AMC Update Thursday 4/17/08

All My Children Update Thursday 4/17/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita


JR and Babe arrive at the hospital, and ask Krystal about Adam. Krystal says that it looks like it was some kind of heart attack, and asks Angie for an update, but Angie still doesn't know anything. They hear Adam screaming at someone in the background, and Angie says, "It doesn't sound like he's at death's door just yet." She leaves to check on him.

Frankie tells Adam to hold still so that he can draw blood. Adam wants another attendant because he wants someone who's done this before, not someone who still gets crayons with his menu. Angie draws the blood for Frankie. Adam asks Angie if she is letting her kid play doctor. Adam believes their examination is a waste of time.

Ryan is working on his motorcycle when Annie arrives. Ryan laughs, and says that he must have learned something about how to make repairs during the past four years, because something is working. He invites Annie to help him work on his bike, and she joins him.

Greenlee talks to Aidan about the wedding guest list. Aidan says his list will be short. Greenlee says that she has everything, because she has him and Kendall. They are excited about their future wedding.

Kendall is dreaming about her confession to Zech. She's remembers him telling her that she doesn’t trust him at all. She wakes up, and finds Zech holding a cup of tea, and standing in the doorway. The tea is for Kendall, who now realizes how late it is. He wanted to let her sleep. He starts to go to the office as Kendall tries to stop him. She wants to talk, but he wants to put the one nightstand behind them. She asks him how can she keep the secret from Greenlee now that it's out. Zach thinks that it's Aidan's call whether or not Greenlee finds out. Kendall thinks it will be difficult to see her everyday at work. Zach doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt. He suggests that she put it out of her mind, because he has. Kendall asks Zach if he has really put it out of his mind. She had a dream where she actually felt all of his deep pain, and there was anger in his voice as he walked away from her; she lost him. Zach says, "Well, leaving you is not an option. Not now, not ever. I'm not going anywhere."

Aidan asks Greenlee what is her idea is of a perfect wedding. She says a beautiful setting, magical music, and then a kick-ass band at the reception with glorious flowers. She likes fireworks to light up the night. She knows how to do it right now, and she won't make the same mistakes again. They talk about Ryan, but Greenlee says that their conversations need to be about the two of them, and not about Ryan.

Ryan and Annie are celebrating fixing the bike. Ryan thanks her, and says that she is now officially a grease monkey. She asks if he remembers when they first met, and then stops herself. Ryan says it's okay, that he's enjoying getting to know her all over again.

Dr. Martin and Tad are having lunch together. The doc has been a little concerned about Tad lately, because he's look stressed. Jesse's return from the dead has caused Tad to do some thinking about Dixie. Joe says that they all miss Dixie, but her ghost probably isn't the only one keeping Tad up at night. Tad would pay good money to find out what Ray Gardner's brother is doing hanging around Pine Valley, since his case is closed, and he's retired from the FBI. Tad wonders what could he possibly want from all of them.

Krystal tells Babe that Adam is frustrating, because he thinks he's Superman. Angie tells the gathered family that she needs some additional information, but that Adam won't cooperate. If someone in the family saw Adam's attack, she wants them to come with her. They all follow. Angie, Krystal, JR, Colby, Babe, and Frankie are all now gathered by Adam's bed. Adam says, "Well, if you're here for my death watch, you'd better pitch a tent for a few years." JR tells Adam that his illness is his "own damn fault." He tells Adam that he never listens to his own doctors, or his family. Angie begins to ask the family about Adam's routines and habits. Adam argues with all of their answers. He says he has a virus, and if there's any justice in this world, he just infected all of them. Angie says she doubts that it's a virus. If it is confirmed to be what she think it is, he better stop being so flip about things, and start taking his health a little more seriously."

