AMC Update Thursday 3/20/08

All My Children Update Thursday 3/20/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

JR tells Babe that he'll deal with Richie for her.

Krystal wants to go home, and wait for word on Frankie and Colby. Angie refuse to sit, and wait. She will do what she can to help Jesse, and Frankie.

Robert is holding Colby, and Frankie and they are struggling to get loose. Frankie and Colby are still struggling to free themselves, and Colby makes noise that Robert hears.

Uncle Rob is calling Jesse to make his demands.

Jesse insists on going after the kids, but Adam wants to bring in the FBI. Tad tells him that they can't do that. Adam calls Tad, and Jesse two stooges, and he does not want to rely on them to free Colby. Jesse points a gun at Adam to encourage him to put down the phone.

Tad tells Adam about the situation they are in. He gives him details about Robert, Rafael, and Jesse’s torture.

Angie starts crying when she remembers Frankie in boot camp calling to say he was being shipped to Iraq. She couldn't stop him from going then, and now he has been taken from her again!

Robert opens the door and tells the kids to quiet down, or they will be sorry. Frankie thinks the man was Rafael.

Adam wants to know how can Jesse deal with the kidnapping, if he could not deal with the bad guys twenty years ago. He wants to call Derek Frye, but Jesse disagrees. Calling Derek would get the kids killed.

Krystal tries to reassure Angie that she is doing the best she can by helping Jesse and Tad. They review their steps to see if they may have anything. They decide to revisit Mrs. Remington. They rush to see her.

Jesse gives Adam details about his ordeal with the bad guys. He shows Adam his scars from torturing.

Babe and JR visit Richie, who is doing better. Richie is happy to see Babe. Richie wants to get out of the hospital to be with Babe. JR lets him know that Babe is now at the mansion. Babe asks about his latest test results.

Colby wants to know what Frankie has figured out. She demands to know who is behind their kidnapping, and why. He tells her about Robert wanting to kill his dad. Colby is shocked that his father is alive.

Rafael tells Robert that the kids are still tied up, and they aren't going anywhere.

Adam is horrified after seeing Jesse’s scars. He wants to know what he can do to help. Jesse says they want him in exchange for the kids. They wait for the call. Jesse insists that he meet them alone. Tad wants to be the backup, and Adam wants to tag along because of Colby. Jesse doesn’t agree.

Babe checks on Richie's test results. JR stays with Richie. JR asks why Richie isn't more grateful since he was going to offer his bone marrow. JR remembers a comment he made about threatening him when he was unconscious. Richie plays dumb, and has a flashback of a nightmare with JR, and Babe in it.

Mrs. Remington isn't answering her door. Krystal and Angie enter the unlocked door.

Frankie tells Colby the truth about Jesse being on the run. He tells her that they are bait for his dad to come get them. Colby wants to know if Jesse will come, because she does not want to be tortured; Frankie says, I hope not.

Tad, Adam, and Jesse work out a plan. Robert calls Jesse and his voice is disguised. He tells Jesse to meet him in one half hour at a private airstrip at the edge of town. Jesse should come alone and not bring weapons. He says he can't have any weapons, and then gives Adam a gun or the police. Adam knows how to use it.

JR tells Richie that he isn't afraid of him.

Dr. Martin tells Babe that Richie has an upper respiratory infection, but he'll be OK. Babe thanks him for taking care of Richie. Dr. Martin then tells her that he heard from Jaime, and he is doing well with Uncle Jake in Zambia. He wants to know if she heard anything from Tad. Babe tells him that Tad is working long hours on a case.

Colby starts yelling for help. Frankie tackles her, and tells her to be quiet or the bad guy will be back. He convinces her to help him look for the wheel well because he needs to get to the landing gear to escape.

Krystal and Angie go into Mrs. Remington's house and find it has been broken into; she is on the floor unresponsive.

Jesse tells Adam, and Tad to be careful. Tad says you too.

Mrs. Remington is alive, but she has chest pain, so Krystal calls 911. The thieves stole the necklace left by Remy.

Robert has the necklace. Rafael asks him if he thinks she'll miss it, and he says no.

Colby asks if these are the same people that tortured his dad, because she is afraid of what they might do to her. He tells her that no one is getting anywhere near her. They start looking for a way out. She spots the hangar, and Frankie uses her new shoe as a screwdriver.

Adam wants to follow Jesse now, but Tad wants to wait five more minutes. Adam blames Tad for causing his family trouble; he also mentions Tad’s desperation that caused him to return Krystal to the mansion. He talks about Kate being a lucky girl to be raised by strangers. Tad ignores him, because he knows the hell he is going through. Adam shows Tad the picture Colby gave him. She gave one to Tad as well. Adam says he wants his daughter back.

Jesse arrives at the hangar, and Robert spots him.

Richie doses off. JR tells him that Babe went to get him some soup. Richie wants JR to wait in the car. JR refers back to the dream that Richie spoke of when unconscious and said that next time he'll get him. He thinks there must have been sometime in the past that he did get him and did something to him. He tells Richie he better watch out, because he is on to him. JR is still unclear of what was done to him by Richie.

JR threatens Richie and tries to frighten him, by suggesting he could smother Richie and no one would know. Babe overhears. She wants to know what is going on. JR claims that he was just getting Richie an extra pillow. Babe gives Richie soup, and then they leave.

Richie says to himself, “I already have you JR, and next time you won't see me coming”!

Mrs. Remington stops breathing, so Angie performs CPR on her.

Tad warns Adam to slow down. Adam wants his daughter back; he is so worked up he begin to have a heart attack, then drives the car off the road.

Frankie, and Colby are unscrewing the wheel well.

Jesse arrives at the hangar, and yells, "Okay I'm here"! Robert disguises his voice and answers, “You are and right on time”.

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