AMC Update Thursday 4/3/08

All My Children Update Thursday 4/3/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Jesse has old pictures of Angie, and himself at the carnival on the beach. Angie doesn’t like her picture and ask that he tear it up. He thinks she is beautiful. She sees a picture of him and calls him fine. They slept on the beach together that night. Jenny helped them provide an alibi so that they could be together that night long ago. Angie states that they have lost so many people; she wants him to promise that they won't lose anyone else. He promises. They kiss.

Tad picks up Krystal, and Jenny to move back home. He says Jenny's not even a year old yet, and she has more luggage than Erica Kane. They talk about updates on Erica. Tad says that no news is good news. They are happy about life getting back to normal with peace, and quiet. Krystal is ready to get back to normal, but Tad teases her about being down on the farm, and missing Adam’s non-peaceful life.

Kendall and Zach discuss Erica’s phone call. He thinks that Erica has everything under control, but Kendall thinks Carmen was breathing down Erica’s neck when she called. Zach think that Carmen is harmless. The subject changed to Ryan, and Kendall mentioned that Zach showed his bad side. Kendall is concerned about Ryan. Zach wants her to stop worrying about Ryan so much, and start worrying about her mom.

Zach makes a call to check on the tracing of the number Erica called from. Kendall mocks him and makes a call to Ryan’s voice mail mentioning her concern. Kendall wanted Zach to wait. Zach says wait for what for the Pope to call and make him a saint. Zach finally tells Kendall to go ahead and spend her time worrying about poor little Ryan, and he will spend his time helping her mom. Zach tells Kendall that he prefers the truth no matter how cruel it is. He mocks her by saying that he is a horrible person and he should have thanked Ryan for chasing after his wife.

Greenlee, and Aidan are at the beach; he has prepared a picnic just like he prepared on their first date. She tells him that the ring is beautiful. He tells her it's hers in exchange for the word "yes". He asks her to marry him. She stalls, and dismisses his proposal.

Tad thinks Krystal has it bad for Adam. He is trying to dig and find out her true feelings. She answers cautiously. He asked if it felt good to have the old Chandler clan back under the same roof. Krystal reminds him that she is no longer a Chandler, but she empathizes with Adam. Tad is shocked that Krystal forgive Adam. She tells him that her love for Adam is gone, but when the Kids are involved she has to be there for him. Tad thinks her heart is too generous. Krystal notes the way she is; take it or leave it. Tad says he is thankful for her every day.

Jesse and Angie are unpacking more stuff. They talk about the job offer from Samuel Woods. She warns him not to take a job as a cop. Jesse finds an old cap that her father hated. They talk about the first time they made love. Angie says to Jesse, “Little did you know what you were getting yourself into”.

Greenlee tells Aidan that she isn't ready, because she wants to do things; she just got over her infatuation with Ryan, and the word “husband” creeps her out. She loves Aidan but she just wants it as it is. Aidan starts packing up things and says he needs to go to think. She tries to talk him into staying. She wants to know where he is headed. He says I don't know just somewhere to clear my head and think. He leaves her. Greenlee pick up her cell phone and listens to a message from Ryan; he tells her that he is fine and not to worry about him. He says to go with Aidan; he is good for her and will give her what she deserves.

Angie and Jesse talk more about their first time together. He says how her little nightgown rocked his world. She was his baby. Flashback to their first time, and she was scared and couldn't have sex until they were married; so they ran off to get married. She wore his shirt and grabbed tulips from a garden. They kiss again. He has an idea and decided to get "something". He promised to come right back. She wants to know where he is going, but he tells her she'll know soon; he wants her to hold that thought.

Aidan is at Confusion and runs into Amanda. She tells him hi, but can sense that he is in a bad mood. He is drunk. She recommends that her tries a coyote martini to get a buzz on.

To help put Kendall in a better mood, Zach brings her a delicious chocolate drink by the fire. He calls it a Slater Special. Kendall loves the drink. They are enjoying the peace and quiet while the boys are asleep, but suddenly the topic changes back to Ryan and they start bickering again. Kendall says you're never going to change your mind. He says can you let it rest for once. She says, “That is doable”. He says,” I like it when you are doable”. Then there is banging on the front door. Kendall insists on answering it in case it has to do with Erica. Zach opens the door to find Greenlee, and she is mad at him. She tells Zach that she could strangle him with her bare hands.

Greenlee accuses Zach of kicking when Ryan is down. Zach says Ryan was after his wife, so why wouldn't he go after him. Greenlee tells him that he ripped Ryan into shreds, and he did it to her as well. Zach tells her that he was only trying to protect Kendall and Greenlee. He tells her to go find Aidan. Greenlee tells him that she will find Aidan when she wants to. Zach gets out of being with those two by saying that he has a business meeting. He kisses Kendall goodbye. Greenlee starts fussing about Ryan when Kendall tells her to stop it. She reminds Greenlee that she can't help Ryan; only Ryan can help Ryan. She asks about Aidan and Greenlee tells her that Aidan don’t want to see her after what she did to him. Kendall asks what did she do? She tells Kendall that she turned down Aidan’s marriage proposal. Kendall is shocked!

Aidan is getting wasted at ConFusion.

Jesse returns and gives her his mom’s ring. She tells him she had it around her neck all those years. She was going to give it to Frankie. He asks her to marry him.

Zach finds Aidan at ConFusion looking at the ring for Greenlee. Zach thinks the ring is nice. Aidan is upset that his proposal was rejected. Zach tries to tell Aidan that Greenlee is over at his place, but Aidan doesn't want to hear it. Aidan believes he lost her to Ryan. Zach tells him to give Greenlee a chance.

Greenlee insist on helping Ryan with his amnesia.

Krystal is planning a party, and Tad is teasing her about a coming out party for Jenny. Krystal’s party is not for Jenny, it is for someone else.

Zach offers to drive Aidan home, but Aidan mention that he doesn't know where home is. His home will be the bar. Zach says OK, but no more vodka. Aidan tells him OK then I'll have beer. Zach asks that Amanda make sure Aidan doesn't drive. She says sure thing. Zach tries to encourage Aidan and tells him that tomorrow is another day. Aidan is not listening. Aidan calls Annie and wants to know what she is doing. She is not doing anything so he asks if he can come over, and they will have a little bit of fun.

Greenlee wants to look for Ryan, Kendall reminds her of Aidan. Greenlee will go to Aidan when she finds out where Ryan is. Kendall tells her that Aidan can't take much more of her behavior. Kendall reminds her about the promise they made to not get sucked into Ryan's world. Greenlee believes Zach changed all that when he broke the rules. She leaves to find Ryan; Kendall calls her but she has left.

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