Greenlee give Aidan a gorgeous expensive watch. He got her a ring for her, so he deserves something too. Greenlee says that she can afford it, and that Aidan is marrying into " Big bucks." Aidan admires his watch, and tells Greenlee that he loves it. He says that it's the most generous gift anyone has ever given him. He says that they haven't discussed the money thing yet. Greenlee says, "I have a lot! Lucky you!" Aidan doesn't care about the money. Aidan tells Greenlee that she ought to have a pre-nup, and she's surprised. He says he plans to be with her for life, but that it's the practical thing to do, and any lawyer would advise her to do so. He intends to work hard, as though he's the one supporting both of them. She tells him that he looks sexy with the watch. He says that whenever anyone asks him what time it is he will say, "It's Greenlee time."

Zach tells Kendall, "My father couldn't do it, whoever buried me, and Greenlee couldn't do it, and a one nightstand with you and Aidan isn't going to do it either. Nothing and no one can destroy what we have, so let's put it behind us, and move on." Kendall tells him that she love him so much. He hurriedly leaves.

Annie tells Ryan that she's beginning to understand what he's going through, and that any memory is a Godsend. She asks what it's like on the open road. Emma arrives with the nanny. Ryan picks her up, and sits her on the bike with him. He asks her if she wants a ride. Ryan says that he'll need to ask her mom first. He says that they might be able to take the bike out to someplace really safe, like the beach, and they can go really really slowly. Annie agrees.

Angie confirms that there has been no heart attack. Adam tells everyone "told ya", and he wants to go home. Angie stops him from getting out of the bed. She tells him that she needs for him to be really straight with her now and says, "Before you felt faint, you thought that you might be having a heart attack, right?” Angie tells Adam that she thinks the episodes he had today, and the one in Tad's car were panic attacks. He says he doesn’t panic.

Krystal tells Adam that the diagnosis makes sense. "I've had them before, and I thought you were having one when JR was kidnapped." Adam tells Krystal, "I trust your medical degree just about as much as I trust his (Frankie)." JR smirks in the background. Krystal tells Adam that it feels just like a heart attack, and that it's the most frightening thing in the world.

Adam says, "I'm Adam Chandler; have we met? I don't have panic attacks I give other people panic attacks, and right now I'm having a ticked-off-at-the-moment attack, because I've been here all afternoon in this damned hospital, and poked and prodded, and had people telling me that I'm behaving like a “WOMAN with the VAPORS!" Adam is sick and tired of being confused. He begins to have another attack, and Angie tells Frankie to get some medication. Angie then leans over the bed, look at Adam, and says, "Quad demonstrodum". It's Latin for 'thank you for proving my point.” Adam glares.

Dr. Martin doubts that Uncle Robert is anything like Tad’s father. Tad says, "Ray Gardner was not my father. Don't ever say that. You're my father, Dad." Joe says he knows, and all he meant was that Robert was a respectable federal agent. Tad says that there's just something not right about him, and that the hairs on the back of his neck stand up every time Robert walks into a room. Dr. Martin understands Tad's being wary. He says that parents never stop worrying about their children, and Tad ought to know that by now. Tad understands. He doesn't know how Joe and Ruth raised four. He talks about Kate; he knows he can watch after baby Jenny, but he can't look after Kate.

Ryan, Emma, and Annie are at the beach having a fun ride in the parking lot. Ryan builds a fire, and they roast marshmallows. Annie tells Ryan that Emma had a wonderful day. Ryan asks if Annie did, and she admits that she had a wonderful time.

Greenlee and Kendall are at Fusion, and Kendall tells Greenlee the perfume “Charm” is doing well. Greenlee says that she's feeling "heavier" today, and Kendall tells her that it's probably salt form Chinese food, or something like that, then walks away. Greenlee says that she feels that she's carrying extra weight, and waves her hand in front of Kendall. Kendall congratulates her.

Zach arrives at Cambias, and Josh is there! He asks Zach why he missed a conference call, and other meetings, when Zach snaps at him. Josh says that he'll just back out of the office, and not make any quick movements. Zach apologizes, and says that it was a rough night. Josh says that it's okay, and offers to fill in at a scheduled meeting. Josh asks if there's anything else he can do to help, and Zach says "No”. Josh says that he'll keep people away from Zach for the rest of the day. Zach pours himself a drink, and looks at photos of his family. He closes the double pictures frame and places it on his desk. He than throws his glass across the room. Someone knock on his door who he thinks is Josh. He yells, "Come on Josh, give me a break”, but Aidan enters and says, “You and I need to have a little talk."

