AMC Update Monday 3/24/08

All My Children Update Monday 3/24/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita 

Erica and Carmen talk at the police station. Erica tells Carmen to visualize new goals. Carmen asks Erica why she is heading to prison instead of catching a flight to Reno. Erica explains that she wants her life back when it is over. Kendall and Zach arrive at the station. Carmen is happy to meet Kendall. Carmen talks about Kendall’s book, but Kendall changes the subject to Erica. Erica tells Zach that Kendall is lucky to have him.

Greenlee asks Jack what he can do for Erica. Jack and Greenlee agree to not talk about it right now. Greenlee talks about being obsessed with Ryan. Jack asks her if Ryan is a former obsession or just an obsession.

Angie tries to call Tad and Jesse, but doesn’t get an answer. Krystal and Angie talk about what could have happened. Krystal tells Angie that everything will be fine.

Jesse tells the man that if he shoots him, Jesse wins. Frankie and Colby throw something and run out. Adam runs in calling for Colby. Someone starts shooting. Adam sees Colby lying on the floor and runs over to her. Adam holds Colby and cries. Frankie tries to look at Colby. Tad and Jesse convince Adam to let Frankie look at Colby. Rob comes out and asks if everyone is okay. Colby wakes up and tells them that she fell and hit her head. Rob claims that he followed Adam and Tad and was hoping that he would get there in time. Rob explains that it was his job to follow them because he works for the FBI. Rob tells Jesse that the man that was looking for him is right over there lying on the floor.

Greenlee admits that her life is perfect with Aiden. Greenlee tells Jack that she doesn’t care that Ryan is married to Annie and in love with Kendall. Jack explains that he and Erica have a lifelong attachment. Greenlee asks Jack what he is going to do at the prison and Jack explains that he is going to tell the warden who Erica really is. Jack explains that Erica is a part of him.

Erica and Kendall talk about Kendall’s bout with the stomach flu. Erica asks for a few minutes alone with Kendall. Zach pulls Carmen off to the side and Carmen asks Zach if he would make his girl drive the getaway car. Kendall and Erica talk about Kendall’s men.

Greenlee says that Erica is lucky because Jack is devoted to her no matter what.

Kendall tells Erica that she doesn’t have 2 other men, but Erica reminds Kendall that she thought she was pregnant with Aiden’s baby. Kendall admits that she isn’t going to give in to any “feelings” for Aiden. Erica tries to give Kendall a visualization technique to get rid of feelings that she has for Aiden and Ryan. Erica tells Kendall not to sabotage her marriage. Erica says that she needs to talk to Zach. Kendall switches spots with Zach. Kendall and Carmen talk about Kendall’s book. Zach tells Erica that Kendall is in good hands.

Frankie and Jesse share a hug. Frankie talks to Colby about what happened and tells her that she did really good. Colby thanks Frankie for making sure she got out alive. Rob tells Adam, Jesse and Tad about the man that was after Jesse. Tad asks Rob why he didn’t inform Tad that Rob was FBI. Adam introduces himself to Rob. Jesse wants to make sure that Rafael was actually after him. Rob asks Jesse why Rafael was after him. Tad gives Jesse the phone.

Krystal and Angie wait for a phone call. Angie answers the phone and starts crying when Jesse says her name. Krystal picks up the phone and Jesse tells her that everyone is fine. Krystal hands the phone back to Angie and Jesse tells her that he and Frankie are coming home. Jesse gives Frankie the phone.

Colby walks over to Adam. Adam admits that he feels fine, but he was worried about her. Tad and Rob talk. Derek shows up and meets Rob. Derek looks up and sees Jesse.

The cops handcuff Erica and Carmen. Zach asks if it is really necessary. Erica hugs Kendall. The officer tells Erica that it is time. He leads Erica and Carmen out. Erica tells Kendall that she will be fine.

Greenlee assures Jack that he will be at the prison hours before Erica arrives. Greenlee tries to joke about Erica’s situation, but Jack doesn’t see the humor. Jack and Greenlee talk about Erica.

Krystal sings to Jenny through speakerphone. Angie tells Krystal that Jesse used to sing that song to Frankie. Krystal and Angie talk about Jesse. Angie tells Krystal about the Easter egg hunts that Angie used to do for Frankie. Krystal assures Angie that Jesse came back for good.

Jesse and Tad talk about Rob. Jesse asks Tad where the hell they were. Tad explains that Adam had a heart attack and almost got them killed when he drove off the road. Colby tells Adam that he needs to go to the hospital, but Adam insists that he is fine. Colby asks Frankie to check Adam out because she thinks that he had a heart attack. Adam insists that he didn’t have a heart attack and that he is fine. Colby and Frankie talk about Adam. Derek and Jesse meet. Derek tells Jesse that he needs to take a statement when Jesse can. Jesse tells Tad that he is ready to go home. Jesse tells Rob that whatever Rafael wanted was personal, but he doesn’t know what. Jesse asks Rob why the FBI doesn’t know anything after 25 years and Rob insists that Rafael was clever.

Angie and Krystal wait. Colby, Frankie and Adam walk in the door. Colby claims that Frankie tripped her and Frankie claims that Colby is a klutz. Krystal tells Adam to sit down because Tad called and told her that Adam almost had a heart attack.

Carmen says that she likes Erica’s family. They discuss their families and Carmen admits that she doesn’t have much of a family.

Kendall argues with someone on the phone. Zach takes the phone away from her. Kendall tells him that she wanted to do something special for him. Zach asks Kendall what Erica said. Kendall tells Zach that Erica told her that Zach was the best thing to happen to Kendall. Kendall claims that she is a pain in the butt and that she is secretive. Kendall tells Zach that she needs him to love her. They start kissing and lay down on the couch.

Krystal brings Adam a cup of tea, but he asks about a stiff drink. Colby and Frankie say that they could use a drink too. Frankie says that Colby and Adam get no alcohol and Angie agrees. Krystal and Angie invite Adam for dinner for saving the kids. Tad and Jesse walk in the door. Angie welcomes Jesse home for good. Angie thanks Jesse for fighting to stay alive. Angie starts crying and Jesse tells her that Tad deserves some praise too. Colby goes to get some tissues. Jesse tries to figure out what sports Frankie likes. Colby asks them why Rob is standing outside.

Rob tells someone on the phone that he will make the suspicion go away because he is a hero.

Krystal tries to figure out what Rob is doing outside. Tad answers the door when Rob knocks and invites him in. Tad and Jesse look at each other.

Kendall asks Zach if he missed the rose petals. Zach confesses that he prefers tulips.

Greenlee tells Jack that she meant what she said about Erica. Greenlee says that Erica can master anything and that Erica will be out in 6 months and be back to driving Jack crazy. Jack gets out of the car and tells Greenlee to be careful driving home.

Carmen and Erica talk on the way to prison. The van starts to skid. The driver tries to hit the brakes, but the van doesn’t slow down.

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