AMC Update Monday 3/31/08

All My Children Update Monday 3/31/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Carmen tells Erica to get them out of this as Jake opens the back of the truck.

Zach comes home and Kendall tells him that she expects Erica to walk through the door. Zach tells Kendall that he took Ryan on a field trip.

Ryan looks around and screams.

Annie remembers the things that Greenlee said to her about Ryan’s memory loss. Annie says, “Okay Greenlee, let’s see how memorable your boyfriend thinks I am” and knocks on the door. Aidan answers the door and Annie tells him that she is there to see him.

Krystal, Tad, Angie and Jesse meet at The Comeback and have a drink. Jesse explains that he still has some questions about what happened with John’s mom and about Papel. Jesse wonders why Papel would want John’s mom’s necklace.

Rob looks at a gem and puts it back in the safe. He says that Jesse will tell him where the “big brother” is.

Greenlee talks to herself at ConFusion about Ryan and Aidan. Ryan walks up to her. Greenlee asks him if someone got hurt and he says that she did. He tells her that he did so many horrible things to her. Ryan explains that he saw what he did to her in the casino hotel room. He tells her that he doesn’t remember any of it, but he saw it from a security tape. Ryan asks Greenlee to forgive him. Greenlee realizes that Zach showed Ryan the security footage.

Zach explains that he showed Ryan the DVD from the casino hotel room with Greenlee. Kendall asks Zach if he did it to help Ryan or hurt Ryan.

Annie explains that she thought that Aidan might want to talk about Greenlee. Aidan tells Annie that Greenlee was trying to help. Aidan walks over to the door and tells Annie that it is late. Aidan asks Annie if she is coming on to him.

Ryan tells Greenlee that it doesn’t matter who showed him the video. Ryan and Greenlee talk about what happened in the hotel room. Greenlee explains that she pushed him until he snapped. Ryan asks Greenlee why she didn’t tell him about this sooner.

Krystal brings menus to everyone. Jesse tells them that he appreciates everything. Rob walks in and watches Jesse from the bar. Angie tells Jesse that they know everything can’t change overnight. Jesse explains that he has a feeling that it isn’t over.

Erica tells Jake that they are just trying to get home to their children. Jake recognizes Erica, but she tells him that he is mistaken. Jake explains that his ex-wife was a fan of Erica’s and that she got a “new beginning” with another man.

Annie asks Aidan if he would have a problem with it if she was coming on to him. Aidan explains that he has a girlfriend and that she is married. Annie explains that she wants to forget her husband. Aidan tells Annie that Greenlee and Kendall aren’t trying to hurt anyone. Annie explains that she doesn’t want to be pushed to the side so that Greenlee and Kendall can compete for Ryan.

Ryan and Greenlee talk about the video. Greenlee tells Ryan that whatever Zach wants him to believe, isn’t true. Ryan asks Greenlee to tell him who he truly is.

Jake suggests that Erica doesn’t care about anyone. Carmen defends Erica. Jake suggests that he is going to call the cops, but Erica tells him that he will be arrested too.

Kendall asks Zach if he wanted to hurt Ryan. Zach says that he wanted to stop Ryan from hurting anyone else. Zach suggests that Ryan wants to be stuck in 2004.

Aidan says that there is no competition and asks Annie to give Greenlee the benefit of the doubt. Annie tells Aidan that he has already lost Greenlee. Annie asks Aidan if he knows where Greenlee is.

Ryan tells Greenlee that he wants to know everything. Greenlee starts explaining. Greenlee explains that she tricked Ryan into having a baby and that they lost the baby. Greenlee tells Ryan that the idea of having his baby kept her alive. Greenlee explains that she knew a part of him would live on. Ryan asks if Spike was supposed to be theirs.

Annie and Aidan sit down and he asks her about meeting Ryan. Annie says that her past with Ryan is erased. Aidan tells her that they have found the person that they are supposed to be with. Annie says that she will not waste her life wanting a man who doesn’t want her.

Kendall explains that she cares about Ryan because he is family. Zach and Kendall argue about Ryan.

Erica tells Jake that every piece of clothing in the truck is fake. Jake agrees to let Erica and Carmen go free.

Angie, Krystal and Tad tell Jesse that he has their full support. Angie suggests that they call it a night, but Jesse refuses. Tad looks over and sees Rob. Rob walks over and announces that he resigned from the FBI. Krystal asks Rob to help her pick out some new music. Krystal explains that this is Jesse’s first night out and he is feeling uncomfortable. Rob tells everyone that he is going to finish his drink and leave.

Kendall rants to Zach about his criticism of her priorities. Kendall and Zach argue about Ryan.

Aidan tells Annie that Ryan does want her. Annie says that Ryan doesn’t want their life back; he wants to chase Kendall and make out with Greenlee. Annie tells Aidan to be careful or Greenlee will be gone and leaves.

Greenlee says that she will explain about Spike another time, but Ryan wants to hear it. Greenlee explains about Spike and about her leaving. Greenlee remembers being with Ryan when they were happy. Ryan asks her why she came back. Greenlee explains that she came back for him, but it was too late.

Someone comes out of a store and throws things in the dumpster. Carmen and Erica discuss what to do next. Erica admits that she lied to Jake and the dresses are real. They run in the store.

Jesse and Tad talk about Rob. Angie reminds Tad that if it weren’t for Rob, she and Krystal would be widows. Jesse gets a call about a meeting that night and says that he will be there. Jesse explains that Samuel Woods wants to meet with him.

Kendall tries to walk away from Zach, but he grabs her arm. She tells him that she doesn’t want to be on his team if he wants her to be mean and controlling. She walks away.

Annie walks away from Aidan's door. Aidan sits down and closes his cell phone.

Ryan leaves Greenlee at ConFusion. He says that he has to go, but she tries to get him to ask her more. Ryan explains that he has asked her too much already and walks away.

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