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All My Children Update Thursday 4/10/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Ryan sees Annie at ConFusion than asks does she really want to end their marriage. She said she did before they talked. She admits that she was angry but, now thinks she should have talked to him first. He replies that it’s probably time to move on.

Zach arrives at ConFusion to meet with Greenlee who called him after Aidan left her on the beach. She was surprised that he came, because of their argument about Ryan.

Jack visits Erica, and the guard reminds them that there is no physical contact. They talk of her encounter with Mando’s mother. Jack thinks she did well. He says, “Erica Kane fights for justice, and good hair,” He wishes he could touch her, and she wish she could touch him.

Krystal, and Tad are at Jenny’s birthday party, and Tad is glad to be there with his family. He promises Krystal that Jenny will have one hell of a birthday party celebration, because they are now a family.

Jesse ran a flower across Angie’s chest to wake her up; Angie says, don't wake me up, because I want to stay here with my beautiful husband; she remembers her wedding vows. They smooch when Angie reminds him that they have some place to go. Jessie moans than says, “The honeymoon is over”. Angie laughs than assures him it's not over. He tells her she can't go anywhere if he doesn't give her back her clothes. She reminds him of the big event they have to attend.

Jack tells Erica that he is working with the DA’s office and the Feds on Carmen’s case. Erica reminds him that they got Mando and his mother to confess to everything, and Jack reminds her that the tape was destroyed. Erica wants to make the most of their short time by talking about Carmen's case, because Mando set her up. Erica introduces Carmen to Jack than mention that he can help her. Carmen wants to know if more time will be added to her sentence. Jack tells Carmen that this is the real world, and her charges will not be dismissed. Erica is astounded they are giving up.

Zach is skeptical of Greenlee, because she at first rejected Aidan’s proposal, and now she wants him to ask her to marry him again. Zach teases her about talking to him now, because she has been angry with him for encouraging Ryan to face the dark side of his past. Zach mentions that Greenlee is speaking to him now, because she wants something. He continues to tease her about her true motives. She reminds Zach that they have made up. She asks him to help her get the man of her dreams. Zach teases her and says Ryan; she responds, “No Aidan”.

Ryan tells Annie he understands about the divorce and won't stand in her way if she is ready to move on. She tells him to stop it, if he continues to talk, she will scream. Ryan is being so nice and considerate to her.

Colby, Krystal and Tad are getting Jenny ready for her first birthday celebration. She received at least six birthday outfits. Colby brought Jenny two outfits. Colby says since I held her first, she should wear what I brought her. Jessie and Angie arrive for the party early. Tad is teasing them about disappearing from the party last night, than he introduces Jenny to her Uncle Jessie. Jesse calls her Jenny Jr. Tad believes that Jenny Jr. has his sister’s soul.

Ryan apologizes to Annie. Annie says their life was such was a fairytale. She remembers Erin taking her to Ryan’s home. She also remembers Ryan rescuing her from Terry. That time was magical, but she has to accept that it doesn't exist anymore. Ryan wants her to remember that they had a home together. She reminds Ryan that he doesn’t remember any of it. Ryan talks about visiting the demolished building his family lived in. He also let her know that he remembered his father’s anger. Ryan doesn’t want to be like his father. He admits he remembers Kendall, but he knows she is not the one. Greenlee is not the one either. She asks Ryan what does he want.

Greenlee tells Zach she tried a repeat with Aidan, but it didn't work. She messed up the first time and it was all about Ryan, but she realized she was wrong. She messed up and wants Aidan to forgive her, she would forgive him and not just walk away. Zach ask her if she was sure about Aidan.

Jessie and Tad are playing with baby Jenny. Jessie begins to tell her a story about the best friend from across the tracks that a boy could have. There is a flashback to tad’s sister, Jenny, Liza, and Jesse.

Annie tells Ryan she doesn't understand what he wants. She says I'm too tired and too hurt to figure it out right now. He asks her to hold off, and give their marriage more time.

Zach ask Greenlee why should Aidan forgive her for rejecting his marriage proposal. She said because she would forgive Aidan. Zach says for anything, and she responds yes. Zach is shocked that she said she would forgive Aidan anything and everything. She said I would yell at him, and then forgive him. Greenlee is confused why he is questioning her. He's not convinced she really wants Aidan in that way. She asks him why can't he be happy for her. Ryan doesn't want her, and now she want to fall back on Aidan. Greenlee let him know that she now has two reasons to be upset with him, because of the way he is treating her.

Jack tells Carmen that he will do what he can to help her case. He, and Erica make sweet eyes at each other before he leaves.

Jessie remembers Jenny, and what a good friend she was. Jesse was from the wrong side of the tracks, but she didn’t care. He said even though they were friends in the eighties, the world was not that tolerant. He remembers Jenny being brave, and Tad agrees. There are flashbacks to Jenny and Jessie talking about a black man and a white women living together; she assured him she was not afraid of bigot’s attitudes.

There are flashback scenes of Jenny, Greg, Liza, and Tad dancing at a party. Jessie says, Jenny was gone and no one had a clue that it was all because of Liza Colby. Jessie apologizes to Colby for speaking ill of her mother, but sometimes her mother would do unthinkable things. He tells them how he went with Jenny to New York, and how he treasured that time with her. There are flashbacks to Jenny, and him in New York.

Greenlee is angry with Zach, but she is still trying to convince him that she has moved on from Ryan, and wants Aidan.

Ryan tells Annie that he felt trapped. Annie asks if he felt trapped by her, and the marriage. He said no, he felt trapped by the unknown. He apologized for imposing himself on her, and for wanting to keep the marriage alive. He is sorry for wanting more time. Annie tears up the divorce papers. She cries than says she has to get home. She hurriedly walks away.


Erica tells Carmen that Jack is a great lawyer, but around the jail they have to pull their own weight. Carmen thinks that Erica may be okay with her connections, but not her. Erica won't hear it. Erica reminds her that she wasn't born rich, and famous. She was born fabulous, but not rich and famous. She let Carmen know that she worked hard for everything that she has. Carmen tells her to look around at the women in the jail, because they spend $400 for rent, not shoes.

Jessie tells baby Jenny about her gene pool. Tad laughs, and says I should have left Jesse locked in the basement.

Zach stop answering Greenlee, and she tell him that she couldn't walk away from his silent treatment in the hole, but she can now. Zach sighs and than apologizes. Greenlee is floored by his apology. Zach promises to help her in any way that he can to get back Aidan since he is now the man she loves. Greenlee tells Zach that she loves Aidan, because he makes her laugh, and he let her be herself. Greenlee suddenly gets an idea than thanks Zach for stimulating the idea.

Kendall visits her mom, and wants to know if she is all right. Kendall does not trust Carmen and calls her crazy, but Erica will not allow her to say anything bad about Carmen. She tells Kendall if she continues to talk bad about Carmen she will walk away from the visitor area, and Kendall will not see her for six months.

Jesse tells baby Jenny, and Colby that Jenny was too young and too good to die. He believes that Jenny is watching over them, because she believed in the power of love. He knows that that kind of love never dies, because they are all living proof.

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