AMC Update Friday 4/4/08

All My Children Update Friday 4/4/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Jesse and Angie find the place they first got married. They want to be remarried by the justice of the piece. They encounter Betty Styles, the daughter of the justice of the peace who performed their wedding. Mr. Styles has since died. They decide to leave but Mrs. Styles come into the room, and remember the young lovers. She wants them to speak from their heart, and she will witness the event.

Carmen, and Erica arrive at Armando’s mother apartment. Carmen looks spectacular. She, and Erica have laid out their plans, and made their agreements on how to handle Armando. Carmen can hurt Armando, but she cannot shoot him. Erica wants reassurance from Carmen. They plan to give Armando what he deserves.

Erica is holding a gun on Armando’s mom, Luisa. They are waiting for Armando to arrive. Luisa is tough, and will not tell Erica where her son is. Armando arrives and Carmen looses her tough exterior. Erica is disgusted at how sugary Carman acts with Armando. Luisa snatches the gun from Erica’s hand and begins to threaten Carmen, and Erica.

Aidan arrives at Annie’s wanting to fool around, but he has an “elephant trunk” (he is drunk). He asks Annie if she still want to get back at Ryan. Annie thinks he should go straight to bed, so she offers him the sofa to sleep it off.

Kendall is with Spike, and Ian is fast asleep. Kendall promises Spike that his dad, Ryan will be fine. She is going to find him, but no one must know. Rachel comes in to put Spike to bed.

Kendall comes over to Ryan’s penthouse to see him, but he is not home. She finds Aidan with Annie, and wants to know what he is doing there. Annie wants to know too, because they should be with their significant others. Kendall heard a message to Greenlee from Ryan saying he is planning to leave town, so she came to talk to Ryan.

Ryan shows up at his father’s cleaners, and recall memory of his family and his dad’s cruelty. Greenlee show up. She now understands why he did not want a baby, and why he jumped off the cliff. She is now blaming herself for everything that happened. Ryan wants Greenlee to leave. She found him, because she knew he needed to return to the place he grew up. The house, and dry cleaners is demolished. His father had a drycleaners with a bad smell. Greenlee called Zach a jerk for showing Ryan the tape; but Ryan believes that Zach wanted him to see himself for who he is.

Annie is no longer interested in using Aidan to get back at Ryan. Aidan calls her fickle. He asks if he can use the couch to sleep on for the night. As he falls asleep he says that everybody has secretes.

Luisa opens the door and Carmen, and Erica rushes into her apartment. Carmen is shocked at how expensively the apartment is furnished. Luisa appears to be a tough chick with a tough exterior.

Luisa does not know Erica Kane and for that Carmen calls her a stupid idiot. Luisa tries to get tougher, and Erica pulls out the gun. Luisa finally remembers who Erica Kane is. Erica tells her that her son needs to take responsibility for his actions. Luisa believes that her son has better taste in women, and did not propose to Carmen. Carmen tells her to shut her mouth, than calls her a stupid cow. Erica just wants to talk to Armando. Luisa refuses to allow that.

Kendall wants to know why is Aidan there. Aidan opens his eyes and Kendall says, “I suppose you have not told her”. Aidan tells her to be quiet, because lose lips, sinks ships. He also tells them that he proposed to Greenlee, and she turned him down.

Greenlee is talking to Ryan about healing after Ryan jumped off the cliff. Ryan does not feel that he has healed from the jump. She tells Ryan that Aidan proposed, but she said no. Ryan wants to know why, because he thought she was in love with Aidan. Her excuses are he caught her off guard, it was out of the blue, and Ryan needs her.

Annie believes that Ryan is the reason she turned Aidan down. She instructs Aidan to give her his phone; she calls Greenlee, but she does not answer.

Jesse, and Angie say their vows from the heart. Angie says it is a miracle that they are reunited. She speaks of sadness, loneness and finding their way back to each other. Jesse speaks of separation, selfishness, a prison shelter and safety. They show flashbacks of their first wedding. Jesse and Angie Kiss. Jesse whispers, “I can’t wait to get you out of here, remember the post wedding activities the first time we got married”. They get wedding pictures than he tells her that there is something else; the surprise is not over yet.

Erica sizes up Luisa by telling her that no woman should allow a man to take advantage of her, and no mother should raise a son to take advantage of a woman. Erica gets tough, and tells her they came to see Armando and she will tell them where he is.

Greenlee continues to annoy Ryan; he continues to encourage her to leave him alone.

Aidan wants to know what do women really want. He wants women to write it on the front of their shirt so men won’t have to figure it out. Kendall defends Greenlee by saying that she probably felt rushed. She tells Aidan that he deserved better.

Annie tells Kendall that Aidan can sleep it off or Kendall can take him home. Kendall asks about Annie. Annie tells her that she is not OK, but there is not a damn thing that Aidan or Kendall can do about it.

Erica tells Luisa that they are prepared to wait for her son as long as it takes, so take a seat. Armando comes in, and calls to his mother. He sees Erica, and Carmen then turns to leave. Erica orders him to take a seat. Carmen start being sugary with Armando forgetting that she planned to hurt him. Erica cannot believe her behavior. While Erica argues with Carmen Luisa takes the gun from her hand, the says, “OK ladies, the worm has turned. I hope you both know your prayers”.

Aidan in a drunken stupor tells Kendall that they should not be worried or have any guilt about their big secret. Greenlee does not want him so that is no reason for guilt. Annie overhears the conversation to Kendall’s dismay.

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