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All My Children Update Monday 4/7/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Angie and Jesse walk into the hotel and start kissing. Jesse opens the door and Angie looks around excited.

On the plane, Jack and Zach discuss where Erica might be.

At Louisa’s house, Erica tries to control the situation. Louisa points a gun at them.

In an alleyway near his childhood home, Ryan and Greenlee argue about how he should be trying to figure out his memory. Greenlee tells Ryan about a conversation that they had. Greenlee asks Ryan to walk away from that place.

At the penthouse, Annie listens as Aidan tells Kendall that Greenlee doesn’t love him anymore. Aidan asks why they feel so guilty and Annie asks Kendall what Aidan was talking about. Kendall tries to play it off as Aidan being drunk, but Annie doesn’t accept that and keeps pressing Kendall for details. Kendall explains that Aidan was talking about when Zach and Greenlee were in the bomb shelter because they feel terrible that they didn’t get to them sooner. Kendall offers to take Aidan with her because Aidan will be crabby and hung over in the morning. Kendall claims that Aidan was talking about the past and that he gets emotional when he is drunk. Annie tells Kendall that she doesn’t believe that story.

On the plane, Jack and Zach discuss Erica’s reasons for staying with Carmen.

Carmen and Erica confront Carmen’s boyfriend. He apologizes to Carmen and explains that it wasn’t his idea. Louisa threatens to shoot Mando.

Angie tells Jesse that the room is wonderful. They lie on the bed and start kissing. Angie realizes that there is chocolate all over Jesse’s head.

Carmen insults Louisa and Mando. Erica breaks up the possible fight. Erica says that she can offer the opportunity of a lifetime.

At the penthouse, Kendall reminds Annie that Erica is handcuffed to an armed fugitive. Annie asks Kendall to go and take Aidan with her because she is done with the drama. Annie says that it feels like a lifetime ago that they considered each other family.

Greenlee tells Ryan that he is trying to run away to protect her again and reminds him that she doesn’t need protecting from him. Ryan and Greenlee discuss the things that she has told him and Greenlee says that she knows him better than anyone. Greenlee tries to help Ryan and they share a kiss. Greenlee pulls back from the kiss. She realizes that she needs to fix him. Greenlee claims that Annie was right about the first kiss being about Greenlee, not getting Ryan’s memory back. Greenlee explains that Ryan getting his memory back would make her feel relevant. She explains that she wanted to be the only one who could fix him. She tells him that she got pregnant because that was what she knew Ryan really wanted. Greenlee says that she shouldn’t be there; she should be home with Aidan.

Kendall takes Aidan to the office and Aidan says that he isn’t going to be at Greenlee’s to wait for her to come home or not to come home. Aidan offers Kendall a beer and Kendall asks Aidan what he remembers. Aidan explains to Kendall what he remembers and Kendall tells Aidan that he is forgetting one thing. Aidan explains that he doesn’t really remember her stopping at Annie’s. Kendall tells Aidan that he almost told Annie that they slept together.

At the penthouse, Annie makes a call about getting something over with that night. She says that she is convinced that this is what she needs to do.

At the store, Jack and Zach explain to the store manager that they would like to look at the security footage. They look at the security tapes and realize that Erica gave Carmen a makeover.

Louisa tells Erica that she is interested and admits that she doesn’t watch much television. Erica explains that she has a television show. Mando asks Carmen how she got hooked up with Erica Kane. Louisa asks Erica why they are there. Erica explains that she is hosting a new reality show and that she wants Mando and Louisa to star in it.

At the hotel, Jesse gets out of the shower after getting all the chocolate out of his hair. Angie pins Jesse on the bed and they start kissing. She realizes that the curtains are on fire. Jesse jumps up and puts the flames out. They stand in front of the window and Jesse pulls Angie in front of him. They wave to the people outside and say that they are okay.

Jack and Zach continue to look through the security footage. They see Erica take a tape recorder and wonder about her reasons. Jack tries to figure out what happened and what happens next. Jack realizes that Erica and Carmen are going to try to find Mando and get him to confess.

At Louisa’s, Erica comments on how hard it must have been for Louisa to raise a son on her own. Erica tells Louisa that sometimes you think there are no other options, and that is what the new reality show is about. Erica explains that Carmen got out of jail because Erica made a deal for her. Erica explains that Carmen has to do community service. Mando and Louisa suggest that it might be a set up. Erica explains that they will have fake names and protection or whatever it takes for them to be anonymous. Louisa still seems hesitant, but Erica says that it is a story worth telling.

At the hotel, Jesse and Angie discuss Jesse’s “show” in front of the window. They start kissing. An alarm clock goes off startling Angie.

At the office, Kendall informs Aidan of the conversation at Annie’s and explains her cover story. Kendall tells Aidan that it is okay because he didn’t know what he was saying. Aidan tells Kendall that proposing to Greenlee was a mistake.

In the alleyway, Greenlee asks Ryan if it helped him to come back there. Ryan explains that he went to see Erin’s grave and that he thought if he came there he would find the missing piece. Ryan explains that Greenlee was right when she said that she should be with Aidan. Ryan tells Greenlee to go home and be happy. Greenlee tells Ryan that Aidan proposed. Ryan tells Greenlee to go be with Aidan and be happy because he will be fine. Ryan thanks Greenlee for coming to try to help him. Ryan explains that he wants her to go because he doesn’t want his mess getting in the way of her future with Aidan.

In their hotel room, Angie and Jesse try to figure out where the alarm is coming from. Jesse realizes that someone set the alarm clock in their room. They turn to walk away.

In the store, Jack and Zach talk about where Erica and Carmen might be.

Erica insists that Louisa and Mando won’t be getting into any trouble by being on the show. Mando claims that he never meant to hurt Carmen. Louisa tells Erica that they have a deal. Erica tells her to start at the beginning.

Kendall says that it wasn’t a mistake for him to propose to Greenlee. Aidan explains that he thought he found “the one.” Kendall tries to assure Aidan that he is supposed to be with Greenlee. Aidan says that he is more concerned about Kendall than Greenlee. Kendall says that Annie has bigger things to worry about than them.

At the office, Livia gives Annie the divorce papers. Livia asks Annie if she is really ready to give up on Ryan. Annie explains that she doesn’t want to give up on Ryan, but it isn’t fair to Emma. Livia tells Annie that divorce isn’t always the best thing for the children involved. Annie explains that it looks like Ryan will never come back to their life.

As they walk to the exit to the alleyway, Greenlee tells Ryan that it would be easier to figure things out if she stayed. Greenlee tells Ryan that she is leaving because she has Aidan waiting at home. Greenlee and Ryan talk about her relationship with Aidan. She walks away and Ryan remembers being with her. Ryan yells at Greenlee telling her to wait.

At the hotel, Angie and Jesse talk about their night and start laughing about it. They grab their things and leave.

Erica and Carmen listen to Louisa talk about her past. The conversation turns to the bank robbery.

At the office, Aidan thanks Kendall for taking him home. Kendall tells Aidan that his home is with Greenlee. Aidan tells Kendall that he would never forgive himself if he messed things up between her and Zach.

In the car, Zach and Jack talk about finding Erica.

At the office, Kendall tells Aidan to get some rest. Zach calls and tells Kendall that he might know where Erica is. Kendall tells Zach that it was an uneventful night while looking at Aidan.

At the office, Livia asks Annie what happens if Ryan remembers their lives together and that maybe Ryan would think that Annie didn’t love him enough to fight for him.

Greenlee walks back to Ryan at the edge of the alleyway and he claims that he wanted to tell her how lucky Aidan is.

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