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All My Children Update Friday 3/14/08


Written by Bonnit
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The judge doesn't agree with the plea bargain that Samuel Woods and Jack proposed, because he thinks Erica deserves more than just a slap on the wrist; she should serve eighteen months in jail before being eligible for parole.

Jesse shows Tad Remy's old datebook where he found the name “Papel” circled on the day he got shot 20 years ago. Jesse says they have to find out whatever they can about this guy. Tad knows Papel but has no idea how to find him.

At the Chandler Mansion, Adam and Krystal are eating dinner with Colby, Babe, and J.R. around the dining room table. As Adam tries to make small talk with Babe about Richie, she doesn't respond. Then he asks Colby if she would like to invite Dre and his father (Samuel Woods) over for dinner. No one answers Adam. He clinks the glass for their attention, then tells them that he is happy they are all there. He toasts them for being a happy family.

When Kendall and Zach arrive at the courthouse, the room is in a clamor, because of the judge’s opinion about the plea bargain. Kendall can't believe the judge wants Erica to serve eighteen months. Erica yells that they won't get away with trying to give her eighteen months!

Aidan and Greenlee are kissing in her apartment, then they discuss Kendall. Greenlee wants to go to the courthouse to support Kendall. He has a flashback of “grief sex” and wants to stay away from Kendall if possible.

The judge calls the courtroom to order. Jack and Samuel Woods ask to approach the bench. Samuel wants to continue in chambers. The judge agrees, then asks the defense and prosecutor to come to his chambers. Jack tells Erica to hold tight, because he isn't done fighting for her yet.

Tad tells Jesse that this Papel is like a ghost, which is his nickname. The federal government was after him for a long time for drugs and murders, but he disappeared into thin air. Tad doesn't know where he is, but he knows who he is. Jesse wants to go after Papel. Tad tells him to cool it, that if this guy knows he is alive, he is capable of smoking out Angie and Frankie.

Colby leaves to do her homework. Adam excuses himself and Krystal decides to check on Jenny. Babe and JR talk about him moving back into the mansion. He wants to prove to her that he is off the bottle. Babe thinks her Mama was right, and maybe JR was set up after all.

Josh and Kendall talk to Erica to support her. She tells them to back off, because she'll be fine. She tells Zach to find out when this judge is up for re-election. Zach reminds her that she don’t want to anger the judge. She rants about this being Samuel Wood’s fault, and if she just had five minutes alone with the judge she could fix it. Zach tells her to leave it alone. Kendall and Josh agree. Erica says "Ok, lets change the subject." Kendall says, “My book tour went well.” Zach chimes in, “Until Ryan showed up.” Erica says, “He didn't.” Kendall says, “Everything is fine.” Greenlee arrives at the courthouse and asks if she missed anything. Erica thinks that Greenlee is there for an opportunity to gloat. She is surprised when Greenlee says she is on her side. They tell Greenlee about the judge recommending eighteen months in jail.

Aidan meets with Ryan then suggests that he stop being a selfish bastard or else they are going to get into it. He tells him he needs to stop messing with the women. He keeps messing with Annie's head, tells Kendall he loves her when she is married to Zach, and gets Greenlee’s sympathy. Ryan insists that he is only trying to find out information. Aidan tells him to back off, and stay away from the three women!

Greenlee approaches Zach, then asks him what is wrong, because she can tell something is bothering him. He tells her that Ryan and Kendall met for drinks, but Kendall didn't tell him. He had to learn it from Aidan. He's not upset they had drinks, but he is upset that she lied to him. Greenlee tries to tell him that Kendall knew he would be upset so she didn't want to add tension by telling him. He figures out that she knows, and she tells him that Kendall told her. Zach is upset that Kendall tells everyone about Ryan except him.

Erica is worried about Kendall’s problems with Aidan and Ryan. Erica tells her that she won't be around to protect her. She doesn't want to see her get hurt and wants her to stay strong. She doesn't want to see her lose Zach. He will do anything for Kendall, and Erica wants her to make sure she doesn't lose sight of that. Kendall tries to reassure her that she knows that, and tells her the truth of what happened with Ryan, but she didn't want to tell Zach and get him upset.

