AMC Update Wednesday 3/12/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 3/12/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne

Krystal tells Babe that she is moving back into the mansion and Babe offers to move in as “backup.”

Tad and Rob talk about Rob’s golf invitation and Tad tells him that he doesn’t play golf. Tad asks Rob why he really came to Pine Valley.

Jesse has a dream about being held captive and the man threatening Angie and Frankie. Angie wakes him up and asks about his dream. Jesse tells her about the dream that he keeps having. Angie tells Jesse about their new home. Jesse tells Angie that he needs to go through the things that she got from John’s mother and promises to call with any news.

Tad and Rob talk about Rob’s wife’s death. Tad says that he has to get back to work. Rob asks Tad why the man he met in Tad’s office looks exactly like Jesse Hubbard, who has been dead for 20 years.

Richie tells JR that he is in the hospital to recover and thanks him for offering to be his donor. Richie tells JR that he plans on being with Babe and JR insists that Richie was just Babe’s latest charity case. Babe shows up to see Richie and he gives her a box of chocolates. JR leaves and watches Richie kiss Babe. Babe and Richie talk about Annie and celebrating when he gets out of the hospital.

Tad tells Rob that the resemblance between Jesse and “Rick” is just a coincidence because Jesse has been gone for over 20 years. Rob tells Tad that he came to town to make Tad a part of his life. Rob asks Tad to trust him.

JR asks Babe if she is dating Richie and she tells him that it is none of his business. Babe tells JR that she and Little Adam are moving into the mansion with Krystal and Jenny.

Stuart comes to see Krystal, but she thinks that it is really Adam pretending to be Stuart.

Tad and Rob talk about Ray. Rob admits that Ray did all the same stuff to him before he did it to Tad.

Jesse tells “John” that he is counting on him. Jesse hears a gunshot and calls out Angie’s name.

Stuart tries to convince Krystal that it is really him and she apologizes when she realizes he was telling the truth. They talk about Adam.

Jesse wonders what he did to Angie when he reads a letter that she wrote to John after Jesse’s death.

Angie talks to Joe about Richie’s condition. Joe tells Angie that Tad’s uncle is in town and that he is worried about Tad.

Rob tells Tad about his childhood and about the things that Ray did to him. They realize that they have more in common than they thought. Tad tells Rob that he has to pick up his son and that he will call Rob.

Jesse tells Angie that he might have found what they were looking for and tells her about the date book.

Stuart and Krystal talk about Tad. Stuart leaves. Krystal talks to Jenny about Tad. She picks up the phone and calls Babe. Babe tells her that he doesn’t know how long she is going to be there, so she doesn’t know how much to pack. Krystal tells Babe that she is fine, but reluctantly tells Babe that it is hard being back in the same house as Adam.

JR agrees to let Tad take care of him for the day. JR tells Tad that he is thinking about going back to the mansion and Tad suggests that it is because Babe moved back in there.

Jesse goes over a date book and tries to figure out what happened to him.

John’s mother asks Rob if Angie and Tad will do what he wanted to with the box. She tells him that she is happy that the FBI hasn’t given up on finding John’s killer. Rob tells her that Jesse will pay for the rest of his life.

Angie comes in and meets Richie. Julia explains that Richie has received a bone marrow transplant. Angie tells him that he needs to stay for a few days for observation. Richie tells them that he has a lot of plans.

Babe tells Krystal that they are going to get through it. Babe tells her that the mansion isn’t a good place for her. They talk about Tad. They hear the door close. JR and Tad walk in. Krystal asks JR how he is doing. JR tells them that he is moving in and that they will be a “big happy screwed up family” again.

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