AMC Update Tuesday 3/18/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 3/18/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Tad and Jesse agree that Angie needs to leave because it is too dangerous. Tad and Jesse hear a gun go off and Tad reaches for the doorknob. A voice comes over a PA system and welcomes Jesse back.

Babe tells someone that they will have a press release the following day. Babe and Adam discuss the reason that Babe and Krystal are there. Babe tells the person on the phone that she will email the information immediately. Adam suggests that she moves her office in there, but Babe keeps talking on the phone. Krystal and JR come in talking about Jenny. JR offers to put the bottle back in the fridge for Krystal. JR asks Krystal if she still wants pizza. Adam suggests that his home is turning into a college dorm.

Richie “dreams” about JR telling him that they are together forever. Richie tells JR that it is too late for JR and orders him out. JR says that Richie owes him his life. Richie moves around in his bed.

Jesse talks to the voice, but the voice only tells him that they have a lot of catching up to do. Jesse and Tad open the door.

Colby tells Frankie to look at the wires. Frankie walks around the car and tries to help. A man walks up and offers to help.

Angie yells for Tad and Jesse. The voice asks Jesse if he missed being there. Jesse tells Angie that he is fine and that it was only a recording. Angie, Tad and Jesse all look at a “shrine” of Jesse. Angie pulls the wires from the speaker and asks whose voice it was. Tad tells her that it was digitally altered, so there is no way of knowing.

Babe hangs up the phone. Adam asks her when she became so schooled on business and asks her what her title at Fusion is. Babe tells him that she is the head of her department. Krystal tells Kyle to order more tomato juice and that she will be back to The Comeback soon. JR asks Krystal what case Tad is working on. Krystal and JR discuss his relationship with Babe. Krystal tells JR that Babe wants to believe in him. He realizes that all he has to do is figure out what happened and that Babe will take him back. Krystal suggests that JR is only at the mansion to be close to Babe. Krystal and JR talk about Richie. JR says that Richie isn’t going anywhere near Babe.

Richie’s “dream” about JR continues. JR and Richie talk about their horrible deeds. JR reminds Richie about some things that he did during his childhood. JR tells Richie that he is inside of Richie creeping through his bones. JR says that it sucks to be Richie. Richie’s monitors start going off and Julia rushes in. She tells Joe that Richie is burning up. Joe hopes that Richie’s body isn’t refusing the transplant.

JR tells Krystal that her problem is that she likes him. Krystal suggests that she believes in him because she is a sucker, but JR tells her that she is completely wrong. JR asks her why she has a problem with him getting back together with Babe.

Angie and Jesse look through things in the warehouse. Tad finds a tape and offers to take it home to watch it, but Jesse insists that they watch it then. Tad turns it on and they watch a video of Jesse being held captive and being beaten for information. Jesse tells Tad that the voice is the same that was going over the PA system. The voice tells Jesse that the next time they meet he is to come alone. Angie tells Jesse that if he loves her as much as she thinks he does, he won’t go to see these people.

Joe tells Julia that the transplant might be attacking Richie’s cells. Joe orders tests.

JR tells Richie that he feels sorry for Annie. Richie insists that he isn’t jealous of Annie. Richie tells JR that he did get away with everything and JR asks him, “Who said you’re going to live?”

Julia pats Richie’s face with a cloth.

Adam tells Babe that she isn’t good enough for JR. Adam tells her that she and Krystal are genetically wired to lie and cheat. Adam says that he has to protect JR.

Krystal tells JR that she wants what is best for Babe. JR and Krystal talk about his relationship with Babe. JR reminds Krystal that he has been sober for 110 days. Krystal reminds JR that he tried to kill Babe.

Angie and Jesse argue over his choice to go meet with these people. Tad tells Angie that she deserves to be angry and Jesse tries to get her to calm down. Angie asks them if they want to take the chance that they won’t come back and that their children will lose their fathers. Jesse tells Angie to calm down. Angie, Jesse and Tad argue about what to do next. Angie begs them to take it to the police and Tad insists that it isn’t a bad idea because then they could find out who these people are. They all agree to get out of there before they get any more surprises.

Babe walks around the living room. She sits down and picks up her cell phone. She starts to compose an email and picks up some work papers. She throws them across the room. JR comes in and Babe tells him that she had a conversation with Adam. JR pours her a drink and she takes it. Babe asks JR if they will ever be able to look at each other and not see all the mistakes that they have made. JR tells her that he sees more than mistakes when he looks at her and she admits that she sees more too. Babe apologizes to JR for sleeping with Jamie. JR realizes that Adam said something to her about it. JR tells Babe that they love each other in spite of everything and that has to count for something. They talk about being back at the mansion. Babe tells him that it would be so easy to slip back into and stops. JR kisses her.

JR tells Richie that he might not make it. Richie tells JR to shut up. Richie says that he won. Babe walks in and kisses JR. JR tells Richie that he got the girl and Richie got squat. Babe tells Richie that she thought he was good, but it is obvious that he is the same old Richie. Richie tells Babe that he can show her, but she leaves. JR tells Richie that this is the point where he dies.

Julia and Joe discuss what happens next. Joe tells Julia to call his emergency contact, Babe.

Babe and JR keep kissing until her phone rings. She answers it and tells Julia that she will be right there. Babe tells JR that there has been a complication with Richie and that he is really sick. JR offers to go with Babe and they leave together. Adam asks them where they are going. JR tells Adam that they are going to see Richie. They leave. Krystal comes downstairs and Adam tells her that Babe got herself into another crisis. Adam tells Krystal that Richie is sick. Adam walks into the living room. Adam tells Krystal that Jenny looks a lot like her. Adam tells Krystal that he would never hurt Jenny because she is so much a part of Krystal.

Tad walks in and Adam tells him that visiting hours are over. Tad tells Adam that he really has to talk to Krystal. Krystal asks Tad what is wrong. Tad explains the night to Krystal. Someone knocks on the door and Krystal asks Adam to get it. Adam invites Dre in. Dre tells Adam that he was supposed to meet up with Colby and asks Adam if he knows where she is.

Krystal and Tad talk in the living room. Adam and Dre come in and ask Krystal if she has seen Colby. Dre says that a nurse at the hospital told him that Colby left with Frankie, but her car was still in the garage.

Angie and Jesse get home and she offers to make him something to eat. They talk about what was on the tape. Jesse tells her that it was 20 years ago and that they won’t touch him anymore. Angie points out an envelope on the table and they realize that someone was in there even though the door was locked. Angie picks it up and asks how they got in.

Babe gets to the hospital and asks Joe about Richie’s condition. Joe tells her that there were some complications that were normal for a transplant. Richie starts to wake up and calls for Babe. Richie starts talking to Babe and she tells him that there is time for talking later. Richie tells JR that he is going to kill JR. Joe insists that it is the fever talking. Babe thanks Joe for calling. Joe tells them that they should give him some rest. Babe tells Richie that she will see him later. JR leaves.

Angie tells Jesse not to open it because it might be a bomb or something. Jesse tells her that it isn’t a bomb and opens the envelope. He finds a picture of Frankie tied up and a letter telling Jesse that Frankie is being used as collateral.

Krystal, Dre and Adam try to figure out where Colby might be. Tad gets a call from Jesse about Frankie being tied up. Adam and Krystal ask Tad what is going on.

Rob looks in at Colby and Frankie. He tells the other man that everything is going according to schedule.

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