Ryan tells Aidan that he has tons of questions, and he was trying to find answers. He thinks Kendall is the answer. And if he gets answers then everyone is happy. Aidan tells him that he is sorry for his memory loss, but he has got to stop because he's hurting too many people.

Babe wants to believe JR, but she isn't quite there yet. He asks what would it take to convince her? She relays how she got the phone call telling her he was drugged and with a hooker, so it's possible. He says and so you won't believe me, but you'll believe that Richie Novak. Babe pleads with him to understand that he is like a tornado that pulls in everything along with him, and she can't deal with it. She wants off of the ride.

Krystal tells Adam that being with him is like being on an emotional roller coaster. She believes that she can either risk her life out there or have insanity in here with Adam. He tries to convince her that she wants to be with him, but she denies it.

Jesse feels bad that Tad moved his family into Adam's home. Tad tells him that that is the only place he could think of to keep his family safe, because it’s locked up tight. Tad tells Jesse the history of Krystal and Adam having been married when he had an affair with Krystal which produced their baby. Jesse says, “Same old Tad; can't keep it in the pants.” Tad tells him that's not even the half of it, then tells Jesse how Adam is still in love with Krystal, and Krystal does have feelings for him. Jesse says, “Don't you think it was a bad idea to put her there then?" Tad says, “Krystal can handle herself when it comes to Adam.”

Krystal tells Adam she doesn't want to hear this. Adam asks when was the last time you felt like this. Krystal tells him that she can't go back to what they had. Adam claims that what they had was unbridled passion, and she can try to deny it all she wants, but sooner or later she'll cave in.

Samuel Woods and Jack come back out and Erica attacks him. Jack tells her that Samuel Woods was in there fighting with him on her side. Erica wants to know what this means. They say it is in the judge's hands, and Erica has to show regret to the judge. Jack tells her that she is her last hope.

Jesse and Tad discuss their options and decide to go out and find this Papel guy instead of waiting for him to find Jesse.  Thinking back, Jesse remembers the sounds of water and a clock chime.

J.R. feels that losing Babe was a big mistake. Adam wonders what it is about those Carey women that gets to them. Adam drinks in front of JR in a teasing fashion. He says, “Sorry I didn't know you were coming back, so I had them put the liquor back.” He asks JR if he misses the stuff, then he has another drink. J.R. wants to keep a clear mind.

Krystal is glad that Babe is there. Babe tells her how she isn't sure whether or not to believe him that J.R. was kidnapped and drugged. Krystal believes JR.

Erica humbly pleads with the judge. After apologizing for the anguish she has caused her family, she agrees she is not above the law and will accept whatever punishment the court gives her.

Ryan suddenly realizes the answer to his problem and leaves ConFusion without telling a curious Aidan what his idea is.

Tad and Jesse decide to check for clues at the docks where there is an old church with a clock tower. Jesse thinks they have leveled the playing field. A clock chimes in the background as Robert Gardner looks at his watch and waits.

Adam toasts to reunions again in front of JR.

Krystal tells Babe that she thinks it is important to JR that she believe in him, but she doesn't want them to get back together. Babe will think about it, because JR is the father of her child.

JR asks Krystal how she is surviving. She tells him that Adam is a real bear wanting to get at the honey up a tree. He tells her that he is thankful she believes in him, because he really is a changed man. Krystal says well that is a long road to go. JR tells her that he wants Babe to be a part of it, and he plans to ask her to marry him for the third time.

The judge has made a decision after considering the defense, the prosecution, and Ms. Kane’s plea. He asks Erica to rise then tells her she has to pay a five million dollar fine, spend six months in a federal penitentiary and perform two years of community service. After Jack congratulates her, Erica says she couldn't have done it without him. The judge gives Erica three weeks to get her affairs in order, and then report to prison. Erica asks to speak, then she says, “My affairs are already in order, and I am ready to start serving my sentence immediately”.

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