AMC Update Monday 3/17/08

All My Children Update Monday 3/17/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Zach, Kendall, Greenlee and Aidan discuss Erica’s choice to start serving her sentence immediately. Kendall asks Erica not to do it.

Annie visits Richie. She gives him a get-well card. Richie asks where Ryan is and realizes that Ryan is still stuck in 2004.

Ryan goes to the pent house to see Annie, but she isn’t there. He says that it is time to start living in 2008.

Tad and Jesse look at a map on the computer. Tad gives Jesse a gun and Angie tells him, “No more guns, I am not losing you again.” Jesse tells Angie that she isn’t going to lose him and she tells him to put the gun down. Tad tells her that no one wants to use them, but they are going back to the scene of the crime to look for evidence. She suggests that they let the FBI know it.

Rob and someone discuss Jesse and the clues that were planted.

Kendall tells Erica that it is too much too fast. Josh agrees with Kendall, but Erica tells them not to worry so much. Zach tells Kendall that they have to let Erica do what she wants. Kendall yells at Samuel, but Josh tells her that it is enough. Jack tells Erica that he is surprised, but not angry. Erica tells Jack that she will miss everyone.

Jesse tells Angie that he can’t trust the cops or the FBI. Angie tells Jesse that she already buried him once. Jesse tells her that he has to do it because he can’t stand her and Frankie being in danger. Jesse and Tad promise that Jesse will be coming home to her.

Reporters flood in and start asking Erica questions. Greenlee and Aidan talk about Jack. Greenlee tells him that she wishes Jack would get rid of Erica permanently. Zach and Aidan talk about Erica’s choice and then about Ryan. Kendall pulls Erica off to the side and Jack answers some questions. Samuel answers some questions. Kendall and Erica talk while Jack and Greenlee talk. Erica explains that everything is taken care of. Kendall tells Erica not to worry about her. Erica tells Kendall not to keep secrets from Zach.

Ryan looks at pictures from his wedding to Annie. He tries to remember everything that he sees in the pictures.

Annie tells Richie that she came to see if he was okay. Richie suggests that Annie is afraid of him. Annie realizes that Richie is scared of her.

Aidan tells Zach that he and Ryan were talking about football and Kendall. Aidan tells Zach that he did it as much for Greenlee as for Kendall. Kendall asks Aidan what he did to Ryan.

Ryan goes through papers and finds Annie’s vows to him. He realizes that they liked Italian food and that Annie loves him. He says that he is making headway.

Annie and Richie talk about why he would be scared of her. Annie tells Richie that he has to work to turn his life around. He tells her that he doesn’t feel sorry about anything he did. Richie asks her how it feels to be a single mother again. Richie admits that he isn’t a very nice person.

Rob asks Opal to join him. She tells him that she didn’t think she would cross paths with the Gardner family again. She tells Rob that Ray ruined a lot of people’s lives. He asks her if he should send the champagne back and Opal tells him that a little wouldn’t hurt. Opal tells Rob that she didn’t come to Pine Valley alone; she had her daughter with her. They talk about Tad.

Tad and Jesse walk around a warehouse with flashlights. Tad starts to walk away, but Jesse stops him. Jesse tries to get Tad to turn around and walk away. They keep walking. Someone’s shadow goes in the same direction as Tad and Jesse walked.

Erica says her goodbyes and Greenlee asks Jack if he knew Erica would insist on going straight to jail. Greenlee complains that Erica asked Jack to take on her case and then does whatever she wants. Jack walks over to Erica. Erica congratulates Samuel on his performance. Jack explains that Samuel convinced the judge to give her only 6 months instead of 18 months.

Aidan and Zach tell Kendall that she doesn’t have to worry about Ryan because all Aidan did was talk to him.

Ryan double checks the papers and tries to remember everything. He says that he is doing it for Annie.

Annie tells Richie that he can live however he wants. She admits that she has been going through hell with Ryan and Emma. Frankie and Colby come in and see Richie. Frankie explains that Colby is assigned to him. Richie realizes that Angie is Frankie’s mother. Frankie yells at Colby when she spills water on Richie. Frankie tells her that some of them are dealing with life or death situations.

Tad and Jesse find the warehouse that they are looking for.

Erica talks with Josh and Kendall. Someone comes in and tells her that it is time to go. She gets up and hugs her children. The man puts handcuffs on her and asks if they are too tight. She tells her children to be strong because she will be fine. She leaves for prison. She stops when she sees Jack, but then keeps walking. Greenlee walks over to Jack and suggests that he start dating again while Erica is away. Jack tells Greenlee that her timing stinks. Kendall admits that she lied to Zach.

Annie and Richie discuss his transplant. She tells him that she is happy he found a match and that the transplant went well. He thanks her and asks her to shut the lights off. She leaves.

Colby gets in her car, but it won’t start. Frankie tries to get her attention. He tells her that she is flooding the engine. She tells him that she knows some things about cars and she realizes that someone tried to cut the wires under her hood. Frankie tells her that she has watched too many movies.

Tad and Jesse talk about the warehouse and Jesse remembers being held there. They hear the door start to open and they both pull their guns.

Zach comes back into the courtroom and asks Kendall what she lied to him about. Kendall admits that she didn’t tell him everything about Ryan’s visit to L.A. She admits that she met Ryan at a bar and that she was trying to help him remember his life. Zach thanks her for being honest. Kendall asks Zach not to go after Ryan. She realizes that she can’t fix Ryan’s problems with Annie.

Ryan goes over the papers again and knocks on Annie’s door. Ryan asks her if she is ready for their dinner date with Emma and Kathy. She explains that she forgot because she went to visit Richie. He asks her if he can come in, but she tells him that she needs to be alone. He suggests that they go get some brick oven pizza and she tells him not that night. She closes the door.

Richie has a nightmare about JR coming to see him in the hospital. In the dream, JR tells Richie that they are together forever because JR is in Richie’s bones and veins.

Angie scares Jesse and Tad. Jesse and Tad tell her that she has to leave.

Erica hand over her jewelry and the guard locks the cell. Erica sits down and reassures herself that she can do it because she is Erica Kane.

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