Kendall asks Greenlee about the wedding plans; Greenlee wants the wedding to be special because Aidan has never been married. She wants Kendall and Zach to stand up for them, than notice a funny look upon Kendall face. She asks Kendall, what's wrong.

Zach invites Aidan into his office. Aidan sees the broken glass, and asks if there was a party in Zach’s office last night. He tells Zach that he asked Greenlee to marry him. Zach congratulates him. Aidan wants to talk to Zach about something.

Angie tells Adam that he exhibits signs of stress. Adam says that she's put him in la-la land so that he can't argue with her anymore, but that he wants to go home.

Colby thanks Frankie for helping her dad, and for being so patient with him. Frankie tell her that panic and anxiety attacks can lead to serious health problems if they're ignored. Adam should change his ways and take care of himself better. Angie writes instructions for Adam to follow. Adam asked, "Who's got my damn pants?"

Krystal and Babe agree that they've both been "pulled back in", and that's it's a curse with those Chandler men; Babe laughs. Their means of surviving the Chandler men are to get on with their lives the best way they can.

Ryan and his family are on the beach sitting around the fire toasting marshmallows. Emma builds a sand castle. Annie thanks Ryan for being loving with Emma and he tells her that he is Emma's dad, no matter what. Ryan massages Annie back because it was hurting.

Adam is still bellowing when Colby tells him that patience is one of the things he needs to learn. JR comes in and tells him that he's being a jackass, than advise him to listen to his family for once. Colby and JR agree that they caused their dad stress, and because of their involvement they have a deal to offer him. Adam laughs, sits on the bed, and asks what is the deal.

They promise to stop stressing him out, and they will keep everyone else from stressing him out as well. In return he has to promise to do what the doctors tell him to do." Adam teases them saying, what they all have to do is to change their existing personalities. His children agree because they want him to stick around. Adam asks if they want to take odds over which one of them is going to screw up first, and they all laugh.

Dr. Martin thinks that Tad taught him one of the biggest lessons of his life. Tad chides in, "When in doubt, send flowers!” Dr. Martin laughs, and says no that's not it, you taught me that no matter how much you worry about your kids, and they’ll surprise you about how smart they are. Tad asks, "You mean smart or smart-ass?" Dr. Martin believes that Tad has a lot to be happy about, and Tad agrees. It may not be what he had with Dixie, but it's pretty good. Joe gets up, and thanks Tad for the burger. Tad says, "I thought you were paying!" Joe has a good laugh, and says, "I love you kid", and leaves Tad with the check.

Greenlee asks Kendall what’s wrong, because she does not seem happy for her.

Aidan wants to talk to Zach about marriage, because this will be his first wedding, and he doesn’t want to screw things up. Greenlee's been hurt before, in the past, and he want to make sure that doesn't happen again. He shows Zach the watch than tells him that it's the most expensive thing he's ever been given. They agree that Greenlee is a generous woman. Aidan want to be fair to Greenlee and to make it right between them. He says to Zach, ”That's where you come in."

Angie tells Adam that she wants him to read his instructions, and she gives him the name of a psychologist. Adam isn't happy. Angie explains that panic attacks result in physical symptoms, but that their root cause is psychological. He throws away the doctor's name. Angie tells Adam that he's going to get hurt if he doesn't let go of his emotions; she asks him to give it a try. He looks at Krystal, and his face changes. He starts to touch her face, but then pulls away. He yells, "Let's get the hell out of here!" Krystal calls him a stubborn goat.

Annie tells Ryan that he is trying really hard to love her.

Zach picks up a broken piece of the glass; he stands up, looks at Aidan, and says, "If you've got something to tell me, go ahead." Aidan says, “You offered me the job as head of security, and now I'm here to accept the job."

Greenlee tells Kendall that the four of them should go out and celebrate. Kendall look worry Greenlee so she asks her what's really going on.

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