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All My Children Update Thursday 3/13/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne

Bianca calls Erica. She wants to come home to be with Erica. Erica disagrees, and says she is fine. Erica is packing up things to donate. Josh talks to Erica about her case, and urges her to not take Samuel Woods deal. Erica is happy that Josh is there to escort her to court.

Jack runs into Samuel at a restaurant, and they trade barbs. Jack accuses Samuel of using Erica's arrest as a means to get into the Senate. Samuel denies that as his motive.

Ryan sees Annie and Emma at the park; Emma is happy to see her dad, then jumps into his arms. Ryan knew he would find them here. She tells him that Greenlee has been working them hard, and it has been a while since their night together. She called him a few times and left messages. She asks where has he been. Ryan flashes back to Kendall with him in a bar in Los Angeles.

Aidan and Kendall are in Pine Valley at her front door. They came back for Erica’s trial. She is angry with him for telling Zach about Ryan. She feels she should have been the one to tell Zach. She wants Aidan to understand when they return to the book tour, she will tell Zach if anything happens. Aidan thinks they are keeping enough secrets right now, and should not add to the list. Zach opens the door and hugs Kendall. Greenlee is there, and she hugs Aidan. Zach notices that Kendall looks worried. Zach says to Aidan, “Hey! I thought you were taking care of my wife.”

Samuel defends his actions to Jack. He wants Jack to understand the impact to the regular “Joe Blow” if he doesn't prosecute Erica. Jack stops him by saying he has heard all of Samuel’s speeches. Samuel accuses Jack of being too close to the case to defend Erica.

Erica won't be talked out of taking the deal, but Josh knows how grateful she is that her children are concerned and taking care of her; she hugs him. He asks if she knows where they are sending her. She says it will be one of those country club type places with tennis courts and everything. He reminds her that she doesn't play tennis. She says, “Well I plan to use it to write a book, how about the name “Criminal Kane.” She continues, and says, “Well before I do that, I am going to backhand Samuel Woods and ruin his career”. Jack arrives to accompany Erica to court.

Ryan tells Annie he was taking care of personal business. Annie has been thinking a lot about their night together and that he remembered something. She is thrilled about that. She tells him she thinks the late nights at Fusion are over so they can spend more time together. He said he would like that. She asks if he remembered more, other than brushing the hair off her forehead, Ryan backflashes to Kendall again, and says, “No.” Annie hugs him.

Kendall tells Zach and Greenlee that Aidan is taking his job way too seriously. She asks about her Mom and the boys. Zach tells her Rachael took the boys for a walk, and they should be back when they return from the courthouse. They kiss.

Aidan asks Greenlee if she is okay. She tells him she has been putting in a lot of hours at Fusion. Greenlee tells Kendall she created the scent they were looking for. Kendall is surprised! Greenlee is snippy, because of Kendall’s response. She states that she can do things without Kendall. Kendall didn't mean it in a nasty way. Zach asks Kendall about the overzealous fan, but she doesn't want to talk about it. Then he asks what Ryan wanted. She says that Ryan remembered something, but they didn't talk long, because Aidan got him to leave. Zach and Greens are skeptical and say that seems a long way to travel just to tell you he remembered something then leave.

Kendall thinks it is a good thing Ryan came to see her, because they want him to get his memory back. Greenlee wants to know why he went to Kendall to get help with his memory. Kendall says, “Because his memory was about me.” Kendall assures them it was a quick conversation, then Aidan got Ryan to leave. Aidan gets a peculiar look on his face, and has a flashback to Kendall and Ryan in the bar with her hand on his chin. Aidan was at the bar, and saw Ryan and Kendall together. Greenlee asks if Ryan said anything about Pine Valley. Kendall says no. Greenlee has a flashback to kissing Ryan.

Ryan tells Annie that he wishes he could remember more. Emma comes up, and Ryan takes her off to play. Annie looks very sad. She picks up Ryan's jacket then discovers his plane ticket stub.

