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All My Children Update Wednesday 4/16/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At home, Jesse makes Angie breakfast. Angie says that she has to get to the hospital, but she has a little bit of time for breakfast. She asks him what is for breakfast. Jesse says that they have some work to take care of and pulls her out of the room.

JR shows up at Babe’s to get Little A, but Babe says that he has a cold. JR thinks that Babe doesn’t want him around Little A.

At the Chandler Mansion, Adam confronts Colby about her future college plans. He wants her to follow through with her plan to attend Wellesley, but she would rather stay in town and go to PVU. As they're arguing, Krystal enters.

Erica meets with Samuel in the prison's visitor’s room. Erica asks Samuel for help in getting Carmen Morales released.

At home, Jesse and Angie come back into the kitchen after having made love. As Jesse takes a pan off the stove, they start kissing again. Frankie walks in and says that he needs to get his own place.

At the mansion, Krystal explains that she is only there because she forgot some things. Colby confronts Adam about being so mean to Krystal. Adam confronts Colby about turning down her first choice college. Colby says that she would like to have a life and that she doesn’t want to go to that college. Colby says that she has to go, but Adam says that they aren’t done. Colby thanks Adam for helping her to get in, but she has done her own research into the colleges that she has applied to. Colby says that she likes it in Pine Valley. Colby tells Adam that she plans to go to PVU since she applied and got accepted, but Adam disagrees.

At Babe’s, JR argues with Babe about Little A. He thinks she's trying to keep his son away from him. Babe says that Little A really does have a cold and a fever. Babe says that she is sick of fighting with him. Babe admits that she doesn’t know if she will ever believe him again.

At the mansion, Colby explains her reasons for wanting to go to PVU. Colby explains that she is worried about JR, Jenny and Adam. Adam says that he is fine and Colby says that he hasn’t been okay in a while. Adam admits that he didn’t sleep the previous night. Colby says that she wants to help him, but he says that he is fine. Colby tells him that she is trying to love him and asks him to accept her help.

In the visitor’s room, Samuel admits that he showed up so soon because he was curious and concerned. Erica suggests that Samuel was concerned because Erica’s case was the basis for his senate campaign. Samuel asks Erica what he can do for her. Erica asks Samuel to help Carmen prove her innocence and get her out of jail.

At home, Angie and Jesse eat breakfast. Angie tells Frankie that he isn’t moving out right away. They invite Frankie for breakfast, but he says that he has to eat and run because he has another shift to pick up at the hospital. Jesse suggests that he becomes a doctor or a model or a salesman. Jesse decides that he has a wife and a son and that he will just sit back and let them bring in the money. Frankie suggests that Jesse go back to the police force and Angie threatens to whip Frankie’s butt. Jesse explains that being a cop was his past. Frankie and Angie disagree about Jesse’s police career. Frankie realizes that he is late and leaves for the hospital. Angie tells Jesse that Frankie is right about Jesse loving his work. Jesse assures her that they will never lose each other again. Jesse answers the door when Rob shows up.

In the visitor’s room, Erica explains Carmen’s case to Samuel. Erica says that it would be good for Samuel to do something about Carmen being wrongly imprisoned. Erica says that politicians always say things, but they cave when the cameras are off. Erica reminds Samuel that he claims to be a champion of justice and she asks him to get justice for Carmen by getting her released.

Jesse invites Rob in to his home. Rob tells Jesse that the movie deal has fallen through. Angie’s pager goes off and thanks Rob before she leaves. Jesse admits that he is happy that Rob stopped by. Jesse insists that the guy Rob shot wasn’t the same guy that stole 20 years of his life.

In the visitor’s room, Samuel admits that he wouldn’t expect Erica to do so much for someone else. Erica asks Samuel if he will do it. Samuel explains that Mando and Louisa still aren’t talking and that means that Carmen is still an accessory. Erica says that it isn’t right that she is serving a small sentence when Carmen is serving 10 to 20 years. Samuel admits that he is scared to find out what Erica would do if he said no. Samuel says that his answer is a definite maybe and suggests that Erica raise some hell on her own.

