AMC Update Tuesday 4/15/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 4/15/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At home, Jesse goes through boxes of police files. Angie walks in and confronts him about helping Rob.

At Fusion, Annie suggests that Greenlee accepted Aidan's proposal because Ryan rejected her again. Ryan gets off the elevator and Annie informs him that Greenlee and Aidan are engaged.

At the office, Aidan and Tad argue about Kendall. Tad wants answers, but Aidan tells Tad to let it go. Tad asks what is wrong with Aidan. Aidan admits that he feels a lot of guilt and shame.

At home, Kendall explains what happened between her and Aidan. Zach explains that he doesn’t want to hear anything and that Kendall should have told him. Zach realizes that Kendall doesn’t trust him at all. Kendall says that she never wanted to disappoint him and asks what she can do to make it better. Zach says that he doesn’t know what she can do. Kendall realizes that Zach was testing her by sending her on the book tour with Aidan.

At Fusion, Ryan admires Greenlee’s engagement ring. Ryan asks when the wedding is and Greenlee explains that the wedding will happen as soon as she can plan it. Ryan offers to get Greenlee and Aidan matching motorcycle helmets as a wedding present. Annie realizes that Ryan remembers Greenlee.

At home, Angie tells Jesse what he missed because of the police work. Jesse explains that Rob is trying to help make the movie and that he is looking for answers. Jesse explains that he doesn’t know if he can let it go because he needs to know the answers.

At the hotel, Rob’s room service is delivered.

At home, Jesse explains that he wants to know why he had to give up his family and stay on the run for 20 years. Angie tells Jesse the things that she wants to do in the future. Angie says that she doesn’t care what Papel wanted. Jesse explains that he can’t let it go. Frankie walks in and says that he can’t let it go either. Angie suspects that they are still in danger. Frankie explains that they need more information to know for sure. Angie wants to move on, but Jesse explains that someone might be waiting to “pounce.”

At Fusion, Annie explains that the more Ryan remembers other people the sooner he will remember her. Greenlee claims that she told Ryan about the pink helmet weeks before when she was trying to get him to remember her. Greenlee turns to leave to meet Aidan and drops things. Ryan walks over to help her pick her stuff up and thanks her for covering up his memory. Annie walks over and asks if they need help, but they have everything picked up and Greenlee leaves. Ryan explains that he showed up to see Annie.

At home, Kendall asks Zach why he sent Aidan to protect her. She realizes that he trusted Aidan and not her. Zach walks away and Kendall asks Zach what he thinks went on between her and Aidan. Zach explains what he sees and Kendall asks why Zach sent her and Aidan to L.A. Zach explains that he knew that nothing would happen between them. Kendall asks Zach whose child he thought she was carrying and he asks her the same question. Zach says that Kendall has explained enough. Kendall tries to stop Zach from leaving. She asks Zach to come with her.

At Fusion, Ryan tells Annie about his appointment with the therapist. Ryan suggests that they talk about how things got started. He asks Annie some questions about when they first met. Annie explains everything that happened between them.

At the office, Aidan explains that he thought Greenlee was dead and that he convinced Kendall that Zach was dead.

Kendall takes Zach to the house where she slept with Aidan. Zach says that he isn’t going inside. Kendall says that Zach needs to see the truth. Kendall realizes that Zach is afraid too. Zach says that the place has no meaning, but Kendall tells him that he is wrong. She admits that she wants to save them. Kendall opens the door and Zach follows her inside.

At the office, Aidan explains that he convinced Kendall to give up hope that Zach was alive.

Kendall gives Zach a tour of the house.

At the office, Aidan explains that Kendall was outraged when he convinced her that Zach and Greenlee were dead and that there was no reason to keep searching. He explains that Kendall was hitting him because she didn’t want to accept that Zach was dead. Aidan admits that he felt like there was nothing left.

Kendall and Zach stand in the house and she explains that she physically attacked Aidan the night that they slept together. Kendall claims that she didn’t betray them because she wasn’t herself.

At the office, Tad and Aidan discuss the possibility of Greenlee and Zach finding out the truth. Aidan says that they won’t find out and Greenlee walks in asking what she won’t find out about.

At home, Jesse tells Frankie and Angie that something doesn’t add up with Papel. Frankie agrees and Angie asks him what experience he has in that type of work. Angie leaves for the market. Angie says that all she wants for Mother’s Day is a sane, rational, normal life. Jesse and Frankie discuss the possibility of them being normal again. Jesse and Frankie discuss Iraq. Frankie explains that he feels responsible for the deaths of 3 of his soldier friends. Frankie asks Jesse not to tell Angie because she thinks that he is a hero, not a murderer. Jesse explains to Frankie that he isn’t a murderer.

Angie shows up to see Rob. Angie asks Rob to get her life back. Angie explains that Jesse is obsessed with the past again since Rob gave him the file. Angie asks Rob to back off of Jesse.

At Fusion, Ryan and Annie continue talking about their relationship. Annie explains that she is the opposite of Kendall and Greenlee.

At the office, Greenlee asks Aidan and Tad what she isn’t supposed to know. Aidan says that if he told her, he would have to kill her. Greenlee tries to guess what it is, but Aidan and Tad keep their lips shut.

Standing in the house, Kendall asks Zach if he wants out of the marriage. She explains that she won’t fight him if he does want out. Zach and Kendall discuss the things that she has given him and hasn’t given him. Kendall says that it is all her fault and that there is no one to blame except her.

At home, Frankie and Jesse talk about Frankie’s experiences in Iraq. Jesse tells Frankie to let it go, but Frankie insists that it won’t happen.

In Rob’s room, Rob explains that he hasn’t been completely honest. He says that he doesn’t really need a consultant for the movie, but he wanted someone to talk to because he has no friends in Pine Valley. Angie asks Rob to talk to Jesse about something other than Papel. Angie invites Rob for dinner and leaves. Rob picks up a piece of paper and says “Number 639.”

At Fusion, Annie tells Ryan about his loyalty to her. He says that he can imagine and remembers Kendall and Greenlee. Annie takes Ryan’s hand. He remembers his session with the therapist. Annie lets go and walks away.

At the office, Tad, Aidan and Greenlee make toasts. Aidan explains that Greenlee made up the drink at Halloween. Greenlee says that she and Aidan are getting married in Pine Valley surrounded by their family and friends.

In the house, Zach runs his fingers over Kendall’s hands. He tells her that it is going to be okay. She starts to say something, but he stops her. Zach takes Kendall’s hand and pulls her up to stand by him. He suggests that they go home and they leave.

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