AMC Update Wednesday 4/2/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 4/2/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Babe watches JR through a window. Krystal shows up and asks about JR. Babe tells Krystal everything that she knows. Angie tells Babe and Krystal that JR has hepatitis.

JR wakes up and sees Adam. JR tells Adam that he can leave now, but Adam says that he isn’t going anywhere.

Zach asks Kendall if she needs anything or if she wants to talk about Ryan, but she tells him that she is fine.

Ryan brings Emma home. Emma tells Annie that they went for pizza and Ryan leaves. Emma asks Ryan to wait so that she can show him the new pictures she drew.

Greenlee leaves a message for Ryan. Aidan walks in and tells Greenlee to get her coat because they have somewhere to be.

Erica gets out of the handcuffs and grabs the gun. Carmen wakes up and Erica tells her that the tables have turned.

Angie tells Krystal the new updates on JR’s condition and treatment. Babe starts to cry and turns to look at JR.

JR asks Adam to go get his mother because he wants to see her. Babe and Krystal walk in and JR asks Babe to help him find his mom.

Annie tells Emma to go get the pictures and that she and Ryan will wait right there. Annie tells Ryan that Emma shouldn’t lose anymore than she has to and lets Ryan in. Ryan apologizes to Annie for everything. Annie walks away from him and he turns around and tells her that it isn’t easy for him either. Ryan tells Annie about the things that he has learned about the last 4 years of his life. Annie complains about him wanting to talk about Greenlee and Kendall instead of her and Emma.

Kendall tells Zach that she doesn’t want to talk about Ryan. Zach tells Kendall not to jump to conclusions about Erica.

Carmen confronts Erica about playing her. Erica tells Carmen that she does care. Erica tells Carmen that she is taking off. Carmen says that she will never forget this “trip.” Erica wishes Carmen luck and Carmen tells Erica to have a nice life. Carmen sits on the floor as Erica walks out. Erica comes back and tells Carmen that they aren’t so different. Erica admits that she is doing it because she knows what it is like. Erica tells Carmen that there is something she has to take care of first.

Zach answers the phone and Kendall asks if Erica is all right.

Aidan takes Greenlee to the beach and takes the blindfold off. Greenlee realizes that he recreated their first date.

Ryan asks Annie if she knows what happened in the casino hotel room and Annie explains that they told each other everything. Ryan realizes that Annie took her wedding ring off because they aren’t married anymore and that she had to take it off until he remembers their relationship. Ryan explains that he is really trying. Annie calls Emma “her” daughter.

JR asks them to go get Dixie. Babe tells JR that Dixie can’t come right now and that she sent Babe instead. Babe tells JR that she isn’t going anywhere.

Adam and Krystal argue about JR. Angie tells Adam that JR has Hepatitis.

Babe asks JR what did this to him.

Ritchie finishes his food and talks to Opal about Babe. Opal admits that she has heard about all of his bad deeds. Opal explains that she agreed to let him stay there because Babe believes in him.

Aidan pulls the tiger out of the picnic basket for Greenlee. They talk about the first time they said the words “I love you.” Aidan tells Greenlee what he has arranged. They start kissing.

Ryan asks Annie why she is calling Emma “her” daughter. Emma comes downstairs with the pictures. Ryan looks through the pictures. Emma tells him about the pictures. Emma gives him a picture of Erin. Ryan tells Emma that he has to leave, but he will see her soon. Annie sits on the couch with Emma and Ryan leaves.

Kendall talks to Erica. Erica tells Kendall not to worry about her. Erica tells Zach that she doesn’t want to be found. Erica tells Kendall that she has some unfinished business with Carmen. Erica hangs up.

Opal gets things ready to give Ritchie a tarot reading. Opal explains the cards to Ritchie.

JR wakes up and sees Babe. Babe tells JR that Little A is fine and JR tells her that he loves her. JR suggests that after he gets better, he and Babe should go back to San Diego and that they can get married again. Babe agrees.

Krystal and Adam talk about JR. Krystal tells Adam to give JR the benefit of the doubt.

Annie and Emma look at the pictures. Emma tells Annie that she will draw Ryan in when he comes back to live with them.

Ryan visits Erin’s grave and talks to Erin. Ryan tells Erin that he wishes she were there to help him figure out what he should do.

Aidan and Greenlee talk about the location. They go back to kissing. Aidan pulls back and stands up.

Zach calls someone and asks him or her to track the number that Erica called from. Kendall and Zach discuss Erica’s choice to not be found.

Erica and Carmen pull things off the shelves.

Babe and JR talk about his fever. JR thanks Babe for sticking around. JR swears to Babe that he didn’t fall off the wagon again.

Opal reads Ritchie’s cards. Opal tells Ritchie that the cards say that something was stolen and that something was buried.

Ryan tells Erin about his condition. Ryan says that he needs Erin there. Ryan remembers things that his father said to him.

Aidan pulls Greenlee up to her knees. Aidan tells Greenlee how much he loves her and that he can’t imagine his life without her. Aidan gets down on his knees and shows her the ring.

Ritchie cries while Opal reads the cards. Ritchie remembers closing the bomb shelter with Zach and Greenlee inside.

JR dreams about someone standing by his car.

Ritchie claims that the only thing he stole was a pack of gum and the only thing he buried was a dead hamster. Ritchie remembers pushing Zach out of the car and blows out a candle.

JR remembers watching the person by his car. He sits up and tells Babe that he saw someone. He closes his eyes.

Erica tells Carmen that this is the beginning of her new beginning. Erica says that the only weapon that Carmen will ever need is to be stunning.

Zach and Kendall start kissing.

Annie pulls her wedding ring out of her purse and admits that she will never stop loving Ryan.

Ryan tells Erin what she would do if she were there. He promises Erin that he won’t give up until he finds what he is looking for and asks her to wish him luck because he will need it.

Greenlee’s phone starts to ring. Aidan looks at it and tells her that it is Ryan.

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