At Babe’s, JR and Babe discuss the possibility of a “happily-ever-after” in their future and the conversation changes to their past. JR says that he wants Babe to look at him and tell him that she doesn’t love him, but she can’t. He says that they can rebuild their relationship and he will wait for it. Babe says that it can’t happen because he is Adam’s son.

At the mansion, Adam yells at Krystal for taking so long. Colby confronts Adam about the way he is acting. Colby says that Adam has been acting weird since Krystal moved out. Adam collapses on the couch and asks for a glass of water. Colby says that she is going to call the doctor and he sits on the arm of the couch and falls. Colby yells for Krystal. Krystal tells Colby to call 911. Adam tells Krystal to get out, but Krystal tries to keep him still, but he gets up and collapses in Krystal’s arms. The paramedics arrive and Adam fights with them. Adam says that Colby over reacted. Krystal and Colby try to convince Adam to cooperate with the paramedics. The paramedic tells Adam that he has to go to the hospital.

At Babe’s, JR and Babe discuss Adam. JR asks Babe what she wants from him and she replies, “nothing.” Babe says that everyone is part of his or her parents. Babe starts to cry. JR says that he wishes she would believe that he has changed.

In the ambulance, Krystal and Colby talk about the truckers crashing Adam’s house. The paramedics say that Adam is stabilizing. Adam grabs Krystal’s hands.

At Jesse’s, Rob and Jesse discuss Papel. Jesse says that he has to find some real proof because anyone could have set up Rafael to take the fall. Jesse admits that he doesn’t know why the man was after him.

At the hospital, the paramedics bring in a police officer. Angie tells Frankie that he can handle it. Angie walks around to Frankie while the officer’s wife talks to the paramedics. Angie pulls Frankie back away from the officer and they look at each other. Frankie says that it could be Jesse.

In the ambulance, Krystal tells Adam to stay quiet, but he takes the mask off and tells Colby to call JR. Krystal tells Adam that he will owe her when he gets better. Adam apologizes to Krystal and she asks him to be quiet. Adam tells Krystal that he loves her and she responds that she knows.

At Babe’s, Babe tells JR that even though her mom has a great relationships with Tad, she's still drawn to Adam. JR realizes that Babe wants to be safe and that she wasn’t like that when he met her. JR says that he won’t be his father and Babe admits that she hopes he can. JR’s phone rings and Colby tells him about Adam. JR tells Babe that his father is on his way to the hospital.

In the visitor’s room, Erica and Samuel discuss how she could raise some hell for Carmen. Erica suggests that they work together and tells Samuel the up side of the situation. Samuel agrees to help her as long as she starts calling him by his first name. They say goodbye and Samuel leaves.

At the hospital, Frankie and Angie discuss Jesse’s future career.

At Jesse’s, Rob and Jesse discuss why he can’t walk away from the case. Rob tells Jesse to enjoy his life.

At the hospital, Angie and Frankie discuss why Jesse can’t let it go. Angie says that they have lost so much time already.

At Jesse’s, Rob and Jesse discuss where the answer to all their questions might be “buried” and Jesse suggests that it might have been buried with him.

Erica leaves the visitor’s room and someone drops a paper at her feet. Erica picks the paper up and sees “New Beginnings Make it Happen Kane” written on it.

At Jesse’s, Jesse explains that maybe the answer was buried in Jesse’s coffin. Jesse says that the police are not to be involved in this because he thinks that maybe the cops were involved from the beginning. Rob says that he is as anxious as Jesse to find out what is in the coffin.

At her home, Babe calls Winifred to watch Little A so that she can go to the hospital with JR.

The paramedics bring Adam into the hospital. Krystal asks Angie what is wrong with Adam and pleads with her not to let him die.

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