AMC Update Tuesday 4/1/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 4/1/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne

Colby and Frankie escort JR into the hospital. Angie comes in and tells JR that he isn’t leaving until she finds out what is wrong.

Richie tells Babe that he is getting released. Babe explains that she has the perfect place for him to recuperate.

Samuel talks on the phone about Erica. Jesse comes in and Samuel hangs up. Samuel says that he could be a part of Jesse’s fresh start.

Erica and Carmen move around the store looking for supplies. Erica grabs something and Carmen catches her. Erica shoves it in her pocket. Carmen and Erica discuss the “look” on Erica’s face. Carmen explains that Erica used to be her hero.

Samuel explains what he knows about Jesse. Samuel tells Jesse that the government owes him. Samuel offers Jesse a job in the U.S. Attorney’s office.

Babe walks around with Richie. Babe and Richie talk about his new lease on life. Opal answers the door and lets them in. Richie realizes that Babe arranged a room for him with Opal. Richie asks Babe what is going on because he thought he was staying with her.

Samuel tells Jesse that the job is his if he wants it. Jesse explains that he can’t accept because his wife has strong feelings about him and police work. Jesse turns down Samuel’s offer. Jesse explains that right now all he wants is to focus on his wife and his son. Jesse realizes that Samuel doesn’t give up. Samuel explains that he is trying to get Erica back.

Erica tells Carmen about her childhood. Erica explains that she didn’t have material things growing up, but she did have big dreams.

Frankie and Colby talk about JR. Frankie asks Colby how she has been feeling. Colby explains that she hasn’t been sleeping. Colby admits that she couldn’t have done it without Frankie. Frankie tells Colby about Iraq and explains that he volunteered to go because he had to prove something to himself.

Angie asks JR what is going on. JR tells Angie about his symptoms. JR explains that he didn’t report it to the police because his family didn’t believe him and he didn’t think that the cops would either. Angie looks at JR’s charts. Angie looks at JR’s side and tells him that she wants to run more tests. JR explains that he doesn’t trust the cops, so her diagnosis needs to help him figure out who did this to him.

Opal brings Babe and Richie some refreshments. Babe asks Richie why he thought that she was letting him stay with her. Babe explains that she has to think about Little A before she brings Richie home to stay. Babe tells Richie that he is not going home with her. Richie tells Babe that she played him. Babe tells Richie to back off. Babe tells Richie that he deserves to get thrown out on his butt.

Erica explains her hopes and dreams to Carmen. Erica explains that the biggest obstacle in her life was her father because he walked out when Erica was a child. Carmen starts to cry listening to Erica.

Babe tries to walk away, but Richie grabs her arm to stop her. Richie apologizes. Richie tells Babe that he thought that she wanted him with her, but she doesn’t. Babe reminds Richie that she has never promised to be more than a friend. Babe and Richie talk about Annie and JR. Babe tells Richie that JR will always be in her life.

JR stumbles around the hospital room. JR remembers building a snowman with Babe and Little A and the poker game that he shared with Babe. JR says that he has to talk to Babe and explain. He reaches for the phone and collapses in pain.

Colby and Frankie talk about his parents. Colby offers to help if she can.

Jesse and Samuel talk about Erica. The conversation changes to their career and personal successes. Jesse explains that his perspective has changed. Samuel tells Jesse that his wife died on September 11.

JR gets a very high fever. Angie calls for some fluids. Frankie and Colby run in. Angie tells Colby to call Adam.

Richie and Babe talk about JR. Babe tells Richie that he has to change and start telling the truth. Richie asks Babe if she would reconsider if he did change. Babe tells Richie to do it for himself. Colby calls Babe about JR’s condition. Richie remembers the doctor harvesting JR’s bone marrow. Babe tells Colby that she will be right there. Babe tells Richie that she has to go to the hospital because JR needs her.

Erica and Carmen discuss dreams. Carmen tells Erica that she was only valuable through the guys that she was with. Erica tells Carmen to take control of her own life. Erica says that she can help Carmen as long as she doesn’t give up. Erica looks over and sees that Carmen is asleep.

Richie complains about JR. Opal comes in and asks Richie if he has everything he needs. Opal tells Richie that she is psychic and that she is getting a bad vibe from him.

Babe gets to the hospital to see JR. JR tells Babe that he feels better now that she is there. JR takes Babe’s hand. Angie and Frankie come in and look at the spot on JR’s side.

Jesse tells Samuel to be optimistic about his son. Jesse turns down Samuel’s job offer and thanks him for the drink. They say goodbye and Jesse leaves.

Erica watches Carmen sleep. Erica grabs something out of her pocket.

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