AMC Update Tuesday 4/8/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 4/8/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Angie and Jesse talk about the hotel room while outside their home. They open the door to find a party waiting for them.

Babe answers her door for JR. He tells her that the doctors let him go home because he is responding to treatment. Babe allows JR to come in and JR thanks her for being at the hospital. Babe explains that she took Little A to the hospital because they both had to get shots.

Kendall walks into a room and complains about the possibility that Aidan screwed things up and that Zach and Greenlee might find out that they slept together.

Greenlee waits at the airport and leaves a message for Aidan.

At Louisa’s, Carmen sits next to Erica on the couch. Mando realizes that there is smoke coming from Erica’s shirt and Louisa finds a tape recorder. Mando and Louisa try to decide what to do with Carmen and Erica. Louisa suggests that they kill Carmen and Erica and claim self-defense. Erica claims that she brought the tape recorder to document the story for the network, but Louisa doesn’t believe it. Carmen attacks Mando while Erica attacks Louisa. The cops bust in with Jack and Zach behind them. Erica tells Jack that she had to help Carmen.

Tad explains that they are giving Jesse a party. Jesse greets the guests while Angie talks to Krystal. Krystal suggests that the timing for the party was wrong.

JR claims that being in the hotel room with the hooker was a setup, but Babe doesn’t believe it. Babe says that JR put Little A’s health in jeopardy by sleeping with the hooker and getting hepatitis. She explains that she can’t believe him because she has been burned too many times. Babe suggests that JR never wanted to save Ritchie’s life and that all he wanted was scotch and sex.

Ritchie comes down the stairs and sees Opal sitting in the living room watching a news brief about Erica and Carmen. Opal and Ritchie discuss Erica. Opal says that Ritchie looks really bad. Ritchie claims that he was hoping that she could give him another tarot card reading now.

Stuart and Jesse discuss their lives since Jesse “died.” Jesse thanks Stuart for being there for Angie while he was gone. Joe walks over and welcomes Jesse back to the world of the living. Colby and Frankie discuss Jesse’s return. Colby turns to answer the door and sees Dre. Colby introduces Frankie and Dre. Tad greets Dre. Rob walks in and Frankie admits that he invited Rob. Frankie explains that he thought Rob should be a part of it because he did save their lives. Frankie walks over to greet Rob and Tad says that he needs a drink.

Kendall’s phone rings. She answers it and Greenlee asks her where Aidan is. Kendall tells Greenlee that Aidan is at his office. Greenlee and Kendall discuss Aidan's proposal. Kendall tells Greenlee that Aidan was too wasted to drive and that Aidan called her to pick him up. Kendall remembers arguing with Aidan at the office. Greenlee says that she and Aidan are lucky to have Kendall as a friend.

Rob and Tad talk about the party for Jesse. Rob mistakes Stuart for Adam and the conversation turns to Stuart’s career. Colby tells Frankie about Dre. When Frankie goes to get a drink, Colby tells Dre that Frankie is the best. Rob tells Jesse that he has a proposal that might interest him.

At Babe’s, JR tells Babe that he remembered the night that he thought he hit Zach with his car. JR says that he isn’t sure who the man he saw near his car was, but he is close to remembering the guy’s face.

At Louisa’s, Erica explains that Carmen needed her help. Erica announces that she has proof on the tape recorder, but Zach informs her that the tape recorder is fried. Carmen asks Mando to do the right thing, but he claims that he doesn’t know her.

Rob explains to Jesse that some people from Hollywood are interested in the Papel story and asks Jesse if he would be interested. Jesse explains that he doesn’t want to relive it, but Rob explains that it might make some fast money. Jesse and Rob discuss what is next for Rob. Krystal and Frankie talk about Colby.

Opal gives Ritchie a tarot reading. Opal tells Ritchie that everything looks really good. Ritchie asks Opal why she isn’t dealing the same amount of cards as before and asks her to finish the “detailed” reading.

Babe tells JR that she is too tired to argue with him. JR claims that someone wanted Babe to believe that he got drunk and slept with the hooker. JR suggests that it was Ritchie. JR reminds Babe that Ritchie threatened him and that Ritchie wants him out of the picture. Babe asks JR how Ritchie could put JR in a hotel room with a hooker at the same time as he was getting a bone marrow transplant in Texas. Babe tells JR that he is breaking her heart.

Opal deals more cards and Ritchie asks her what she sees in the cards. Opal explains the “Death” card.

Greenlee and Kendall discuss Aidan. Kendall tells Greenlee that hopefully Zach is saving Erica.

Erica and Jack discuss the situation. Zach finds a computer and asks who “Suzie O’Reilly” is and Erica announces that Louisa bragged about the robberies she and Mando committed. An officer takes the computer. Zach and Jack discuss the terms of Mando’s parole. Erica realizes that Mando is going to jail no matter what because he was in possession of a gun.

Tad announces that it is time to start the toasts. Joe gives the first speech and reminds Jesse about bringing Frankie to the hospital when he was a baby. Stuart makes the next toast. Frankie tells his father about a dream he used to have.

The cops take Louisa and Mando away in handcuffs. Zach leaves to call Kendall. Erica thanks Jack for rescuing her. Jack admits that he was scared and asks Erica to be careful. Erica kisses Jack and then turns back to the officer. The officer handcuffs Erica and Carmen together.

Greenlee and Kendall talk about Erica. Kendall realizes that Greenlee is at the airport. Greenlee thanks Kendall for taking care of Aidan and they hang up. Kendall tosses her phone down and it rings again. Kendall is happy to hear from Zach that Erica is alright.

Tad gives a toast about Jesse. Colby and Frankie step outside into the hall. Colby tells Frankie that his speech was really nice. They say goodnight and Colby kisses Frankie before walking away. Frankie stands there smiling and Colby stands around the corner smiling before walking away.

Jack and Zach discuss Erica.

Outside, Carmen and Erica walk away with the officer and Carmen says that she hopes she finds a man who loves her as much as Jack loves Erica.

Babe tells JR that he has to start taking responsibility for his actions. Babe asks JR to go home and he tells her that he will prove that it was a setup. JR walks away.

Ritchie asks Opal what she sees in the cards. Opal tells him that he won’t like what she has to say. Opal explains the cards to him. Opal tells him that the “Death” card means that death has been cheated and that death won’t be satisfied until it finds him.

Frankie comes back inside and Dre asks him if he is okay. Frankie admits that he isn’t sure. Tad continues to tell stories about Jesse. Krystal points out that Angie and Jesse have disappeared.

Angie and Jesse open the door to the cabin in the woods and start kissing. They sit down and continue kissing.

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