AMC Update Monday 4/14/08

All My Children Update Monday 4/14/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At home, Zach looks at a picture of him and Kendall. Kendall opens the door and remembers sleeping with Aidan. She remembers telling Erica that she is going to tell Zach the truth. Zach remembers Annie telling him about the things that Aidan said. Kendall hugs Zach and remembers Aidan telling her it is over. Kendall remembers saying that she let Aidan get in the way of their happiness. Kendall takes the picture out of Zach’s hands. Zach asks her to tell him.

Livia stops to see Annie at Fusion. Annie explains that she and Ryan are taking it one step at a time, starting with no divorce.

Ryan meets with a therapist. He tells her about the things he remembered about Greenlee.

Greenlee and Aidan make love at his office. She says that she can’t believe that she is going to marry Aidan. Aidan jokes about where he should put the “Property of Aidan” tattoo at. He puts the engagement ring on her finger. Greenlee tells him that she needs some time to plan the wedding. She suggests that Zach could be her “best man” and Kendall could be his “best woman.”

At home, Kendall asks about Jenny’s birthday party. Zach tells her that it was good and the boys had fun. Kendall says that Erica is doing fine. Kendall says that she is lucky to have him. Zach asks Kendall if she wants a drink and turns to pour them. Zach hands Kendall a glass. He tells her that he never doubted that she loved him.

At his office, Aidan and Greenlee talk about Zach and Kendall. Greenlee explains that she and Zach got close while they were in the bomb shelter. Aidan says that he wants to ask Tad to be his best man.

At home, Kendall asks Zach who was at Jenny’s party. They talk about Annie and Ryan. Zach explains that Annie told him about Kendall getting a drunk Aidan out of Annie’s house. Kendall reminds Zach that she told him that she took Aidan to his office. Zach kisses Kendall.

At Fusion, Annie and Livia talk about Ryan. Livia leaves and Annie picks up a picture of her and Ryan on a stripper pole.

Ryan tells his therapist that his feelings have moved on and now he needs to. Ryan tells her that he doesn’t even know his children.

At his office, Aidan and Greenlee start kissing. Tad walks in and Aidan confronts him about the missing persons case that ended up being Greenlee. Tad starts looking at Greenlee’s stockings. Greenlee leaves to get dressed. Tad tells Aidan that they have a dress code and says that having Aidan dressed like that is harassment. Aidan tells Tad that he and Greenlee are engaged.

At home, Kendall asks Zach what the kiss was for. Zach says that they love each other. Kendall tells Zach that she dreamt about him when he disappeared. She explains that she felt alone and that she was afraid. Kendall tells him that she couldn’t feel him anymore and that he was slipping away. Zach explains that she gave him hope. Kendall says that she had hope too until a month had gone by. Kendall says that she tried to hold on, but there was nothing to hold on to. She explains that they gave up and that she believed that Zach was dead. Zach asks Kendall what she did and she claims that it doesn’t matter anymore. Kendall tells Zach that she slept with Aidan and Zach says that he knows. Kendall asks how Zach found out. Zach grabs his glass and turns, but Kendall stops him. She explains that she and Aidan searched day and night and that was the only reason that they were together. Kendall says that it only happened once and Zach says that he doesn’t want her to explain.

The therapist asks about Ryan’s family. Ryan tells her that Annie wanted to file for divorce, but he convinced her to wait. Ryan tells her what other people have helped him to remember. The therapist points out that Ryan remembers the good things that have happened, but not the bad.

At Fusion, Annie looks at the picture. Greenlee walks in and tells everyone that it is a good night. She explains that there will be drinks on the roof. Annie tells Greenlee where everyone is. Greenlee tells Annie that she and Aidan are engaged and that a toast needs to be made.

Ryan realizes that the therapist is saying that he doesn’t want to remember Annie. The therapist explains that she isn’t there to judge him. Ryan says that he did love Annie and he will love her again. Ryan grabs his coat and leaves.

At Fusion, Annie and Greenlee discuss the engagement and wedding. Annie confronts Greenlee about crashing her wedding to Ryan.

At the office, Tad and Aidan discuss the wedding. Aidan says that he needs Tad’s help. Aidan asks Tad to help him and Greenlee elope as a gift to Greenlee. Aidan explains his plan to Tad and Tad explains that it is important to have your friends and family there.

At home, Zach and Kendall talk about her sleeping with Aidan. Kendall insists that she loves and trusts Zach and that she couldn’t tell him because she didn’t want to hurt him. Zach tells Kendall that if she had told him they could have dealt with it together and the betrayal comes from her not telling him. Zach asks her when she stopped trusting him. Kendall reminds Zach that she thought he was dead when she slept with Aidan. Zach tells her that he wasn’t dead and that he was fighting to get back to her.

At Fusion, Greenlee tells Annie that she isn’t messing with Aidan. Annie explains that Aidan was at her apartment the previous night. Annie suggests that Greenlee accepted Aidan's proposal because Ryan rejected her again. Ryan walks off the elevator.

At the office, Aidan and Tad talk about Kendall. Tad asks Aidan what is going on.

At home, Kendall and Zach talk about making mistakes. Zach says that he doesn’t care what Kendall felt and that he does care about what she did. Kendall says that the guilt was eating away at her. Zach gets angry and tells her to stop.

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