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All My Children Update Tuesday 3/25/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Aiden looks at Greenlee’s lingerie. He picks out his favorite. They start kissing, but are interrupted by Greenlee’s cell phone. Greenlee answers the phone and is upset by what she hears.

Ryan quickly looks through the photo album again. He hears Annie coming and puts it back. Annie brings out some champagne and pours 2 glasses. Ryan tells her that he has a memory of them in a barn or stables. Annie tells him that they first made love in the stables at Wildwind. Ryan tells her that he knows that it is right being there with her. They lean in to kiss and Annie’s phone rings. She answers it and Greenlee tells her that they need to get to Fusion immediately.

Zach tells Kendall to try to get some sleep. Kendall wants to call to make sure that Erica got to the prison okay, but Zach tells her that it can wait until morning.

The police van crashes and lands on its side. Carmen moves to the front to try to unlock the door of the van. Carmen tells Erica that the guards are breathing and hands her a cell phone. Erica tries to call for help, but Carmen stops her. Carmen grabs a gun and insists that Erica is all the help that she needs.

Annie and Ryan get to Fusion. Greenlee explains to them that the “harm” perfume will be on the shelves the following day. Ryan suggests that they could sue. Annie suggests that they call the stores and get the incorrect bottles pulled before the night is over. Ryan suggests “sweetening” the deal. Annie grabs the Rolodex and says to call the manufacturers to get the distribution center numbers. Ryan and Aiden offer to help with the calls.

Kendall tells Zach that Erica doesn’t deserve to go through this. Zach assures Kendall that Erica knows what she is doing. Kendall tells him that she can’t live without Erica and that she already misses her.

Erica tries to get Carmen to think about it. Carmen says that she is thinking about it. Erica tells Carmen that she is being overly optimistic. Erica suggests that they go back to the van and get the keys for the handcuffs and then Carmen can go on by herself. Carmen explains that Erica is her meal ticket because any cop that aims at her will think twice about pulling the trigger as long as they are handcuffed together. Erica sits down and tells Carmen that she isn’t going anywhere.

Ryan tells Greenlee and Annie that the manufacturer has agreed to reimburse all costs. Greenlee asks Ryan if he has had anymore break throughs in the memory department. Greenlee goes to help Aiden. Annie thanks Ryan for helping and asks him to keep his memory progress between the two of them. Ryan agrees and tells her that she is calling the shots.

Derek asks Samuel how it feels to have put Erica behind bars. Derek and Samuel talk about the law and the conversation turns to Erica.

Carmen tells Erica to get up, but Erica refuses. Carmen threatens to shoot Erica in the arm. Carmen starts trying to break the heal off of Erica’s shoes and Erica grabs the gun. Carmen takes the gun and threatens to shoot Erica.

Ryan and Annie work together. Greenlee is happy that they have part of the states done. Aiden and Greenlee talk about Ryan’s memory progress. Aiden takes another list and walks over to the phone. Greenlee walks over to Ryan and they talk about his “progress.” Annie watches Greenlee and Ryan. Greenlee tells Ryan that she will have to think of a way for him to thank her for convincing him to fake it.

Erica tells Carmen that when the police catch up to them, it will only add to their jail sentences. Carmen says that it is Erica’s turn to catch a bad break.

Kendall dreams about Erica asking for help. Kendall sits up and calls for Erica. She tells Zach that something is wrong and that Erica needs help.

Greenlee, Aiden, Annie and Ryan are happy that they got all the work done. Greenlee tells Ryan not to forget what she told him. Annie asks Greenlee what she told Ryan.

Zach insists that it was only a dream, but Kendall is sure that something is wrong. Zach goes to take care of Spike when he wakes up. Kendall looks in her phone, but stops when Zach brings the boys in. Kendall takes Spike and apologizes for waking him up. Kendall tells Spike about what she has planned for the following day. Zach lies down with Ian and Kendall thanks him.

Erica tells Carmen that she needs to rest. They sit down. Erica asks Carmen if she can call Kendall, but Carmen refuses to allow it. Carmen smashes the phone. Carmen tells Erica that they have to find a place to hold up because there is a storm coming. Carmen pulls Erica towards a farm.

Derek and Samuel talk about Erica and Carmen being handcuffed together. Derek calls to make sure that things are going okay on the way to the prison. Samuel gets a call and tells Derek that the van was in an accident and neither prisoner is near the van.

Greenlee explains to Annie that she told Ryan not to give up. Annie suggests that Ryan remembering her is all about Greenlee. Greenlee explains that she told Ryan a lot of things and that they kissed. Annie picks up her things. Ryan explains that Greenlee was trying to jog his memory. Annie and Greenlee argue about the reason for Greenlee and Ryan’s kiss. Greenlee says that she didn’t tell Ryan to lie to Annie about the kiss. Annie realizes that Greenlee told Ryan to fake his progress getting his memory back and confronts Ryan and Greenlee. Annie tells Greenlee and Ryan that they can both go to hell and walks out. Ryan leaves after her. Greenlee tells Aiden that she should have kept her mouth shut and that the kiss was a spur of the moment thing. Aiden tells Greenlee that he needs some fresh air and walks out.

Erica tells Carmen that she understands betrayal. Carmen admits that she isn’t trying to get even, all she wants is to have her boyfriend dead. Erica admits to Carmen that she knows what it is like to kill a man. Erica explains what happened and says that it wasn’t worth it. Erica suggests that they change the subject. Carmen asks Erica about the famous people that she has met.

Kendall watches Zach play with Ian. Kendall’s phone rings and Derek tells her that there was an accident. Derek tells Kendall that Erica is missing.

Greenlee makes a phone call.

Kendall’s phone rings and Zach tells her that Rachael is on the way. Greenlee tells Kendall that something happened at Fusion. Kendall tells Greenlee that Erica is missing. Greenlee says that she will meet Kendall at the station.

Samuel and Derek talk about what happened. Derek tells Samuel that Carmen is armed.

Erica starts to doze off and Carmen makes sure that Erica is asleep. Carmen sits back and closes her eyes. Erica opens her eyes and looks at Carmen and the gun.

Annie and Ryan get back to the penthouse. Annie tells Ryan that she doesn’t care why he did it. Ryan explains that he is desperate because he is driving everyone crazy. Annie tells Ryan that she deserves better and he agrees. Ryan turns around and leaves. Annie picks up the champagne and starts drinking it from the bottle.

Zach and Kendall wait at the station. Derek and Samuel walk in and Derek tells Kendall that they will bring Erica back safe. Greenlee and Aiden get there. Zach informs them that Erica is handcuffed to a convicted bank robber with a gun.

Erica slowly reaches for the gun. Carmen moves a little and Erica stops. Erica keeps reaching for the gun.

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