Kendall and Aidan both look very uncomfortable, Kendall chatters nervously. They think about having Greenlee and Zach come to Los Angeles. Kendall and Greenlee go to get the new scent. Zach asks Aidan for the truth about his wife and Ryan. It would be out of character for Ryan to fly all the way to Los Angeles then leave. Zach knows intuitively that Aidan and Kendall are holding something back, so he now wants the truth about his wife.

Erica and Jack arrive at the courthouse. She is wearing big dark glasses, and a short black wig. Samuel Woods comes out of the courthouse and says to Erica, “You don't want to go in there now.”

Ryan returns to find an angry Annie. He suggests they take Emma home, and talk some more. Annie asks, “Talk about what, your trip. Maybe you should just become an author groupie.” He's shocked! She holds the ticket out and says, “Your personal business was flying to Los Angeles to see Kendall. So you spent time with Kendall alone, didn't you?" He says, “Yes.”

Annie is furious; Ryan tells her nothing happened with Kendall. She says we made love, and the next day you leave, and fly all the way to Los Angeles to see Kendall. I'm such a fool, and I thought you remembered me after we made love. Ryan gets a strange look, and it dawns on Annie, then she says, “You didn't dream of me at all did you?" Ryan admits it was Kendall he dreamt about, and he remembered more than just brushing her hair aside, he remembered being at that bar with Kendall. Ryan says he thought by going there other pieces would fall into place. Annie says but you slept with me, and then went to see her, you still love her and not me. He shrugs.

Kendall tells Greenlee she's sorry she's not that excited about her new perfume, but she doesn't want to fight. Kendall tells her what Ryan remembered doesn't just have to do with her, it had a lot to do with Greenlee too. Kendall tells Greenlee she met Ryan later in the hotel bar, and that they spoke of the Kendall, Greenlee, and Ryan relationships. Greenlee tells Kendall she kissed Ryan, and he still did not remember her. Kendall is shocked that Greenlee kissed Ryan. They admit that they both harbor some love for Ryan. They make a pact not to let Ryan split them up from the good men they currently have.

Zach isn’t happy that Kendall secretly met with Ryan, and takes it out on Aidan. Aidan insists that he did nothing wrong, and he is not the guilty party.

Samuel is trying to keep Erica out of the courtroom, and mentions that Jack met with him and tried to change her deal. Erica tells Jack she wished he had talked to her. Inside the courtroom, a defendant is yelling at the judge as he sentences her. Her counsel tries to calm her down, and she brushes past him then sees Erica. The lady is Ms. Carmen Morales, who tells Erica she has watched every episode of “New Beginnings,” and she finds Erica inspiring. Carmen asks for a pen to get Erica's autograph. The Judge sees Erica and says, “Well, we have a celebrity in our midst.”

Ryan apologizes. Annie is furious and humiliated, because she told everyone Ryan remembered something about her, she thought they were on their way back to each other. Now she thinks he is still in love with Kendall and Greenlee. Emma comes over, and tells him not to yell at Daddy.

Kendall and Zach are getting ready to leave for the courthouse; Zach comes up and assures Kendall that if she needs to tell him anything, he is there.

Ryan tells Emma that they were just having a disagreement. Annie agrees, and says it's all right. Emma wants him to come over and have pizza with them tonight. He can't. He was holding Emma but puts her down, and tells her to run back over to her friends and finish her game. Annie says she doesn't want Emma hurt in all this, and Ryan agrees. Annie says "I don't want you to ever think about touching me again," then walks off.

Greenlee and Aidan kiss and catch up. He asks if she stirred up trouble? She says, “Yes, wonderful trouble.” They kiss again and Aidan says why don't we continue this at home in bed; they leave.

Kendall says Ryan came, we talked briefly then he left. How many times do I have to say it? Zach looks at her knowing she is lying to him and says, "We need to leave for the courthouse."

Samuel Woods tells the judge they have reached a plea agreement with the following conditions: two years sentence, six months served, and eighteen months suspended, plus five million dollar in fines, and two year's probation. The judge says, "The charges are serious, you can't tell me you want to let her off with this light sentence. This deserves a much harsher sentence." Samuel glances worriedly over at Jack, and Erica. Erica looks very worried.

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