AMC Update Wednesday 3/19/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 3/19/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Greenlee and Aidan talk about her eyes and the conversation turns to how perfect their relationship is.

Kendall tells Zach that she was scared to tell him about her and Ryan in L.A. Zach asks her if there is anything else that she wants to confess.

Ryan asks Annie for a date, just the two of them.

Jesse tells Tad that “they” have Frankie and that there is a girl in the picture too. Tad tells Jesse that he will be right there. Tad lies to Adam and says that the call had nothing to do with Colby. Tad asks Dre to look for Colby. Adam goes to answer a phone call. Tad tells Krystal that whoever is after Jesse has Frankie and Colby. Adam comes back and asks Tad what he knows about Colby.

Jesse beats himself up for not protecting Angie and Frankie by staying away. Angie tells Jesse that if he walks out the door, she will never take him back.

Rob and Rafael talk about why Rafael grabbed Colby. Rafael tells Rob that Jesse was at the warehouse.

Frankie tells Colby how to get the “gag” out of her mouth. They argue about what to do next and what the people want.

Tad suggests that Colby went somewhere for a break and leaves to look for Colby. Adam realizes that Krystal knows something and asks her about it.

Annie asks Ryan why he came back and he claims that he remembered being persistent. Ryan mentions an outfit that Annie wore and tells her that they were happy.

Kendall tells Zach about her visit with Ryan in L.A. Greenlee comes over and tells them that they can’t make out in the entrance. Kendall tells her to go away. Zach tells Kendall that he isn’t mad at her and she asks him not to be mad at Ryan. Zach and Kendall kiss and the conversation turns to her and Greenlee.

Adam badgers Krystal for information about Colby. Krystal tells him that someone bad took Colby.

Colby and Frankie argue.

Angie suggests they go to the police, but Jesse tells her that the police can’t touch this guy. Jesse promises to do whatever he can to bring Frankie home and Angie tells him that he isn’t going to trade himself for Frankie. Tad walks in and Angie tells him that Jesse was going to run out there. Tad tells Jesse to calm down and think.

Adam and Krystal argue about Tad and Colby.

Greenlee teases Zach. Aidan and Zach go to get more drinks and the cupcakes that Kendall requested. Greenlee and Kendall talk about Erica’s sentence.

Aidan tells Zach to find Kendall another babysitter and Zach reminds Aidan that he protected Kendall.

Ryan and Annie talk about the “memories” that are coming back to him and Ryan asks her for a mercy date.

Tad, Angie and Jesse talk about what to do next. Angie leaves to look at the security tapes at the hospital. Jesse and Tad talk about the possibility that “they” could torture Frankie. Adam walks in and orders them to give Colby back. Jesse admits that Colby is in danger because of him, but assures Adam that he doesn’t have Colby.

Colby and Frankie talk about growing up without their fathers.

Angie tells a nurse that she lost her keys. Angie asks for an access code to look at security footage.

Kendall confronts Aidan for telling Zach about her meeting in L.A. with Ryan. Kendall and Aidan argue about Ryan.

Zach and Greenlee talk about Aidan, Kendall and Ryan.

Kendall says that she can handle herself and Ryan.

Ryan and Annie show up and apologize for intruding. Ryan thanks everyone for his or her patience and support and apologizes to Zach. Kendall and Greenlee realize that Ryan remembers his wedding to Annie.

Krystal offers to help Angie look for clues.

Colby tells Frankie about Adam. Frankie tells Colby that she has to listen to him and Colby agrees.

Adam and Tad argue about Colby’s kidnapping and Jesse’s involvement. Adam calls the police, but Jesse takes the phone away from Adam. Jesse promises Adam that Colby will come home safely.

Kendall and Greenlee talk to Annie about the things Ryan remembers.

Zach invites Ryan to sit with them, but Ryan declines so that he can enjoy his date with Annie.

Greenlee tells Ryan that she knows that he faked the memories and promises not to tell anyone.

Colby and Frankie work together to get free.

Rob says that he has to get things ready for the other guests.

Angie and Krystal don’t find any clues. Angie tells Krystal that she is afraid she will lose Jesse and Frankie.

Adam threatens to have Tad and Jesse arrested when Colby is returned. Adam insists that they money to bargain with. Jesse informs Adam that he will be bargaining with his life, not with Adam’s money.

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