AMC Update Thursday 3/27/08

All My Children Update Thursday 3/27/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Samuel is on the phone putting out a bulletin on Erica and Carmen saying they are armed, and dangerous. Jack overhears Samuel and disagrees that Erica is armed or dangerous.

Erica, and Carmen sneak into a truck.

Tad, and Aidan are catching up since they have not seen each other for a while. Tad tells Aidan about his Uncle Robert being a FBI agent. Aidan is thinking about working for Zach full time. Tad asks if he, and Aidan are breaking up. Tad explains the dynamics of Zach, Kendall, Greenlee, Aidan, Ryan and Annie. He calls their current and past relationships a powder keg. He says those relationships have more sharp edges than a French cocktail party.

Greenlee, and Annie talk about Erica, and Greenlee feigns concern, but Annie is not buying it. Greenlee is proud that Ryan, Aidan, Annie and she pulled the perfume with the wrong name of “harm” and replaced it with the perfume named “Charm”. Ryan’s name is mentioned. Greenlee rationalizes why she kissed Ryan, and Annie accuses Greenlee of still wanting Ryan.

Kendall went home because it is a better place to deal with the news about Erica than being at the police station. Kendall is on the phone with Opal when the doorbell rings. Ryan comes over with a present for Spike. The items fits with Spike’s train set. Kendall tells Ryan that Zach told her to hang onto things that matter. She talks about Erica, and Ryan is supportive.

Jack asks Samuel why was Erica handcuffed to a violent criminal, and how can she walk into a convenient store, and not be recognized. He wants answers.

While riding in the truck, Carmen offers Erica food. Erica wants to know why Carmen needs a gun. Erica tries to talk Carmen out of Killing her ex-fiance, Armando Ortiz, but Carmen insists on killing Armando.

A newscaster report talk about Erica, and Carmen on the run, while noting that one woman has a gun, and they may be headed to the Chicago area.

Annie is really pissed, because Greenlee told her that she kissed Ryan to try to help his memory. When Ryan remembers it would be better for everyone, especially Annie. Annie has figured out that Greenlee kissed Ryan so that he could remember her, and the kiss was for Greenlee not her. They get spiteful with each other. Greenlee tells Annie that Ryan does not remember her because she is not worth remembering. Greenlee as usual is regretful and continues to apologize.

Kendall is worried sick about her mom. Ryan has confidence in Erica. Kendall is worried her mom might be hurt. Ryan says you're not alone. Kendall said she would give Spike his present when he gets up from his nap. Ryan accuses Kendall of avoiding him, because she moved away from him. Ryan says the only reason he is there is to help Kendall.

Jack asks about Carmen’s background, and her crime. Samuel says she is accused of armed bank robbery. She is headed to Chicago, because Armando Ortiz is suspected of going to Chicago to see his mother, but they can't be sure. Jack accuses Samuel of not knowing anything.

Carmen talks about Armando and tells Erica that he is a momma’s boy. No one can cook or irons like his mother. Carmen blames his mother for her not getting married. Erica admits she's lucky to have Jack, but sounds like she's regretting the divorce. There are flashbacks to the early Jack and Erica years, with various flashbacks of their relationship including their wedding, and their fights for each other. The scenes sum up how they always seemed to find each other over, and over again. Carmen wants to know why they aren't together now. Erica can't bring herself to say that Jack doesn't love her anymore.

Zach tries to get Jack out of the station to allow him to cool down. Jack refuses, because he does not know where to go. Erica is in trouble, and there is nothing he can do. Zach takes a walk.

Annie asks Greenlee if Aidan is OK with her actions, and then she says maybe she should take Aidan to bed.

Tad questions Aidan about his change of heart regarding guarding Kendall.

Ryan wants to take Spike to the zoo. Ryan admits to Kendall that he lied about remembering Annie. He tells Kendall she is the only woman he remembers being in love with.

Aidan says he knows what he's doing. Tad said he couldn’t believe that Zach is that trusting. Aidan tells Tad that Kendall is a pain in the ass. Tad asks how Aidan and Greenlee are doing.

Ryan also tells Kendall that he took Greenlee’s advice telling him to pretend to remember. Kendall can't believe that Ryan listened to Greenlee. Ryan said he thought it was worth the risk, because he can't continue to live the way he has been. He's desperate to remember. Ryan says he's tired of Kendall running away from him every time he's around. Kendall asks how Annie is doing. Ryan says he doesn't know, and then tells Kendall how Greenlee let Annie know that they kissed.

Zach calls Kendall to check up on her. Kendall wants to know what have they have heard regarding Erica. She tells Zach that Ryan is there. He is not happy about Ryan visiting Kendall.

Annie tells Greenlee she's was a bitch before and still is. She also tells Greenlee that she wants what everyone else has. Green lies, and tells Annie that Ryan remember her and Kendall, but not Annie.

Carmen tells Erica Cane that for a smart woman she is sometimes stupid. She can tell that Erica is still in love with Jack. Erica doesn’t think that Jack and she have a future.

Jack can't believe that Carmen, and Erica can’t be found. Jack blames Samuel Woods for Erica current situation. He threatens that if a fingernail is broken on Erica there will be hell to pay. Samuel steps to Jack and tells him to back off. They banter back and forth. Samuel accuses Jack of being too close to the situation.

Ryan says he has to get his memory back. He wants to hang out with Spike. Kendall actually lays down the rules and makes it clear Ryan is there for Spike only. She tells Ryan that she is in love with her husband. When Zach calls she tells him that Ryan is visiting, which makes him nervous.

Greenlee is brutally frank and tells Annie that she kissed Ryan, and she tells Annie that Ryan is lying and does not remember her. Annie is hurt. Greenlee later apologizes for saying what she said. She tries to make it better by telling Annie that Ryan loves her. Annie accepts the apology and then they hug.

Aidan and Tad are talking. Aidan tells Tad he has too much time on his hands. Tad tells Aidan he's walking in a minefield.

Greenlee calls Kendall, and asks her to come to ConFusion. Greenlee and Annie are making nice. Annie puts on an evil grin as if she is plotting.

Zach arrives home, and finds Ryan’s coat on his sofa. He angrily picks up Ryan’s coat than turn around to find Ryan standing in front of him.

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