

Zach gets home to find Kendall pulling things out of the closet. She tells him that they are leaving, just the two of them.

In the laundry room, Erica walks back over to Carmen and says that she was visiting Kendall. Carmen walks away and Erica tells the guard that she needs to see her attorney about something urgent.

At Tad’s office, Jack welcomes Aidan to the family.

Greenlee gets ready to leave The Comeback and walks into Ryan.

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