AMC Update Monday 4/21/08

All My Children Update Monday 4/21/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Angie walks into Tad’s office and tells Jesse that his life isn’t buried in his grave and that he isn’t going to his grave. Tad tells Angie that the police are digging up the coffin and Angie asks Jesse not to go, but Jesse claims that he has to know what is buried in the coffin.

In the laundry room, other inmates confront Erica and Carmen.

At ConFusion, Greenlee tries to take another picture because she doesn’t like the one that has already been taken. Kendall remembers talking to Zach about Greenlee finding out about Kendall and Aidan's affair. Greenlee says that they are lucky. Greenlee pours more champagne and comments on the friendships between the four of them. Greenlee suggests that Kendall and Zach join them on their honeymoon, but Aidan disagrees. Greenlee suggests that they take family vacations and Zach proposes a toast to Aidan and comments on Greenlee’s sense of humor and favorite foods. Kendall starts crying and Greenlee confronts her and says that there are no tears allowed.

In the hospital, Frankie sits down on a bed and Colby comes in. She asks him how she can help Adam to stop having panic attacks. Frankie says that she and Adam are both pains in the butt. Colby asks Frankie what it is like when your dad dies.

At Tad’s office, Angie and Jesse argue about what it could help by having him go to the gravesite. Tad and Rob walk outside and Tad confronts Rob about pushing Jesse. Rob says that he is going to help Jesse as much as he can.

In the laundry room, Erica pulls Carmen back. An inmate shows Erica a picture of her daughter and explains that she hasn’t seen her daughter in 9 months. The inmate says that Erica is going to help her, but Erica doesn’t understand how she can help. The other inmates tell Erica that she is going to make things happen for them and that Erica is going to do for them what she is doing for Carmen. They explain that Erica is going to help them or there will be hell to pay and that they want their new beginnings. Erica tells them that they could have just asked for her help.

At ConFusion, Kendall says that she is happy for Aidan and Greenlee. Kendall says that the next round is on her and gets up. Zach says that Kendall has had a long day. Aidan asks Zach how long he gets for his honeymoon, but Greenlee says that she would like some nuts. Aidan walks up to the bar and confronts Kendall. Kendall says that she won’t tell Greenlee about their one night affair.

In the hospital, Frankie tells Colby that he would be luckier if he could get some sleep. Colby tells Frankie that she knows her dad won’t live forever, but she wants him around for as long as possible. Frankie sits up and tells her that everyone dies, but you can put it off as long as possible. Frankie says that he won’t let anyone die again.

At Tad’s office, Rob and Tad walk back inside. Rob apologizes to Angie. Rob leaves. Angie suggests that they go home, but realizes that Jesse was giving her “the look” and Jesse asks Angie what it will hurt.

At ConFusion, Zach and Greenlee talk about Aidan. Greenlee tells Zach why she loves Aidan so much. Aidan comes back with the bowl of nuts. Zach leaves to help Kendall. Greenlee thinks that something is going on with Kendall and vows to find out what it is. Greenlee keeps talking about Kendall and suggests that maybe she is pregnant. Aidan starts kissing Greenlee. Zach and Kendall talk at the bar and Zach says that Greenlee deserves this. Zach suggests that they go back to the table and celebrate. They turn and walk back to the table. Greenlee toasts to Kendall and Zach's love.

In the laundry room, Erica takes notes about what the other inmates want. Erica says that she can absolutely help them all get their new beginnings.

At ConFusion, Greenlee talks about her wedding plans. Zach suggests that he and Kendall go home to see the boys and they get ready to leave. Greenlee asks Zach if Kendall is okay and Zach says that all Kendall needs is a good nights sleep. Greenlee comments on Kendall’s strange behavior and Aidan starts kissing Greenlee’s neck.

At Tad’s office, Jesse and Angie discuss why he should be at the gravesite when the coffin is dug up. Tad stands up and tells Jesse that he has come up with enough possibilities of what is buried in the coffin. Tad says that Jesse has to be at the cemetery in case there is someone out there waiting for information about someone who might be buried in the coffin. Angie tells Jesse that there will not be answers in the coffin and that there will only be more questions.

In the hospital, Colby brings Frankie some coffee. They discuss the differences between them.

In the laundry room, Erica explains that she is going to find a way to get everyone their new beginning. Everyone is very happy and Sherry thanks Erica. They all leave and Erica tells Carmen that it went well.

At home, Kendall gets ready for bed and Zach comes in. She asks if they are okay and he kisses her. They keep kissing and they lay down on the bed.

In the hospital, Colby asks Frankie how it feels to be living with his parents. She explains that she got accepted to a school far away and Adam wants her to go. Colby says that she doesn’t ever want to leave. Frankie gets paged and thanks her for the coffee. She tells him to go save some lives and he leaves.

Angie walks around Tad’s office and finally agrees to let Jesse go to his gravesite and Jesse thanks her. Angie explains that she is going to be there with him. Angie says that if Jesse is going, so is she and Jesse agrees.

In his room, Rob talks to someone about a stone and about Jesse’s participation in helping Rob find another one.

In the laundry room, Erica and Carmen discuss what happened there. Erica explains that she is going to do everything she can do to help everyone.

Greenlee and Aidan kiss in the elevator and outside her apartment. She opens the door and he carries her inside.

At home, Zach and Kendall lay cuddled together.

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