AMC Update Friday 4/18/08

All My Children Update Friday 4/18/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Jesse now knows where to start looking and how to piece together the last twenty years of his life. He wants to start with his grave. He wants Tad assistance, but Tad has had enough.

Erica gets laundry duty. The guard who gives her instructions is very rude. Erica asks if they want to utilize her talents doing laundry duty. The guard tells her yes, and she does know that she is Erica Kane, because she keeps reminding everyone. Carmen was given laundry detail as well, and volunteered to do coloreds. Erica will do whites.

Kendall is at Fusion with Greenlee. Greenlee senses that something is wrong with Kendall, because of her reaction when Greenlee tries to call Zach. Greenlee asked Kendall out for dinner, but Kendall claimed that Zach has a meeting.

Zach tells Aidan that he is confusing him, because at first he rejected the job as chief of Security for Cambias and now he wants to work for Cambias. Aidan tells Zach that if he doesn’t want him to work for him, or if he changed his mind to let him know. As a friend, he also wants to know why. Zach agrees that as a friend he should explain himself. He does not think that Cambias is the right place for Aidan. The chief of security would spend a lot of time with Zach, and he want to know if that is OK with Aidan. Aidan mentions that he understand that Zach would need somebody he could trust. Zach look at Aidan with disdain, then pats him on the shoulder and said, “I can trust you, right?”

Annie tells Ryan that he is trying so hard to love her. She tells him that the beach was the one place they would go to feel safe. The sand offered comfort for them. Emma runs up and gives her daddy a shell. Ryan encourages her to find one for her mom. Annie tells Ryan that there is no pressure for him to remember her. She gives him sand, and tells him he needs to relax.

Erica explains to Carmen that she thinks her time would be better utilized with another assignment other than washing old rags. She disagrees that she constantly reminds people who she is. She tells Carmen that Samuel Woods came to see her, and will try to help free Carmen. Carmen is skeptical. She thinks the senator is trying to impress Erica, because he has the hots for her. She say, “You are Erica Kane; you make things happen”.

Angie and Krystal meet for coffee. Angie asks if Krystal is OK. Krystal is surprised that she asked about her since she is the one saving lives all day. Krystal asks if Angie is OK. Angie mentions that Krystal has spent the entire day with someone she cares about, Adam. She noticed that Krystal was really concerned about Adam and wants to know if Tad knows about Krystal’s feelings for Adam. Angie is asking, because she is curious. Krystal wants to know if she is concerned or curious. Krystal’s concerned for about is for his children. She doesn’t want him to die. Angie wants Tad to be happy, because he is an amazing man. Krystal speaks about him as if they are roommates not spouse.

Jesse tells Tad that something has to be in his casket that will explain everything. Tad believes that Jesse is reaching. Jesse ask Tad if he will he help, and Tad answers, “No, hell no”.

Zach answers his phone, “Slater here”. Greenlee replies, “Smythe Devane here”. Greenlee mentions wanting to celebrate; she asks him to give up his meeting to have dinner with her, Kendall and Aidan. Zach says that he will cancel the meeting mentioned by Kendall. He says, “What are friends for”. Kendall is surprised when Zach accepts. Kendall reminds Zach of his meeting but he ignores her, than say goodbye. Aidan accepts as well.

Carmen tells Erica that the inmates are jealous of her connections. She meets with Jack, her husband and lawyer. She meets with a senatorial candidate, Samuel woods. Erica has people in her corner, but the inmates do not. Carmen suggests that she blend in more, and cool it on the contacts’ visits. Erica tells her the inmates will have to do a lot more to scare her than leave a note.

Krystal asks about Jesse. Angie says he is doing great, and he is starting to let go.

Tad advises Jesse to stop digging for more trouble. He refuses to help. Jesse tells him tat Uncle Robert agrees with him on digging up his grave. Jesse likes Robert, because he saved Frankie’s (his son) life. Tad tells Jesse that he feels from the bottom of his heart that there is something wrong with Robert.

Annie thinks that Ryan did good with Emma. She suggests that Ryan not push his memories, because they will happen. She says, “It is my turn to wait”.

Greenlee want to know why did Kendall freak out on her when she told her she was engaged. Kendall says that Zach surprised her about dinner. Greenlee asks, “When is your husband ever predictable?” Kendall changes the subject, then leave to call Zach. She asks if Aidan is there and can he talk, he says yes. She suggest that they not have dinner since everyone there, except Greenlee, will know about the one nightstand. He responds, “Everything is fine. See you later.”

Angie asks Krystal if Tad is starting to lighten up on Uncle Robert. She understands that Robert reminds Tad of his father, Ray Gardner. Derek calls Angie on her phone. Krystal tells Angie to leave and find Jesse.

Robert comes to Tad’s office, and Tad asks him what the hell is he doing there. Robert supports Jesse’s plan to dig up his grave and he came to share something with Jesse regarding the police. Police Chief, Derek Frye calls Jesse to tell him that he intends to dig up his grave.

Something bit Emma on the beach, and she got a shot. Ryan tells Annie that he does not remember, but he has not felt the pain that he felt when he saw Emma hurt. He knows without a doubt that he loves Emma.

Kendall, and Greenlee prepare to leave then remember that they are expecting high school girls from the mentoring program. The elevator opens and high school teenage visitors arrive to speak with the founders of Fusion. They ask about the company’s history, and its direction. They interview Kendall and Greenlee. Greenlee tells them the story about Aidan and Kendall rescuing her and Zach from the hole. She shows them the ring she received from her rescuer. The girls found it romantic. The girls said, “Fusion fused Kendall and Greenlee together for life”.

Zach tells Aidan that Greenlee is excited about giving him his watch. Aidan is shocked about the price. Zach notes that his fiancé has expensive taste. The watch puts the pressure on Aidan. Zach hands him a drink and says, “Welcome to Cambias”. Aidan cannot believe it. Zach says, “I wouldn’t lie to you”. Zach is giving rude glances, and showing dark attitudes.

Carmen warns Erica to be careful, because there are gangs in jail. Erica tells her that she has been in jail before, and she has done a “New Beginnings” show on gangs. Carmen warns her to watch her back because if she run into the wrong person she will have no place to hide. A gang member and some of her crew come up to Erica, and ask if she got their note. Erica asks, “Can I help you”. The gang member replied, “You can, and you will”.

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