AMC Update Wednesday 3/26/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 3/26/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Rob tells Adam about a case that he won after 20 years. Adam tells Rob that he can barge in at anytime because he was their hero. Krystal and Opal thank Rob. Tad asks Rob what happens next and Rob admits that he doesn’t know. Krystal asks Rob where he would like to head next and Rob says that Pine Valley seems nice.

Jesse tells Angie that looking over his shoulder has been his life for 20 years. Jesse is happy that he gets a chance to be able to know his son. Angie tells him that it won’t be taken away and assures him that it is over. Jesse says that he wishes he knew what Papel wanted from him. Angie tells him that they get to make up for what they missed. She tells him to make the most of it because this is their chance at happiness. Angie asks him if he is ready and he takes her hand and admits that he is very ready. They grab their coats and leave.

Samuel admits that Carmen is armed, but assures Kendall that they don’t think that Carmen will use the gun. Samuel assures Kendall that he is personally making sure that they get Erica back. Samuel walks away and Kendall asks Zach why he didn’t tell her. Kendall tells Zach that she wants full disclosure and asks Zach to hold her for a minute. Aiden and Greenlee walk over and ask Kendall if she needs anything. Samuel tells Kendall that the press is there and they want to ask her some questions about Erica.

Erica says that she can help Carmen, but she needs her resources. Erica explains the options they can use to find the man that hurt Carmen, but Carmen explains that she wants to kill him. Carmen explains that she doesn’t plan to get caught. Erica explains that she has nothing to do with it. Carmen tells Erica that they need some food. They stand up and leave the barn.

Rob and Adam discuss what Rob will do when he settles in Pine Valley. Adam tells Rob that he will help in anyway he can. Adam explains that he owes Rob for saving Colby. Krystal, Tad and Opal discuss the things that Rob told Adam. Tad walks away and Opal follows him.

Tad explains to Opal that he tried to get rid of the memories of Ray and that it brings it all back having Rob around. Opal asks Tad to try to have an open mind about Rob. Opal hugs Tad and leaves.

JR and Babe come downstairs. JR suggests that they play a quick game of poker. Babe asks about the stakes and JR says that she will like them. Tad walks in the door and Babe asks JR if the stakes involve her taking off her clothes. JR explains that if Babe wins, he will do anything she wants and if she loses, she has to stay at the mansion. Babe says that she is going back to her home. Babe goes back upstairs to make sure that Little A didn’t leave a bag.

Krystal asks Adam about what happened in the car. Adam tells her that it almost sounds like she gives a damn.

Colby comes downstairs and gets ready to leave and tells Tad that she couldn’t sleep. JR and Babe come back downstairs. Tad says that he was proud of Colby the night before. JR tells Tad that there are a few more bags upstairs and Tad goes to get them. Babe asks Colby about what happened. Colby explains the night to Babe and JR. Colby tells them that Frankie saved her life.

Zach thinks that it isn’t a good idea if Kendall talks to the press. Kendall says that the only thing that would be more important to the press than Erica being on the run would be people rising from the dead. Angie and Jesse show up at the police station and see all of the press. Kendall says that maybe it would help if she talked to the press. The reporters ask Kendall questions about Erica’s disappearance. Samuel answers some basic questions about Erica’s escape. Kendall tells the reporters that she wants to talk to Carmen.

Carmen and Erica pretend that they are a couple. Erica and Carmen look at a table of food. Erica asks Carmen how she plans to pay for it and Carmen explains that she took the wallets from the cops in the van. Carmen pays the man for the food and Erica looks up at the TV. Erica sees Samuel and says his name.

Kendall talks directly to Carmen through the press.

Erica pretends that she was talking about chewing tobacco when Carmen asks who “Sam” is. Carmen pays and Erica sees Kendall on the TV. Erica says that she could use a lipstick.

Kendall begs Carmen to let Erica go and not hurt her. Kendall says that Erica keeps the family together and that they can’t make it without her.

Erica sees Kendall on the TV and writes a message on a napkin with the lipstick. Carmen hears someone talking about going to Chicago and asks if they have room for them.

Kendall tells Erica that they love and miss her and that she has to come home. Zach puts his arm around Kendall.

Adam thanks Frankie for saving Colby. Frankie tells Adam that Colby did a lot too. Adam tells Colby that she has a visitor and Colby comes out to see Frankie. He says that he missed her already. He tells her to open the box. He tells her that he thought she could use a new pair since he ruined the other ones trying to get them out. Colby thanks him and hugs him.

Krystal, Babe and JR comment on Colby and Frankie.

Colby and Frankie talk about their parents. Colby thanks Frankie for saving her. Frankie apologizes for calling her spoiled.

Derek tells Jesse and Angie that the investigation is pretty much closed. Jesse tells Derek that Papel was looking for something specific. Jesse asks Derek to keep him informed on the case. Derek leaves.

Greenlee tells Kendall that she did good. Greenlee says that Erica will get out of this without a scrape. Kendall says that another crisis will happen because that is what keeps happening. Kendall tells Greenlee that she is done with this because no one will ever take something from them again.

Aiden offers to get his guys looking for Erica and leaves. Zach thanks Samuel for doing so much for Erica.

Erica sees the napkin on the floor. Carmen and Erica leave the store. Erica asks Carmen how they are going to get to Chicago and Carmen explains that they are going to ride with Jake.

JR thanks Frankie for protecting Colby. JR tells Frankie that he can’t get over the flu and Frankie suggests that JR comes to the hospital to get checked out. Frankie leaves.

Rob tells someone on the phone that everything is going as planned.

Jesse admits that he doesn’t know where to go next. Jesse tells Angie that she looks better now than she did 20 years before.

Babe reminds JR that he and Little A have a play date the following day. JR walks Babe out to her car. Tad walks in and Krystal asks where Jenny is. Tad tells her that Colby has Jenny and to relax. Krystal thanks Adam. Krystal tells Tad that she will meet him in the car. Rob walks in and Tad thanks him for his actions the previous night. Tad leaves. Rob apologizes to Adam for taking so long on the phone. Adam tells Rob that he can help Rob find something to do in Pine Valley.

Derek escorts a line of officers in to the room where Jesse and Angie are. They all start clapping for Jesse.

Zach answers Kendall’s phone. Zach tells Kendall, Greenlee and Samuel that the store clerk found Erica’s note with Kendall’s number on it and said that Erica was headed to Chicago.

Carmen tells Erica to climb in the truck and stay quiet. Carmen pulls the truck door open and they climb in. They close the door and look out the windows. Jake comes out and padlocks the door of the truck.

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