AMC Update Friday 3/21/08

All My Children Update Friday 3/21/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Erica is in jail and Jack is visiting her. Now it dawns on her what she has committed to, but it does not seem real that she is there.

Jesse arrives at the hangar and asks the disguised voice (Robert) where Frankie and Colby are. Jesse does not recognize the voice and cannot see anyone, because bright lights are flashed on to distort the view.

Colby is talking instead of trying to help Frankie get out. She keep throwing out what if questions. Frankie suggests that she shut up, and focus on getting out.

Adam and Tad have had an accident, because Adam drove off the road and hit a tree. Adam is lightheaded, but he wants to continue driving, because he must save Colby.

Angie, and Krystal try CPR till the paramedics arrive. They don’t think that Mrs. Remington will survive, because her pulse is very weak.

Jesse is at the hangar and insists on seeing Frankie, and Colby. He wants them released. Robert will release the kids when Jesse gives him what he wants. Robert wants information and an item that they both hint at, but do not state what it is. Jesse states that Robert has been waiting for twenty years for the item, and he will wait until the kids are released or he will not get anything. Jesse tells him to remember that he is looking for something that he thinks Jesse has. Robert encourages him to hurry, because the clock is ticking.

Tad and Adam argue, because Tad refuses to leave until Adam gets out of the car. Tad wants to continue alone. Adam refuses to get out of the car, and yells at Tad to just drive.

Jesse talks to the voice without a face and he tell it that the trouble is between the voice and him.

The voice tells him that the trouble includes Frankie and Angie as well. It tells Jesse that his wife is beautiful, and he surely does not want to lose her. He teases Jesse about Angie, and Remy and how finding out that she was sleeping with someone else must have torn his heart open. The voice taunts Jesse by saying another man comforted your wife while you were playing dead.

Angie becomes upset over Mrs. Remington's death, because she could have had clues. Krystal tries to calm her down, and rid her of blame.

The voice, Robert tells Jesse that he has been searching for twenty years for the items Jesse have, and now he will get what he wants. Rafael wants to shoot Jesse, but Robert tells him not to shoot. Jesse wants to see the voice’s (Robert) face and call him a coward for not showing himself.

Jack is sorry that Erica did not fight the charges. Erica has regrets, but hangs steadfast. She asks about her new home, the facility. Jack tells her she will be transported in a new van to a facility with minimum security, but is in isolation, because of her popularity. Jack will meet her at the new facility. She thanks him for all of his support. They hug then they kiss.

Carmen, Erica’s fan from the courtroom, arrives at her cell. She is shocked because she will be housed with Erica.

Samuel Woods, and his campaign manager, Carl discusses Erica. Carl wants Samuel to use Erica as an example of justice for his campaign slogan. Samuel refuses, stating that he went after Erica because she is guilty of wrongdoing.

Angie notices that the necklace is missing. Signs of broken furniture, shows that Mrs. Remington fought to hold onto the necklace. Krystal and she must find the necklace. She search around and finds cash in Mrs. Remington’s purse. Angie puts two and two together and determines that the necklace has something to do with Jesse. She also ties it to Remy’s death. Jesse insists that the voice (Robert) bring the kids out or he will find them himself. The voice (Robert) thinks that Jesse is stalling, because he has backup.

Rafael want Robert, the voice to let him take Jesse out. Robert order Rafael to bring out Frankie and Colby.

Adam’s car will not start because of the accident.

Colby and Frankie are unscrewing the panel, and are almost where they want to be.

Angie is now worried that Tad nor Jesse has called. Krystal again tries to calm her down. Angie goes on about it being a miracle that Jesse came back. Frankie now has his father, which is too much of a miracle. Maybe it is all too late for her family.

Derek Frye walks in and wants to know what is it too late for.

Rafael go to get the kids and interrupting their escape. He tells Frankie to drop something in his hand or die. The kids go with Rafael.

Jesse hears additional footsteps and yells for Frankie. Frankie answers, but is not allowed to show himself. Colby yells that she is fine and Jesse replies that he is fine as well. Frankie let his dad know that there is a guy pointing a gun at them.

Adam pulls a gun on Tad then orders him to drive the car.

Sam wants Carl to know that Erica was punished for insider trading, nothing else. Carl thinks that prosecuting Erica gave him a boost that can help him win. He warns Samuel to not get soft. Samuel tells him that he know how to play hard and dirty but he want Carl to understand that there is a line he will not cross. Carl wants to toast to Erica going to prison. Samuel refuses, but will toast to a good campaign.

Carmen Morales AKA Sugar, worship Erica. Her mom called her sugar, because she was a sweet little girl. She offers Erica gum, but Erica refuses. She wants to know Erica’s likes and dislikes. Erica wants her to be quiet. Carmen warns Erica that the place they will be housed will not be quiet. Carmen just will not shut up. She says she is innocent of armed robbery of a U. S. Bank. She received twenty years in the pen and that means she will not get to be with the people she loves. She took the fall for her boyfriend Mando, because she loved him.

Jack is getting a drink at the bar when Samuel comes over, and buys him a scotch on the rocks. Jack tells Samuel that Erica did the right thing by not having a long drawn out trial, because he would have looked foolish if he had lost.

Derek Frye want to know what Krystal, and Angie are doing at Mrs. Remington’s. He asks what did Mrs. Remington say. He wants to know if she told them whom she fought with. He mentions a little about old times. Derek want Angie to tell him what is going on in order to prevent other people from dying.

Frankie, and Colby are taken back to their holding area. Colby wants to know how much longer will they be held.

Robert encourages Jesse to start talking. Jesse pretends like he knows what they are talking about. His responses are vague, but he says that the item is hidden, but close. He will take them to where it is buried. He tells the voice (Robert) that he will never find it on his own.

Tad and Adam get the car started and Tad says, “Hang on Jesse, we are coming.”

The voice (Robert) tests Jesse further by asking him to describe what he is looking for. Jesse states that it is valuable, and worth tens of millions. Jesse mentions that he knows where the buried treasure is. Robert is suspicious saying that so far Jesse has not given him anything.

Colby does not want to leave the airplane. Frankie promises her that he will not let her get hurt her. Frankie and Colby have escaped.

Derek wants to know how does Angie know Mrs. Remington. Krystal tells him that Angie knew Remy, and she and Mrs. Remington formed a bond.

Rafael believes that Jesse is yanking their chain, and he may not know anything. Robert believes that Jesse knows something, but may not be able to piece it together.

Samuel asks if Erica is off to prison and Jack tells him yes, and he is off to the airport. He will visit the facility, and make sure that they are ready for her. He want her to see a friendly face upon her arrival. Sam sends his best. Jack reminds him that his best will never be enough.

Carla wants to kill Mando. She doesn’t play when she is backstabbed.

Krystal and Angie returns home, but Angie is upset when she cannot find Tad and Jesse.

Robert is upset, because he thinks that Jesse has nothing, and he wants his treasure. Jesse tells him that without him he has nothing. He urges him to kill him, because Robert (the voice) is a failure, and a waste because he failed for twenty years to get what he wanted. He urges him to pull the trigger.

Adam and Tad arrive, the light comes on, but the glare blind their vision. Adam calls Colby; she calls him as Frankie and she run.

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