AMC Update Friday 4/11/08

All My Children Update Friday 4/11/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

JR visits Adam in his office. Adam apologizes for not supporting JR when he was needed, but now he believes him, and wants to know what can he do. He knows someone hurt his son, and he want them to be a team, and pursue the evildoers.

The Martins, the Hubbards, and the Chandlers are attending Jenny's first birthday party. Krystal brings her down dressed in a beautiful dress that Grandma, and Grandpa Martin bought for her.

Aidan knocks at the door, but Tad does his best to get Aidan to do office work. Aidan tells Tad he is there, because he did not want to miss a good game of pin the tail on the donkey. Aidan is not happy, because he wants some cake, but reluctantly goes to the office after leaving a present for Jenny. As Aidan turns around to leave Tad’s place Annie, and Emma arrives.

Zach and Rachel arrive at the party holding the children; Rachel is holding Ian, and Zach is holding Spike. Zach and his boys go inside, and leave Annie, and Aidan to talk. Aidan thanks her for putting up with him while he was drunk; he clumsily begins to explain what he meant when he said that Kendall, and he should not feel guilty for what they did. Nothing mattered, because Greenlee turned down his proposal. He said he meant not feel guilty for not finding Zach, and Greenlee in the hole sooner. Annie looks at him questionably, as she enters the house.

Zach walks up to Annie, and ask her what was going on outside with Aidan. Annie brushes off his question by saying that Emma, and she were ready to get their party on. Zach said, “It looked like Aidan had knocked the party out of her”. She responds, “Aidan has a lot on his plate”.

Babe, and Opal talk about Ritchie. Opal tells Babe that she, and Richie is not that compatible. She tells Babe to not stand next to him in an electrical storm.

When Aidan gets to the office, he noticed that the lock is off; he walks in then calls out asking if anyone is in the office. He steps inside, and sees Greenlee sitting in the corner wearing a black pillbox hat, and a black dress. She was dressed liked a heroine of the fifties. She asks if he is a private detective, because she need help to get her man back.

Adam and JR arrive at the party, and JR has a big stuffed kangaroo ridding in a stroller. Adam gives Krystal a similar blanket for Jenny that he had purchased for Charlotte. Krystal returns the blanket, but he convinces her to take it. He apologizes for hurting her, and Jenny by ignoring her cry for help during delivery. Krystal thanks him for coming, and he thanks her for not putting him out.

JR says hello to Babe, and continues to ask for her belief in him. They talk.

Jesse talks to Angie about sneaking away from the party early to (Jesse shakes his hips) make love. Angie laughs but they stay put.

Uncle Robert causes everyone to feel uneasy. Tad’s mother Ruth is nervous when she sees him, but she does not blame him for Ray’s past behavior. Opal brings Uncle Robert some cake. Tad comes over; gives him a napkin with cake in it, than ask him to leave. Jesse, and Angie come over to say hello to Uncle Robert, than Uncle Robert leaves. There is a flashback to Remy right before Uncle Robert shot him. Robert hired Remy to get information from Jesse about the second diamond. Remy did not know anything, but he promised that he would find out.

Greenlee goes over the details of what happened to Aidan and she, the night she left him for Ryan. She let Aidan know that she made a mistake, but now she would like for him to propose again. She brought backup, her little tiger Alfonso. Aidan did not buy it; he wanted her to leave. He was not in the mood for playing her little games, and he wanted to know how she got Tad to buy into her silly game of luring him to the office. She was disappointed, and said that if she wanted to play games she would have pulled her hair down, and opened her blouse. Before she could complete her sentence, he walked hurriedly towards her, and they begin to hungrily kiss.

Spike, and Jenny Jr. are playing. Zach says, “Look at my son the lady killer”. Tad says, “He is just like his father that’s why I don’t want him near Jenny for the next twenty years”.

Rachel takes the kids, than Zach sit on the sofa to talk to Annie. Annie tells him that she filed for divorce, but tore up the papers. Zach supported that. She tells him how she had to deal with Aidan being drunk, and Kendall’s arrival. Zach tells her that Kendall told him about the “Aidan incident”. Annie tells Zach that Aidan told Kendall that Greenlee had left him, and rejected his marriage proposal, so they need not feel guilty. Zach stares at her with a suspicious look upon his face. Right after that he decides to go home. Annie says, “She hope it is not something she said”.

Frankie arrives and is immediately greeted by Colby, after he gets a hug, and a hello from his parents. Colby, and he talk about the kiss, and Frankie tells her she is too young for him. He also tells her that she kissed him for herself. He instructs her to go play with her friends.

Dre arrives at the party.

Kendall goes to see her mom and let her know how she feels about her friendship with Carmen. Erica defends Carmen, and stop Kendall from speaking ill of her. Kendall tells her mom that she is guilt ridden for keeping a secret of the “one night stand” from Zach. Erica wants Kendall to shut up, because she does not want Kendall to end up alone by losing Zach. Kendall says she cheated on Zach.

Erica disagrees saying it was not a fling or an affair, because it was for only one night. Kendall addresses the promise Zach, and she made to each other. They promised to always be honest. Kendall does not want to be compared to Erica, and the men she loved, because she, and Zach are different. She believes that Zach will forgive her. Erica tells her she wants to tell Zach, because she is selfish. Erica tells Kendall to suck it up. This is an expression she has learned in jail. Erica believes that Kendall is now suffering, and if she dumps the truth on Zach, he will suffer. As the guards take Erica back to her cell, she yells to Kendall, “Protect your marriage, and protect yourself and your family”.

Julia, and Kathy arrive at the party. Kathy tells Tad hello, than he picks her up, and takes her to get some punch.

Zach, and the boys come home from the birthday party; he has a hurt expression on his face. He looks at the picture of Kendall, and him. Kendall comes into the house, and stands in the doorway. Zach turns around, and they sadly stare at each other.

Erica returns to her cell. Carmen is playing cards. She expected Erica to be in a better mood, because she saw her daughter. Erica speaks of secrets of the heart.

Greenlee asked Aidan if the wedding was still on, while they were making love, and he said, “Hell yes”!

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