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All My Children Update Friday 3/28/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Zach says, "Hello, Ryan." Ryan says that he was just looking in on Spike. He tells Zach that Kendall has gone to Fusion, and that he had just stopped by to find out if he could help with the search for Erica. (Zach isn't buying any of this.) He says, "The cops are on it, the FBI is on it, and I'm on it." Ryan says that he just wanted to help. He also confesses that his memory is still gone, and that he has been faking it with Annie. Zach replies, "Believe it or not, that doesn't surprise me." Ryan says that he hadn't meant to hurt anyone, and that he didn't mean to interfere in anyone's life by visiting Kendall. Zach says, "Well you are Ryan. You are."

Kendall and Greenlee are at ConFusion having drinks.

Jesse walks into their new home, smells cooking, and then asks Angie about Frankie. He begins to look around, checking out the window, and he begins to flirt. Angie quiets him down, because if he continues to flirt the food will not get cooked. He continues to flirt, and throws out compliments.

Angie tells Jesse to open the wine. He replies, “Yes ma’am.” Angie asks Jesse about the year of the wine 1982. Jesse remembers it as being a very good year; the year he met her. Angie agrees. Jesse mentions that Derek wanted to know if he could assist him with anything. Angie begs him not to consider going back to the police force. He stops her from talking with kisses. He says that they have some lost time to make up for.

Uncle Robert meets Opal at Confusion. They greet each other in a very friendly way. Opal says that she wanted to know if he’d heard anything about Erica Kane. Robert thanks Opal for not holding his brother against him, and hopes that Tad will do the same one-day. He says that his retirement from the FBI isn’t totally complete yet, so he still has a few connections.

Opal speculates that he has more pull than that. He tells Opal that the best guys in the FBI are looking for Erica, and that they’ll find her. He offers Opal a drink. She read his palm. She tells him that he is a shrewd person. She decides to leave for her shift at the hospital. Opal thanks him for keeping an eye on Erica’s case. A man meets Robert who says, “What took you so long”?

Erica, and Carmen are hiding in the truck. Erica starts rummaging through the boxes, when Carmen tells her to stop. Erica tells Carmen that they will be searching for her. Carmen will let her go when they reach Chicago. Carmen spots clothing in boxes, then they start going through them.

Ryan claims that he is just trying to find answers. Zack tells him to look to his wife, and leave Kendall and Greenlee alone. Ryan says Kendall is the only one he remembers. Zack tells him to go see a doctor. Ryan says he has no help. Zach wants to know if Ryan wonders why he lost the last four years. Ryan says I don't know why, I'm trying to find the answer. Zach says are you really? Ryan says you have a better idea? Zach says yeah I do. Let's take a field trip, and I'll show you.

Greenlee, and Kendall discuss Erica. Greenlee says she does care what happens to Erica. They decide to have drinks, hangout, and just have fun talking about the past.

Carmen sees a silk dress, and Erica tells her it would look good on her so she should try it on.

Zack takes Ryan to the casino then gives him some news articles stating that he accused Kendall of drugging Greenlee even though it was really his brother. Then he shows him an article about the fight club that he was apart of. Zach, out of consideration, ask has he seen enough or does he want to see more of who he really is.

Ryan says maybe it is a bad idea, but then decides to go on. Zach plays the tape of Ryan and Greenlee fighting over having a baby when she got pregnant. Ryan watches the tape, but cannot believe he treated Greenlee so poorly.

Kendall tells Greenlee that Ryan stopped by to check on how she is dealing with Erica being missing. Greenlee know that Kendall like the attention. Greenlee is jealous that Ryan remembers Kendall. They talk about how they have tried to help him remember. Kendall says why are we still stuck on Ryan. Greenlee answers Ryan who? They both want Ryan’s attention. Kendall wants it because he treated her badly and Greenlee wants it for the same reason.

Zack continues playing the tape showing Ryan raising his fist at Greenlee.

Erica is encouraging Carmen to try on more clothes. Erica doesn’t want to try on anything. She picks out something else for Carmen to try on. Carmen likes it, than Carmen tells Erica to admit that she look good.

Jesse and Angie are about to eat, when Angie prays to God and is thankful for them being together again. They promise to hold each other close and never let go again.

The truck hits a pothole, and boxes fall. Carmen asks, "Can't anyone drive anymore?" Erica replies, "I don't know!" Erica wonders what happened. Carmen thinks that they may have hit a pothole. Erica notices that Carmen dropped her gun during the turmoil, than she stares at the gun.

Kendall tells Greenlee that she's worried about her mom. Greenlee tells her that any important calls will be forwarded.

Erica reaches for the fallen gun, but Carmen notices, and grabs it. Erica says that she was just trying to pick it up for Carmen, but Carmen doesn’t buy it. Erica asks Carmen what she has in mind to do after she kills her boyfriend, and Carmen admits that she hasn’t thought quite that far ahead yet. Erica lectures her and says, “You have to think this through!”

Carmen wants Erica to stick with her, and she won't hurt her. They hear something, and then Carmen takes a look at one of the boxes that fell, and notices some designer dresses. Erica says, "I saw this at Fashion Week!" They admire the clothes.

Angie tells Jesse that she loves him so much. Jesse feels the same way. He always prayed that they would be OK and healthy. He is thankful and hopeful that their time apart is all over and they have a fresh start. Angie tells him how much she loves him. They kiss.

Kendall and Greens both agree to not live in the past. They have learned from their mistakes. They raise their glasses and toast to learning from past mistakes.

Ryan cannot believe that he almost hit his wife. Zach tells him to come with him.

Carmen wants to try on a dress that costs $5000 but is afraid too. Erica encourages her. Erica tells her that she never know when she may get the chance again considering she is going to shoot Armando and be on the run.

Zack takes Ryan to the cliff he drove off. He tells him how he hurt Greenlee, and Kendall when he did that. He tells him how he helped Ryan fake his death. Ryan cannot believe that Zach helped him. Zach helped him then, but never again. He advises Ryan to rely on himself, and not Kendall, Greenlee or him for answers from now on.

Carmen and Erica are whispering, and hiding. The truck driver has stopped and is opening the back door. Carmen hears the driver at the door, and picks up her gun. Erica wants her to put it down, but Carmen aims it at the door.

The man brings Robert money for the diamond necklace. He thanks Robert, because the diamond necklace is valuable. Robert tells the man that there will be another one coming soon.

Angie tells Jesse that she had seen the necklace with Papel's things. She asks does he think it was valuable? Jesse says yes I do, but I'm sure it will turn up. It appears to be missing. Angie is sad for Mrs. Remington and wonders what happened to her necklace.

The man tells Robert that Mrs. Remington died not knowing she had a real uncut diamond around her neck.

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