AMC Update Wednesday 4/9/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 4/9/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Zach gets home and Kendall kisses him. She tells him that he is her hero. She thanks Zach for saving Erica. Zach explains that Erica saved him by giving birth to Kendall.

Greenlee waits at the beach for Aidan. She tells him that it’s her turn for the surprise.

At ConFusion, Annie looks at the divorce papers. She remembers her conversation with Livia and her life with Ryan. Annie sees Ryan coming and hides the divorce papers.

Amanda talks about the Charm perfume at Fusion and JR startles her. She tells him that Babe isn’t there and he says that he is looking for her. JR says that she should be enjoying the money she got out of Adam. Amanda asks JR what he wants. JR asks her how much she knows about Ritchie.

At Opals, Babe says that she was just checking on Ritchie. Babe tells Ritchie that Opal didn’t think he was getting better. Ritchie says that it’s Opal’s fault that he isn’t getting any sleep. He explains that she gave him some tarot card readings. Babe reveals a bruise on her hip and Ritchie asks her if she is okay. Ritchie asks Babe why she got stuck with a needle.

At ConFusion, Ryan walks over to Annie. He apologizes for pretending that he was remembering things. He explains that he went back to the place where he grew up trying to remember his life. He says that he realizes that he hasn’t been living in the present and that he wants to start living in the present and figuring out who he is and what he wants.

At home, Zach tells Kendall that everyone is safe and it’s all over. Kendall and Zach discuss Erica. Zach explains that Erica and Carmen are friends now. Zach says that Erica gave Carmen a make over and the power to deal with Mando and Louisa. Kendall says that Zach has always come through for her and that she should never doubt him. He asks her what is wrong and Kendall says that she is what is wrong.

At the beach, Greenlee explains that she tried to get everything the way that he had it. She apologizes for what happened when he proposed. Aidan says that he can’t erase time. Greenlee explains that she is trying to make it up to him and Aidan says that she doesn’t have to make it up to him because she said she needed time and he accepted it. Greenlee says that she does want to marry him.

At Fusion, Amanda tells JR what she knows about Ritchie. Amanda tells JR that he has 5 minutes. JR says that Amanda should care because Ritchie is after Babe. JR says that Ritchie is capable of anything. JR tells Amanda that something bad will happen to Babe if Ritchie keeps hanging around her. JR says that Ritchie set him up twice.

At Opal’s, Babe explains that she got a shot for Hepatitis A. She explains that JR got Hepatitis A and that is why he was back in the hospital. Ritchie remembers the doctor explaining the procedure. Babe tells Ritchie to check with his doctor to see if he needs to get the shot too. Ritchie says that he doesn’t have much to worry about because all he has done was kiss Babe. Babe explains that you can catch it through sex. Babe explains that she slept with JR.

At home, Kendall says that she doesn’t deserve everything that Zach has done for her family and that she doesn’t deserve Zach. Kendall says that she doesn’t want anyone to come between their happiness and their family. Kendall says that she let Ryan and Aidan get in the way of their happiness.

At the beach, Greenlee and Aidan discuss his proposal. Greenlee admits that she went to find Ryan after Aidan left the beach. She admits that she was tempted to answer the phone when Ryan called because she didn’t think that Ryan should be alone. She explains that she found Ryan at the place where Ryan grew up and that Ryan didn’t want her help. She says that she realized that she shouldn’t have left Aidan to chase after Ryan. She explains that she has always chased after people who run away from her.

At ConFusion, Ryan tells Annie that he wants to be there for her and Emma. Annie apologizes for saying that Emma was hers and not his. Ryan tells Annie that he set up a trust for Emma. Annie and Ryan talk about Emma’s future.

At home, Kendall and Zach discuss Aidan. Kendall tells Zach what happened at Annie’s while he was gone. Zach tells Kendall that you have to look out for your friends.

At the beach, Greenlee tells Aidan about her childhood and her relationships. Greenlee says that it was too easy with him and that was what scared her. Greenlee asks him to propose again because she won’t turn him down this time. Aidan says that her chasing games are back in play, but Greenlee denies it. Greenlee tells Aidan that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him, but he has to propose first. Aidan says that he proposed too soon because he felt too threatened by Ryan. Greenlee tries to convince him that his timing was perfect, but he insists that it was too soon. Aidan tells her that they should wait because they both need time.

At home, Zach asks Kendall what she did to jeopardize their family. She claims that she is rambling and not making sense. Kendall kisses Zach. Zach tells her that he brought her a souvenir from his trip and he pulls out a plastic hammer. Zach explains her 2 sides and how they remind him of a hammer.

At Opal’s, Babe tells Ritchie that it isn’t his business and claims that she wanted to warn him that he might need to get a shot for Hepatitis A. She turns to leave and Ritchie stops her. Babe tells Ritchie that she wanted to sleep with JR because she did it to save Ritchie.

At Fusion, Amanda and JR discuss Ritchie. JR proposes that he and Amanda work together to get Ritchie to confess. Amanda realizes that JR wants her to sleep with Ritchie and refuses. JR claims that he only wants Amanda to play with Ritchie. JR reminds Amanda that she owes him. Amanda tells JR to give up.

At Opal’s, Babe explains the poker game to Ritchie. Babe tells Ritchie to talk to his doctor about it and leaves. Ritchie throws a book across the room and wonders if JR got sick because of the hooker or the needle that was used to get his bone marrow. Ritchie grabs his coat.

At ConFusion, Ryan and Annie discuss his passions. Ryan tells Annie about how much he loves motorcycles. She reminds him to wear his helmet and he tells her that he would never do that to her or Emma.

At home, Zach asks about the boys. He says that he has presents for the boys. Kendall says that she doesn’t deserve him. Zach walks away to check on the boys and Kendall says that she doesn’t deserve Zach because she betrayed him.

At the beach, Greenlee says that her answer is yes that she will marry him whenever he wants. Aidan says that he isn’t going to ask her because he loves her and wants to do the right thing by her. Aidan walks away and Greenlee picks up her phone. She calls someone and tells him or her that she needs him or her.

At Fusion, Amanda claims that JR is trying to pimp her out. Babe walks in and Amanda says that JR was leaving. JR leaves.

At ConFusion, Ryan hangs up the phone and tells Annie that he had to take it. He asks her what she wanted to talk about and she claims that she wanted to see how he was doing. Annie gets up and drops the divorce papers. Ryan picks them up and asks her if she wants a divorce.

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