AMC Update Tuesday 3/11/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 3/11/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne

Adam is surprised to hear that Krystal and Jenny are moving back in. He asks Krystal what made her think he would take her back.

Jack comes to Erica’s room. She tells him not to lecture her about pleading guilty and going to prison.

Amanda says that she could use a nap, but Greenlee tells her no. Babe suggests that she go home, take a shower and see Little Adam, but Greenlee tells her that no one is leaving until they come up with the formula.

Ryan tells Kendall that he was hoping she would walk through the door. He tells her that he ordered her a drink and she tells him that she doesn’t drink Cosmos anymore. She asks him what he remembered and he describes it for her. He asks her what went wrong that night. She tells him that he broke her heart. They sit down and she tells him about that night at the bar and how he couldn’t stop talking about Greenlee. He apologizes and she admits that she was at fault too.

The Fusion ladies agree that something is missing from Annie’s formula. Annie gets off the elevator and apologizes for being late. Greenlee reminds them that they are on a deadline and that the fragrance has to be perfect by the end of the night. Annie suggests that they go back to the source and picks up Kendall’s book.

Adam tells Krystal that he knew she would come crawling back. Tad tells Adam that he is working on a dangerous case and for now, Krystal and Jenny would be safer there.

Jack and Erica discuss the following day in court. She explains that Zach and Josh will handle her business affairs while she is in prison. She asks him if she has over packed for prison.

Krystal yells at Adam. She compares the bad things that Adam and Tad have done. Tad tells Krystal that she has to be there because they don’t have a choice. Adam suggests that he should make Tad beg for it.

Ryan and Kendall discuss the reason he remembered the bar. Ryan explains that he remembered it after he slept with Annie. Ryan tells Kendall that Annie thinks that he was remembering her, not Kendall. He explains that he didn’t want to upset Annie. Ryan holds Kendall’s hands and asks her if she has something going on with Aidan.

Erica tells Jack that she was teasing him and that the suitcase goes to charity. She tells Jack that she wants to enjoy the last night before prison and tells him to get comfortable.

The Fusion ladies try to figure out the fragrance. Babe, Amanda and Annie suggest that they wait for Kendall’s input. Greenlee explains that she can handle the perfume launch without Kendall.

Ryan tells Kendall that based on what he saw in the hotel room, it looked like she and Aidan were really close. Kendall tells Ryan that Aidan being there guarding her was a good thing because something happened. Kendall tells him that Zach has to put up with a lot from her. Kendall orders a Cosmo. Ryan asks Kendall how he could give her up for Greenlee and Kendall admits that she never really understood that either.

Greenlee rants about Kendall and the book tour.

Krystal tells Adam that she won’t let Tad grovel, but Tad tells her that it is okay. Tad tells Adam that even though they hate each other, they both care about Krystal. Tad suggests that Babe and Little Adam would be safer there too. Tad asks Adam if he is going to help them or not.

Jack tells Erica that she has always been full of surprises. They reminisce about their “hotel room adventures.” They talk about fantasies and then the subject changes back to court.

Amanda reads the formula from the book and Annie mixes it. The ladies discuss competition. Annie and Amanda discuss Ryan. Greenlee tells Annie that she is a genius.

Ryan and Kendall talk about her wedding to Zach. Kendall tells Ryan that she has to go and Ryan thanks her for having a drink with him. Aidan walks into the bar.

Adam agrees to let Krystal and Jenny stay as long as they need to. Krystal tells Adam that she wants the East Wing to herself. Adam offers to get more guards and increase security. Tad kisses Krystal and leaves. Adam welcomes Krystal “home.”

Jack tells Erica that he will see her in court the following day and leaves the room. She tells Jack that everything will be fine the following day in court. They say goodnight and Erica closes the door.

Adam apologizes to Krystal for his reaction to seeing her there when he got home. Krystal and Adam talk about the good times and the bad times. Krystal gets ready to go to bed and Adam tells her goodnight.

Greenlee has Annie, Amanda and Babe smell the sample for the scent. Greenlee announces that they have created the fragrance for Charm. Greenlee tells them to go home and get some rest. Annie and Greenlee agree that it is like giving birth. Greenlee thanks Annie for being such a good friend.

Kendall tells Ryan that she has to go and they both get up. They leave and Aidan follows them.

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